September 2nd, 2013

devon ramen

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do you believe someone can be 'overconfident' (as in boastful about how awesome/intelligent/beautiful they think they are) and have high self esteem? to me, when someone boasts that way, it's to hide how low their self-esteem really is :x but idk if this makes sense to anyone else.

say you moved out and your housemates owe you your bond (deposit) but at the same time, you owe them a certain amount for bills that have not come through (bills come every 3 months). would you expect them to return your full bond back and then you can pay whatever bills you owe, or do you expect them to withhold a certain amount of money and then return whatever's left from paying the bills you owe?

have you ever tried spinning? what did you think of it?

Playstation 3 or Playstation 4

I have an 11 year old sister and she has asked for a Playstation for her bday (which is in early November) or for xmas if it is possible. My question is which do I go with Psp3 or Psp4? My sister doesn't care which she gets as long as she can play certain games:The Last of Us, Mortal Kombat, Batman, and so on. I am just wondering which would be the better investment?

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Seriously longshot question, but.

Does anyone here ride motorcycles on a regular basis? If you ride with a partner, do you just kind of yell to each other, or do you have an intercom system of some kind? My SO and I ride pretty regularly and we want some kind of intercom system where we can talk to each other, but all the systems seem to be very expensive. Any ideas to make talking while riding easier?

DK/DC: what did you get up to today?