September 12th, 2013


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Of the following quotes from the book "Horns", which makes you more interested in knowing about the character that the quote is about?

"The thing that I'm hung up on is the idea of seeing something real. I don't think most people feel half the things they pretend to feel."
He was such a blank - he never laughed, not at his own jokes, not at [his friend's] - it was as if [he] were an alien scientist, come to earth to learn about human emotions.

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You are eating alone at a fast food type place, which is very crowded. Strangers walks up to you and asks if you mind sharing the table with them. Do you?

No, I don't mind at all. In fact I might even try to strike up a conversation
I am ok with it, but would really prefer that we ignore each other, eat our meals as if the other person wasn't there
I dislike this idea, but don't want to be rude so I say it is fine, finish eating while feeling uncomfortable
I lie and say the seat is taken, or something similar to deter them from sitting with me
I flee, leaving them the table. I'd rather cut my meal short, or finish my food elsewhere

If sharing was happening, what seating arrangment would you prefer?

Same side of the table - greater physical proximity
Opposite sides of the table - watching each other eat, and many chances to awkwardly catch each other's gazes

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How do you take charge of your own happiness? When I'm in a sad mood my first instinct is to reach out to someone else but I'm trying to be a little more independent and self sufficient. I don't like being alone but it's probably something I should be better at. What things do you do to cheer yourself up without any help from anyone else?
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We're having epic rainfall in the Denver area and sometime last night my sump pump decided to say fuck it. I've set up an appointment with a plumber, I'm on a waiting list with a company that deals with flood damage, we called our insurance company, unplugged all electrical devices and cleared out most of our basement except for large heavy items. Am I forgetting something? Is there something else I should be doing? Why won't it stop raining? Do you have any flood stories to share?

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Two(ish) questions:

1. I went to an eye doctor and a regular doctor yesterday. The eye doctor gave me prescription eye drops and said to put them in, wait five minutes, then I could wear my contacts. The PHARMACIST said to not wear my contacts while I was on these eyedrops. Also, I talked to another doctor yesterday about my heartburn from hell, and he told me to ignore the packaging on my zantac and take as many as I want (when the packaging says "maximum dosage 2 tablets daily").

Do I listen to the doctor, or the pharmacist/packaging?

2. Introverted mothers - how do you do it? I worry about having a kid because I love my alone time. How do you survive balancing those two things?
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Hey TQC-ers!

I've had an LG Cosmos with Verizon for a few months and it's breaking down, obsolete and all that. Smartphones are cool but I don't have the money to pay for either the phone or any sort of plan.
My question to you is, what is a good Verizon dumbphone that's not too pricey? (I'm not really looking for any specfic specs other than a keyboard.)

dk/dc: what phone do you use right now? How do you like smart phones? what's your favourite app?

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So, I have a really nice bike that I'd like to ride more. It just seems to be a HUGE hassle in my mind to actually get it out the door and get on it and ride it on the bike paths. Does anyone else have this issue (with bikes specifically?) I can go for a walk, I can go for a run, I can rollerblade, but biking just makes me tired to think about. This isn't a question about how I can get past that mental roadblock - I just want to know if anyone else has that issue? Or else, what keeps YOU from biking specifically? Be it physical or mental.
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How much do you typically spend on a halloween costume?  If you have kiddos, what do you spend on theirs?

I really want to get my kid the superhero costume he loves but it is $50 and maybe I am seriously out of date but isn't that a ton for something they wear for 1 night?!  That wasn't even the most expensive one there!  I haven't done any kind of costume in more than 10 years.

ETA: I know a question about protein shakes was asked a few days ago but I have a little different twist.  My midwife recommends a high protein shake as a meal replacement during labor, since I might not be able to chew real food or feel like eating.  I don't want to buy one of those huge tubs of protein powder just for this one day.  Is there somewhere I can get just enough to make 2 or 3 shakes?  Will you share your favorite protein shake recipe?

ETA2: I don't like the pre-made shakes.  I was hoping to disguise the protein in a smoothie or something.
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I need to move out of my mom and step-dad's house.  Living here is a nightmare.  I always feel like nobody listens to how I feel and I'm becoming more and more detached, especially to my mom and brother, who always acts like an entitled, spoiled little brat and he gets away with it.  Everything I try to tell them just turns into a huge argument all the time.  I hate arguing and wish they would listen to me and validate my feelings instead of attacking them.  I don't even know if I love them anymore. Actually, I hate their guts!  I've reached my breaking point.  I can't deal with this any longer.

I can't live with my grandparents because I felt overwhelmed living with them before, and my dad's family is controlling and they treat me like I'm a little kid and put so much pressure on me, like my dad always did.  Not to mention he abused and neglected me (physically and emotionally) and his family is always on his side.  I don't have any friends I could live with either.

How can I move out when I have only $25 on me, no place to go, and no job (Been trying to get one for a while, but nobody wants me, probably because I don't have much experience and I've been out of work too long)?  I'm desperate!

Have any of you ever felt this way?

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Guys, help me. This shouldn't be so difficult considering how much I shop, but it is.

I'm look for simple, solid colored v-neck or deep scoop neck short-sleeved tees. Simple enough, but the thing is, I feel like at every store they're thin, shapeless, and the material is too flimsy/gets stretched out. I need them to be shape-hugging, and preferably with some resliency in the fabric so they're not all blousy and ew within an hour. This probably sounds so, short sleeved shirts are everywhere but wth, do they not make basic versions of them in better material? Do you know where I can find what I'm looking for?

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Poll #1933622 DEAD LIFT FAIL

I could not increase my one time max lift in the gym today. What do I do now?

you're made of fail Get out of the gym....leave it for real men
lift moar!
try harder next time. the mind is the weakest muscle
switch up your routine
try different supplements
go to a different gym where they don't know you
other in comments
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I really like making a big bowl of something for lunches and just dole out a serving throughout the week. For example, this week I made a creamy roasted garlic pasta salad (3 lunches and some to share!).

I really would like to make a tomato cucumber salad but I don't think just that will satiate me. Any suggestions to serve with it?

Also, any other ideas for the same types of lunches? Make a meal and dole it out for 3+ days? Mostly healthy lunch ideas are preferred :)
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Is anyone else having trouble using in Chrome? I've never had trouble before, but for the last few weeks the log-in page loads only about 1/4 of the way (the main page will still load 100%). It works fine in Firefox.
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I have crazy, Simba-esque hair. My entire adulthood has been spent in search of hair products that will leave my mane cooperative and less unruly.

I recently stumbled upon this leave-in condition with keratin in it. I remember a year or so ago there was a big stink being made about salon-grade keratin treatments (Brazilian blowouts) containing dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

The leave-in conditioner surely doesn't have formaldehyde in it, does it?
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Anyone have wedding horror stories to share? As a person who got hitched, or someone in a bridal party, or just a guest?

I recently went to the 3rd wedding that wasn't mine held in the same location (a small, local restaurant, oddly enough. Clearly the venue is awesome) and have been comparing the experiences in my brain. Mine at least wasn't the one with the DJ who kept changing his mind about songs every 10 seconds and leaving long swaths of silence, or the one where the best man and the maid of honor got into a screaming match over cigars (after he rebuffed her advances to instead try and hook up with the groom's step-sister).