September 10th, 2013

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Can someone explain this to me?

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Is it normal for teachers to send this kind of thing where you live? Have you ever seen a better version of something like this?

Judging from the comments I've read, people think it's incredibly tacky, but then, there must be a precedent to this?

Why would parents need to know those things about a teacher?

I can't even understand the adopted classroom part..

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If someone has a lack of respect for your belongings (damages them, leaves them in precarious places/on the floor, doesn't put them away when done using them, etc) do you see that as a subtle sign of disrespect towards yourself?

What are some other subtle ways you've noticed people showing you a lack of respect?

Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

TQC... help! I am growing out my hair for the first time in over 13 years.

1. Does your hair bother you when it is touching your shoulders and/or neck? It makes me feel itchy and as if bugs are crawling on me.
1.a) If you've experienced this, does it go away?

2. How long is your hair?
2.a) Do you like it that length?

3. What colour is your hair?
3.a) Coloured or Natural?

DK/DC/Wanting to answer another question: What is your favourite tasty beverage?


Spam, It's Annoying :P

TQC, I just got a spam e-mail from an address I don't recognize (lately I've been getting them from friends, I don't know what the crap they're clicking on but they just have to tell me about something and here's a not suspicious looking link :P). This one was weird though because it had my last name and the first initial of my two month old baby.

How did that happen? Did I get hacked and not know it? I'm usually way on top of this stuff, but y'know, I've been in a haze for a while. I've been very careful never to post anything but my son's first name (it's a very common name) if I do post online (and I've only done that in a few places). I also don't use my last name online except with FB (which is currently deactivated). Could it have just been random? That they had my last name and picked a common first initial?

DK/DC - Are you ever late to the game? I only just started watching Breaking Bad in August. I did a marathon watch while nursing to catch up. This past Sunday was my first episode I watched while it aired. Of course there's only like a few episodes left. I feel like I showed up to the party ten minutes before everyone goes home.

Is there a song out there applicable to my situation?

I was in a serious relationship throughout college. When he broke up with me, I was crushed and it took me a really long time to get over it. I moved on, dated other people, lived my life. Now he's popped back up in my life and we spent some time talking. All of a sudden, he says he still has feelings for me and do I feel the same? I told him I didn't know* so he said he couldn't talk to me anymore. I want him to understand that I want to get to know him and see if anything is there but I can't say for sure where it will lead.

*We broke up almost a decade ago. We were so young back then, I was a different person. So much has happened since then (I'm sure for him too). How could I possibly know how I feel about a person I haven't spent time with since I was 21?

His song for me.

If you don't have any suggestions for a song I can use, might you share a song that gets to you every time you hear it?

Authentic vs. fake art

Can fake art be as aesthetically satisfying as authentic art? Suppose a master forger creates a fake Van Gogh "Sunflowers" such that even the best experts cannot tell a real version from the fake. (Forget about chemical analysis of pigments/canvas/etc., just based on viewing the painting, even with a magnifying glass.) Would viewing the fake be any less of an artistic experience because it is fake?

dk/dc: What should I do to get a life?
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I always feel weird paying for things (like at cafes, gas stations, grocery stores, etc) with cash and change as opposed to a debit/credit card. Like I worry that counting out change is annoying to the cashier somehow, or that it takes too long and they hate me for making them do extra work (I'm exaggerating but really).

If you have ever worked as a cashier or just happen to know, which do you think is generally easier and preferred -- to pay with cash or card?

Canadians of TQC... Cell phone company recc's?

My contract with Bell expires next month. In fact, I'm calling them tomorrow to give them my 30 day cancellation notice.

I don't want to continue using them because I find them extremely expensive for what their plans offer and I'm looking to shrink my bills a bit.

Currently with them, I'm paying about $65/month for:
200 mins (I don't even talk on the phone that much so I've never gone over my minutes)
Unlimited evening/weekend
Unlimited text messaging (but not picture messaging)
500mb of data (that I never go over because I'm connected to wifi)
Voicemail and caller id

I'm looking at going with Koodo because their plans seem reasonable and I like that they have ones that include Canada wide calling because I have family in BC. I'm looking at the $30 Canada wide plan in particular. I also like that they offer flex data so I'd only pay for what I'd use.

I'm also looking at going with the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X. I've used Blackberries since '08 and I'm ready for a change. I considered an iPhone, but they only offer the 4 or 5 and the 4 won't run the upcoming OS and I'm not into paying $520 for the 5. I know two new iPhones were just announced today, but the Galaxy Ace II X is free which is much more appealing, lol.

Does anyone have any other recommendations as far as providers and things of that sort? I've looked around, but keep going back to Koodo ultimately.
GF - w-h-a-t

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If you could participate in any reality competition show or game show past or present, which one would it be?

I'd say the Amazing Race, but they always have gross-out eating challenges and I don't think I could do it. So I'd probably play Press Your Luck.
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Bit of a weird question...

Last Wednesday I made a pasta sauce from scratch. I used a fresh garlic, and used three cloves from it. I've handled fresh garlic many times before and the scent usually lingers on my hands for about a day. I don't mind the smell. Usually. But this is driving me mad because it's now Tuesday night, and the garlic smell on my left hand is still as strong as it was on Wednesday! The smell went from my right hand after just a couple of hours. I don't understand it. I used both hands quite regularly to prepare the garlic. The smell has survived four showers, a numerous amount of hand washes, and being doused in lemon juice and vinegar. It just won't go away!

Why is my left hand still stinking of garlic after 6 days? What can I do to make it go away? Why has the scent gone from my right hand, but not my left?

I'm preparing another pasta sauce on Thursday, but I'm cheating and using pre-diced garlic because I don't want to use a fresh garlic. Do you think using a jar of pre-diced garlic (preserved in a mild vinegar) will impare the flavour?