September 13th, 2013


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People with LDR experience:
What made you decide to keep it going?
When did it begin to feel normal?
How did you get used to things initially?
Do you think it's easier being the one that's leaving or gets left behind?

What is this?

I'm finding these caterpillars in various places around the outside of my house. They like to hide under things, like under the lip of our garbage can lid, or under our garage door. They're kinda cute, but my google searches of something similar make it look a lot like something that's pretty toxic. But I'm not sure. I'm in Colorado, for what it's worth.

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Food questions

Is it safe for me to eat water chestnuts when I have allergies to peanuts and tree nuts?  I like Chinese food, especially curry shrimp (without the peppers) and shrimp with mixed vegetables.  I avoid eating the water chestnuts because I'm afraid they'll cause a reaction or worse.

Are you a vegetarian, vegan, semi-vegetarian, carnivore, etc...?  I am a semi-vegetarian right now, as a compromise with my mom because we don't have the money to buy special foods very often.  I would like to go vegetarian though.

Music and memory is weird

Do you ever hear music that you just KNOW you've heard before... and realize it was probably when you were really young, like too young to understand words and stuff? As far as you consciously remember you've never listened to it before, but it tickles that special memory part of your brain?

Or am I the only person that seems to be experiencing this phenomenon?

If you think this has happened, what are some of those songs?
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TQC, I'm marinating chicken for dinner. Which marinade should I do? We're having grapes and cucumbers on the side, if it matters.

Poll #1933840 Marinades

Which one?

Lemon Pepper
Sesame Ginger
Herb and Garlic (with lemon)
Balsamic Herb
Italian Dressing
Honey Mustard Dressing

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I'm ordering glasses off of Zennioptical. For my prescription they recommend the 1.67 High-Index Single Vision lenses. Would not going with these lenses hamper my vision? Would my prescription in some way be not 'true' if I don't go with the recommended lenses? I'm not very sure what the indexes do. I know they make the lenses thinner if you have a higher script but what advantage does that hold?

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What are some areas of your home that need fixing up in some way?
What is your favourite place in your home? Pictures?

My husband and I are moving into our house at the end of the month. It's 100 years old and every single room needs aesthetic/cosmetic help in the worst kind of way (it's an affordable house that's not in bad shape other than the ugly)....and I don't know where to start!

What are your plans for the weekend?
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So I'm a bit of a photography geek. Got a digital SLR and stuff. You know.

Lately I've been more interested in recording sounds than scenes. Owls, coyotes, the neighbor's ridiculous donkey... etc. What kind of gear does the hobbyist sound geek have, and where do I get it? And what about software? I know about Audacity and Paulstretch.