September 11th, 2013


This might be a long shot, but...

Does anybody follow the show Ink Master? I was watching a rerun of the DC comics episode that aired tonight, and for whatever reason, the channel went completely dead right when they were about to announce who was going home. I can't find anything on the internet about the ending of the episode. I'd like to watch the last few minutes, obviously, but really I just want to know who got sent home.
It's gonna bug me until I know....asdfkl
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When I was younger, about ten years ago, I was really into MST3K and people who MSTed fanfiction online. There was one author who I cannot for the life of me remember their name, but she MSTed mostly wrestling fanfiction involving Lita or Trish, usually erotica (she categorized them in lemon/lime) and she used original characters from her various stories. One of them was a very flirty, sexual character, one was a total virgin, shy and having no idea about innuendos, and two others were a couple that would in the future have kids, I believe. They often made use of barf bags during particularly badly written porn scenes.

If you know what I'm talking about, can you give me her name so I can look her up? Even if she's taken her stuff down, I'm guessing the wayback machine would have it. She was a major source of amusement during some really depressing times and I've wanted to go back and reread her stuff for a while.

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I'm thinking of buying a used aquarium that I found on Craigslist. I figure that, if I wash it with bleach, it should sterilize it for any fish I buy.

Just kidding. I'm not going to clean it with bleach.

My question: is there anything special I should do to clean it? I have an aquarium brush and water conditioner, but are there any other precautions to take?

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What is something that you really miss about childhood?

I have the Whisper app on my phone (a lot like postsecret). One secret was that they wished people knocked on their door just to hang out like when we were kids. I really miss that and being able to play until it was dark outside because it was summer.

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What are some cannot-miss things to do in Boston? It's been a good few years since I've gone, and I'm headed up this weekend. Any great bars that'll be fun on a Saturday night (but not crazy-busy)? Points if it's close to Downtown, Back Bay East or Bay Village. But I'm willing to go to Cambridge if there's something crazy awesome there. Local gems appreciated in particular!
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did I get scammed?

I just ordered a pizza from a local place here in Michigan. I've ordered from them many times before. I gave them my credit card info over the phone (for delivery) and was asked for my zip code. WTF? I've never been asked for the zip before, and my first thought was that he was writing down my information. should I be concerned?

Edit - thanks guys! feeling a little less paranoid.
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Wedding Stuff

If you're invited to a wedding reception, but not to the ceremony itself for whatever reason (elopement, small wedding, etc), are you disappointed?  Does it change your desire to attend?

What have been your experiences with this sort of wedding reception arrangement?
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More on the Child Front

Inspired by the question below:

Would you have any interest in going to Adult Summer Camp?

What do you think you'd like most about it?

Do you think you'd participate more/meet more people in this kind of atmosphere versus an "event" weekend (singles weekend, etc) at a resort or luxury vacation destination?

No interest: If someone knocked on your door right now (let's say for the sake of the question that you answered it) and offered you ten million dollars in cash in a suitcase, saying only that one day you'd be asked to do one single thing to earn it, would you take the money? How about if they said the one thing would not include bodily harm to you or another person?
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What are some things that you've learned to cook that you used to buy pre-made (including canned or frozen)?  What was your main reason for making the switch? (Healthier ingredients, tastes better, cheaper, etc..)

Tonight I made sloppy joes with my own sloppy joe sauce instead of using canned manwich, which feels totally embarrassing but my mom never used anything but the can and I didn't realize how damned easy it was just to make it yourself.  I hardly ever make sloppy joes anyway but every once in awhile I have a hankering for it because it reminds me of being a kid (yay for comfort food).  It isn't really much cheaper but it tastes a lot better and depending on how you do it, has a lot fresher & healthier ingredients.

I also recently discovered that making your own tortillas and pita was super easy (even though mine are never round) and there is nothing like a fresh made tortilla.