August 30th, 2013


Favorite cocktails

I'm going to wedding at one of the nicest places in my state this weekend, so obviously I want to take full advantage of the top-shelf open bar. Suggestions for cocktails I should try? Nothing that I might have to remember the recipe for... but I tend to get drunk and boring and start just ordering vodka + cranberry, so I want a list of fun stuff to order. I like fruity drinks but only if they're also strong. Not here for a glass of juice with a splash of vodka.


has opened its first store in Germany. Coincidentally, it's in the city I work in and I want to check it out, having read about it on lj...

what would you recommend?

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If I got chinese food last night, and didn't even open the package, just put it down and fell asleep/forgot about an air conditioned room, closed, it should be fine to eat still this afternoon right?

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I'm pretty sure we've discussed recurring nightmares before, but do you have any recurring dreams that make you wake up feeling happy and calm? It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly the same dream. Do you have recurring elements in your happy dreams? Will you tell me about them?

For example, I always wake up blissfully happy from dreams where I have an orange tree growing in my back yard. I also have dreams where I decide to walk to my favorite vacation spot (which is two hours by car so impossible to walk to in real life).


After the next American civil war (or Revolution ) how many new countries will be created?

I think at least three....The Peoples Republic of California (to include Washington and Oregon ) The New England Union and the New American Confederacy (capital...Dallas Texas)
the impish attempt to paint the colour

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What are your favorite DIY organization tips/articles/blogs (especially for bedroom and bathroom)? I've been working on my bedroom on and off for the past month (my motivation is off-and-on, so I do it in spurts), and I tend to look to the internet for inspiration/ideas.

Stuff I'm working on specifically: easy-access storage of purses (I have, um, four or so?) and ways to display toys.

My favorite right now is the suggestion that you stack shirts and clothing vertically in your drawers, instead of horizontally. That way, you can see all your shirts at once (cause the edges are facing up) and grab what you want without having to dig through a pile.

Wish I'd have done something now...

Earlier today, a group of lads around 15-16 were behind me as I was walking through a nearby town. I heard them say something like "She's fit, look at that arse blah blah blah." Now, at the time I was wearing a cardigan, a long, figure-hugging camisole and a pair of leggings and I was also with my mum and her partner. I thought they were talking about someone else to be honest. They went quiet for a few seconds and then I felt a hand touch my bum. It was there for a few seconds, and then the lad who did it squeezed himself past me, grinning. He was trying to get as close to me as possible. I just went into complete shock. His mates walked past about two seconds later, laughing and leering at me. I just kept walking. After they were down the street, I kind of got snapped back into reality and told my mum, who said, "That's sexual assault! Do you want me to call the police?" I told her no. You see, I didn't get a good look at them. They all looked really generic anyway, from what I can vaguely remember. Jeans and dark hoodies. In that particular town, you get lads like that EVERYWHERE.

If you were in my situation, what would you have done?

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TQC, how long do you avoid close contact with people when you've got a cold?

I was in a long distance relationship for the summer and my SO is finally back. We had about two and a half days together before I spent the day with a slightly-ill sister and came down with a horrible cold. I've had symptoms since Monday and haven't seen my SO since Sunday. We've talked every day since then, but I hate being in the same city but not in the same place, but I also don't want to get him sick. :( It takes me forever to get over colds (lame immune system), so I know I'll still be sick in a few days (especially since I work all weekend). How long would you wait before subjecting people you like to your germs? 

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What is the most healthy/good for you thing you ate today?

What is the worst/bad for you thing you ate today?

Also, I may or may not have end up in a situation where I need to know, so thought I would ask...

If I wanted to get something to sleep on long-term (at least 5 months or so) that was more comfortable than the $30 airbed I got at target for a guest, and had to buy such a thing on relatively short notice...

What are the best relatively inexpensive options (both in terms of kind of furniture - mattress vs futon vs something else, and place from which to procure such items) that won't put me in danger of getting bedbugs? I'm in the DC metro area if that makes a difference.