September 14th, 2013

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Wedding to go to today. It's freaking FREEZING. It's 56 now and the wedding is at 2. It it tacky to wear slacks? I have dress slacks, and all that. They are gray. I'll still be wearing a colorful sweater and jewelry. This would also be cool because then I don't have to shave my legs! :)
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Is there a way to keep honey from hardening or crystallizing? I know you can soften it up in boiling water, but I feel like that would kill the good stuff in it and possibly cause the crap in the plastic bottle to seep into the honey.

What's your favorite recipe that calls for honey?

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I just heard about this the other day, which surprises me knowing the people I know.

How do you feel about "Family Cloth" aka: cloth toilet paper?
Would you ever use Family Cloth?

The idea is you rinse yourself, wipe with adorable printed cloths, put used cloth into bucket of water, tea tree oil and vinegar and eventually throw it into the washing machine once a week. I have a friend who now wants to try it and I'm busy making him reusable, washable toilet paper squares.

What are some unusual things you've come across lately? 
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So my question is: should I send her (the mother) a message? I wouldn't insult her or go off on her, as tempted as I may be to do so. I'd just like to ask her why she is preaching about the evils of bullying after what she and her daughter did, and tell her that if she truly means what she's saying, perhaps she should take accountability for what she did to me.

I honestly thought I was over this whole thing and that it hadn't really affected me all that much, but apparently I was wrong. I'm more upset now than I was back then, so it would be nice to get some closure.

tl;dr: A woman who threatened me after her daughter bullied me for years is all over Facebook preaching about how horrible bullying is. Should I contact her to point out her hypocrisy?

Overnight Bag?

If you were going to pack a permanent overnight bag for your car (assuming it was just you and you would only ever be gone one night), what would you put in it?

I am finding myself gone from home on the regular these days, and often don't have stuff for the following morning. Not to mention, I keep forgetting things like pjs (which doesn't really matter in my situation, but which still may be nice if I have to get up to pee at a friend's house in the middle of the night).

Is there anything you always forget to pack?


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Has anyone else been watching The Great Food Truck Race? How are you enjoying this season? Do you have a favorite truck?

I have watched all the seasons so far and enjoyed them all every year. This year, my favorite truck is Sambonis without a question. I would totally watch a TV show about those three bumbling guys that can barely cook with the thickest Philly accents ever. I keep despairing that they will get cut each week, and each week they get by by the skin of their teeth, and I rejoice.
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</u>I share a room. My roommate has her TV on every one of her waking hours whether she is watching it or not. She also sits in bed more and never goes out just about the same amount.
I am very non confrontational and hate any kind of awkwardness, but sometimes I just want to come home to peace and not trashy TV.
What do I do tqc? I feel too awkward saying something. </u>
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The bullying question has me thinking; how often do you think that the bully realizes that they are the bully?  How do you think they justify it to themselves?  Have you ever been the bully?


Good evening TQC!

I recently quit smoking, it will be 2 months on Monday. I went through a program run by the city I live in which provided nicotine replacement therapy and counselling for free. I used patches. Towards the end of the using of said patches, I kept forgetting to replace them, so I just stopped using them.

I have one, unopened box of Step 3 patches. (7 mg) What should I do with them? Should I return them to the program (if they will take them)? Or post them for free on kijiji?

DK/DC/Bonus Questions: How do you like your eggs?

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When is the last time you had some truly disappointing food? What was it?

(I've been vegan for seven years now, and for the first time ever, I found a protein/'meat substitute' food that I find so disgusting I spit it out mid-chew because I couldn't bring myself to swallow it...)

Night shift?

A friend suggested I apply for overnight shifts, with the idea being that fewer people would be clamoring for them.

1. Is there any truth to that?
2. What sort of overnight jobs could someone with only a BA in English be qualified for?

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Crushes! How do you deal with having a crush on someone? (Especially if you'd rather not have it.) is there an age where it's no longer acceptable to have a crush? When was the last time you had a crush?