August 31st, 2013

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I need to buy new sneakers for work. I spend 9-5 pretty much on my feet 7 days a week give or take. I had picked out these nike sneakers only to find out they don't come in my size. I wear I size 4 in mens & 6 in women's.

Will someone give me suggestions of other sneakers I can buy?

Preferably similar to the ones I picked out but not necessarily.

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ETA: Why does it seem that "women's" sneakers come in the fuglist of colors/patterns? And why are sneakers even a gender separated item? And why is are shoe sizes different for men and women?

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I'm going through all of my old stuff (some of it 14+ years) and deciding if it should be kept or packed up and moved to our house. I've made a few trips to the donation site but I still have (6) boxes of sentimental things/old artwork that will just be kept in boxes/need to be stored/will never be useful.

What methods do you use to get rid of the bulk of sentimental things? There are so many memories I had forgotten until I saw the pieces related to it and it makes it hard to get rid of it but I know it's not useful and with having kids I know space is limited.

When is the last time you moved? How did you make things run smoothly?

I'm not moving until the end of the month so I don't need to get it done today but the longer these things sit around the quicker I lose motivation to get it taken care of. :(

And my Mac had to be wiped and I lost all of my bookmarks. What are your favourite blogs and what are they about?
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Why doesn't Miley keep her tongue in her mouth? Who told her sticking her tongue out was hot?

Miley Cyrus. If anyone doesn't know.

What do you think her future holds?

Does male child stars go a bit..out there as well? I am only familiar with female child stars? Maybe it's on the news more because of our slut shaming culture?

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Do you have plans this labor day weekend (US)?

My in-laws keep trying to get us to meet up for activities that they suggest because they believe my son (age 2.5) will enjoy them. They are totally off base. Most recent is inviting us to drop our son off with them at a historic site that gives weekend tours of a historic inn. They hinted that this will be an entire day of activity. I lol'd at the e-mail and then thought about how boring it would be for a 2.5 year old to walk around an old house and not be able to touch or sit on anything.

We have politely decline or hinted that he might not be ready for certain things but they keep doing it. Totally love that they are involved with us, but what gives? (We usually do something else with them instead that is more age appropriate for our kiddo)

If you have in-laws, what kind of relationship do you have with them? If you have in-laws and kids, how involved with the kids are they?

I like my in-laws just fine but they do a lot of minor eye-roll-y stuff that makes it hard for us to weasel out of the situation without hurting their feelings, because they mean well.

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Is "stupid rap video" redundant? wouldn't just "rap video" suffice?

they all look alike: with blinged-up males tossing their arms around while women with tits shaped like water melons paw all cover them

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I have to give a friend some bad news (not like anyone has died, but I won't be able to do something we had planned). Because of her living situation, I have to either call, text or email. Which would be preferred?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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If you're talking to someone and in the middle of their end of the conversation, they mention that they had a parent pass away a year or so ago, do you offer condolences or let it slide?

Edit: Okay, for context, this was said in a message so there's no immediate response possible.

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Has someone you like a lot, and want to be in a relationship with, ever told you they "like you as a friend, maybe more."?

How did you react?

If you waited for them to be ready, how long did it take and did it work out?