September 5th, 2013

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My group of friends recently acquired a new member who is now, of course, moving to Scotland. We're going to throw him a going-away party this evening. He's vegan. Since butter and cream run in my veins, can any of you suggest some simple and easy yet delicious (oh, and portable, since I'll be walking about a half-mile to the place carrying whatever I bring) vegan snacks that can be made with things I'm likely to already have lying around in my kitchen (or that can be gotten with a quick trip to a normal grocery store; there aren't any Whole Foods or Trader Joes near me)? I'd like to do something a little more exciting than celery with peanut butter, which is all I can think of right now.
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have you ever delved into the cultures of your heritage when it wasn't part of your upbringing to care?

I'm French and German, and want to get in touch with the cultures, but feel awkward because my parents and their families never really seemed to care much about their background.


we have several desks in a row.
dude in front of me stores some of his stuff behind him...under the front of my desk.
needless to say i am a little bit miffed.
So my question is: does everything under my desk belong to me? or just where my feet go and I can use the desk behind me to store stuff??
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I'm going to be in Boston tomorrow afternoon. Do you have any recommendations for a place for a late lunch or early dinner that is not super touristy but is representative of Boston culture/cuisine?

The only thing on the agenda so far is hitting up the Cheers bar for a beer mug and a picture.

work dilemmas

there's this coworker... a lot of us eat lunch together and she comes along. fine. she is fairly difficult to deal with - she lacks the understanding of many social norms so it's just difficult to have a conversation with her. it's so bad that our former boss even paid for some classes at a local community college to help her. she rudely interrupts or talks really loudly over someone else who is currently talking. what i really have a problem with is that she talks with her mouth full. there have literally been bits of food that came out of her mouth. one landed on my friend's cheek. it's just gross. you know how kids talk with their mouths full, totally oblivious to the fact that it's gross? that's her.

would it be terrible of me to say something about it? it's really unappetizing. i just want to enjoy my lunch! changing lunch times and locations is not an option (we work in education). if i shouldn't say anything, what should i do?

does anyone else have any work problems?
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What tattoos and piercings do you have? What have you had in the past? Are there any new ones you want done? Pics?

What etiquette do you generally follow at the tattoo parlor? Do you bring friends?
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TQC help! I've got two cats, a male and female. They've been living mostly peacefully (besides small playful scuffles) together since February. About ten minutes ago a stray (or stranger cat, he may have a home) showed up on our porch (we had windows open). Stray kitty and our kitties smelled each-other through the screen. Suddenly our kitties started freaking out and started attacking the screen and then each-other. We've got them separated right now, but there was angry growling and hissing and attacking of one-another. We've closed the windows and the blinds. Any notion what's going on or suggestions to make things better?

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TQC, help me do grown-up things!

So my boyfriend and I just moved into a duplex. It's an older but super cute house- built in the 1950s. I guess the gas hasn't been on in here since the last tenants left, and we were going to try doing without to save money but these ice-cold showers are becoming intolerable. Basically, I just want to get the gas turned on, and I know I can arrange it online- but my mother is mentioning something about the pilot light and other stuff, and the stove is currently out of commission leaving the gas pipe open and bare in the kitchen wall. Which gets me thinking, is there anything I have to do besides just arrange to start the gas service? I have to do anything with the hot water tank thing, the pilot light, gas isn't going to just start pouring through that open pipe, right?

I'm sorry, I know I probably sound so dumb but I've never done anything with gas before, just electric, and I guess my bf has only ever lived in places where the gas was already up and running..