September 9th, 2013

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If someone tells you that they are going on vacation, what do you assume that entails (travel, duration, activity, etc..)?

When was your last vacation that meets your definition? Do you think everyone "deserves" a vacation?

ETA: To me, a vacation is something more than just a day off work. I usually think they mean it is more than 1 day off (probably more like 2-5 days in a row) and most often are using it to travel or do an out of the norm activity (wedding, concert, kayak, etc..). I also think that usually a vacation day is paid by the employer v. just a day off which can be unpaid.
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It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken

I've been dating this guy for about three months and knew going into it that it was just going to be a short-term thing. I haven't seen him for about three weeks because we've both been busy, and I've been feeling like this whole thing has reached the end anyway so I suppose I've also been pulling away a bit.

Well, he has been CLINGING like nothing I've ever experienced and I'm over it. He wanted to talk last night but I was on the phone so I said we'd talk today. He sent seven texts, called three times, and left two voicemails in the span of an hour. I'm a little freaked out. He wants to get together tonight, which would be a perfect time to end things, but I just don't even really want to see him again. Am I validated in not ending this in person or should I just suck it up and go over there? For the record, I'm not at all afraid he'd hurt me or anything.

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FWB at my wedding?

I have a female friend who I'll call "Sarah" who used to be local, now lives several states away, and was, for a time, a friend "with benefits." That ended when she started seeing someone seriously and there's no awkwardness between us.

I also started seeing someone seriously and that person and I are now engaged and we're making wedding plans. For pictures, I immediately thought of Sarah as she is a good photographer who is working on building a photography business. Without thinking about it, I asked Sarah if she'd like to do our photos and she replied "I was hoping you'd ask! :D :D :D :D :D"

It has since occurred to me that most of my friends (groomsmen) probably know that Sarah and I were shagging for a while.

So.... is this a bad idea? My fiance knows that Sarah and I are friends, but should I let her know how far that friendship went to see if she's still comfortable with Sarah doing the pictures? Should I ask my friends if they think it's weird?

I mean, if the roles were reversed, it wouldn't bother me unless the two were flirting.

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All of the sudden, the Enter key on by keyboard (both of them, it has one on the num pad too) only works to do press Enter kind of stuff it I press shift at the same time. Otherwise it just brings up the power settings window from my Control Panel. I have windows 7. Anyone know that the hell I did and how to undo it, lol?

What time would you start considering it TOO LATE for the following? What would be TOO EARLY?
Assume none are actual emergencies...

1. Close friend or relative drops by unannounced (not necessarily expecting to come in) to chat with you about an issue of some concern, or ask a favor. What if its about getting back money you owe them?
2. Same as above, except its an acquaintance from the neighborhood, or a total stranger.

3. Friend or family member, calling you to chat to make a small request.
4. Acquaintance or stranger, calling you about a particular issue (including 'soft/not cold call' telemarketers and such)

5. You call a friend or acquaintance and leave a message/text for them to call you back, which they are now trying to do.

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TQC, family drama ahead.

My SO and his brothers are planning an intervention for their mom, who's battling depression but refuses to seek help. On Saturday, one of his brothers and his girlfriend (M and D) called my SO. I was in the room when he took the call, and we were chatting a bit with them on speaker. At some point shortly thereafter, M said, "Could we have a private conversation, S?" and asked me to leave the room. I was confused but did as he asked, and twenty minutes of wondering, "What the hell are they talking about up there?" I found out that they were planning this intervention. I don't blame my SO at all - he had no idea what he was about to walk into, as M was pitching the idea of the intervention to him for the first time during this conversation. But it really made me feel excluded, angry and hurt. My SO and I have been together for well over two years, and D, M's SO, was on the phone and privy to the conversation, so I don't understand why I wasn't allowed to be. Would you bring it up as a discussion point at some point in the future, or would you just let it go?


I'm 21 and I already have fairly noticeable forehead wrinkles (worry lines). I know this is because I fret and squint too much. Any good tips/products for reducing them? Not considering anything like Botox etc, perhaps just an excellent moisturiser / primer? I use oils etc. now to try and put moisture back in, but nothing I have cuts it. It's more noticeable when I have makeup on my forehead so I try and not put it there.

dk/dc - favourite makeup/skin care product? I LOVE Origins A Perfect World Toner