September 8th, 2013

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Which one of these is your biggest indulgence/weakness in terms of spending money unneccessarily?

Clothes (either due to quanitity bought, or quality/cost of individual pieces(
Technologhy (shiny new cell phones, tablets, ipods, laptops etc)
Eating out
Personal care services or products (manicures, expensive shampoos, etc)
Gas (Driving places you could walk to, knowingly buying gas-guzzling vehicle, etc)
I am ALWAYS frugal/pragmatic with my cash

What would be worse, in your opinion?

Getting into a massive screaming argument with an in-law, in public
One of your in-laws puts the moves on you at a family gathering

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Does anybody dye their hair with natural products, like the brands you get at Whole Foods?
Is it healthier for your hair than drugstore brands?

I am thinking of temporarily dyeing my hair darker. I have thick hair, but am prone to split ends.

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wedding fashion

I've got two weddings coming up in the next few weeks. The weather is going to be cooler than I expected and my usual dress will probably be too chilly (I have a sweater already and I don't do leggings). I have a short sleeve black dress, and could brighten it up with a pink or green sweater and jewelry. And I have beautiful and comfortable black heels to go with it.

Is it bad to wear black to a wedding?

electronic cigarettes

i just came back from being overseas for a long time and now everyone has these e-cigarettes!? i want one! lol. but i have no idea what's good and too busy to do extended research on these things so i'm asking you all, cuz surely lots of you must have them. i'm just a social smoker and would like some nice flavored things to smoke while out drinking once or twice a week.

so if you all can recommend some good brands/where to buy (and/or steer me away from shit ones) and also recommend some lovely flavors (i am a big fan of shisha, and clove cigarettes), that would be awesome! thanks :)