September 1st, 2013


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1) Which Renn Faire get up do you like better? Collapse )

2) Do you go to Renn Faires? If so, which ones?

3) This evening I successfully navigated Port Authority, the NYC Subway and an NYPD officer on my street while in full getup plus sword and I didn't get stopped! What's the craziest outfit you've ever worn on public transport?

4) I'M NOT A RENN GEEK DAMNIT: Do you prefer Memorial Day or Labor Day? I prefer Memorial Day because I love summer and I don't want it to end.

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I'm on vacation with family, and it's seriously causing me stress. My parents are extremely antisocial and negative people. They went out for a long lunch that went very well, and as soon as they have a moment, they like to self-reflect and talk about how evil everyone else is and constantly victimize themselves. I can't take them. Anyone else relate?

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Has anyone ever used vinyl wall decals to decorate? Or seen them used by someone else? How did it work out? Do they come off as easily as the sellers of such products claim? I'm really tempted especially since websites selling them all seem to be having 20-30% off labor day sales...
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Who is your favorite fantasy author? What books of theirs do you recommend?

Who is your favorite sci-fi author? What books of theirs do you recommend?

I'm currently on an Amtrak train. When was the last time you were on an Amtrak train? Where were you going? How was the Amtrak experience? any delays? Annoying or nice passengers? etc.
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hair dye questions

So in October, I will be going to Orlando from the 15th through the 19th to do Universal Studios + Halloween Horror Nights. I have brown hair right now, and I was wanting to dye it a bright red (think Ariana Grande on Victorious red, if that reference helps) on the 12th (when my leave starts), and then dying it back to brown 11 days later, on the 22nd (as that is my last day of leave and the day before I go back to work).

I know that it will be damaging to my hair, but I'm not too concerned about some damage. I'm just wondering if anybody knows how bad the damage will be - will dying it twice in such a short time frame damage it to the point of, say, falling out and looking like complete shit? Or can I get away with just using a bunch of hair treatments like keratin and such and my hair be okay?

I hope this question makes sense, it's late and I'm a little out of it so please let me know if the above sounds more like nonsense rambling then a question.
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What's a good place to buy cheap wires online? I got a 3.5mm male to male cord for connecting my phone to my car stereo from and it crapped out after a couple months.