August 29th, 2013


Words With Friends

This is basically me whining, but there is a question

I play WWF with several people. 6 of them are on my level or below, and my record is good overall, and I'm usually in the top ranks every week. But there's this 1 guy who consistantly destroys me. He's brilliant and way out of my league. He will use all his letters at least twice a game, sometimes 3 times. He knows all the annoying weird words that even Webster probably raised his eyebrow regarding their inclusion. Ordinarily, he'd be a great challenge. Except that the gods of scrabble have seemingly annointed him the chosen one, and his luck is ridiculous, and my luck atrocious. He regularly has either all or most of the S's, and he never has an overabundance of vowels because I have all the excess vowels every game, and he never stops dropping 30+ words every single round, regardless of opportunity. This last game we finished, he beat me by almost 200 points, as I was dealt 7 vowels before the game ended. He proceeded in setting up 2 triple word scores and I could only watch him whip up 100 points in the last couple rounds as he took advantage of both, where I had to look for ways to dump off 2 U's and 3 I's. Needless to say, it frustrates the shit out of me, and it annoys me to think that he thinks that I'm merely a subpar player because our record is like 15-1 (I beat him once). I don't want to message him with crap about how my letters sucked and that's why my score was so low, because that would be every game, but I do shoot him messages like 'Seriously, all the S's again?', indicating that he can be one lucky fucking bastard and I'm aware of it. My annoyance with my unluck in this game and the frustrations it brings makes me think about removing the app from my phone. I love the game, and I'm good at the game, but with this one player, I feel like such an untalented putz, that maybe life (and my blood pressure) isn't worth this added stress. I could always stop playing him, but that would be hard on my pride. I found the greatest challenge in the game, and I simply stopped playing him because I wasn't good enough? What's your input?

1. Should I delete the app from my phone and bring some serenity to my life, or suck it up, play harder, and maybe not take the game so seriously?
2. For those of you who do play, how do you deal with someone who's out of your league? Does hope spring eternal that you'll beat them, or do you feel that it consistantly makes you doubt your ability?

(no subject)

What are some of the best foods for pregnant women?  I keep finding general information but I'd like a good list to put together.


Also, favorite pre-natal vitamin? I've been told that the cheaper ones aren't worth crap but I've also been told that there all the same.


dk/dc: Favorite horror movie or funny movie? Bonus points if it's on Netflix.

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My friends and I started a book club, but we don't live close enough to each other to get together to talk about our books. The last two months, we've used google hangouts and while everyone is able to connect, the sound has been terrible. It either echos a lot or it sounds like there's a lot of feedback. It's great to be able to have everyone on there to see each other, but it's clearly not great to facilitate a discussion.

Does anyone know of other video chat clients that allow for multiple people (up to 10) to see and talk to each other. Or are we doing something wrong with the google hangouts to make them not work as well? Skype seems like an option, but only if someone already has a premium account. ooVoo also looks like something, but I can't tell if it's legit.


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TQC, through a very drastic and complex chain of events that includes us having been recently hit by a drunk driver and thus deprived of our only vehicle, me needing to get to work via bus, my boyfriend transferring from his college on the reservation to one in town, and family problems on both our ends, we're having to find a place for ourselves in a very limited amount of time.

We're looking to rent, preferably a house rather than an apartment, but possibly an apartment if it is very spacious, in the Tucson area. What websites can I go to to look at listings? There was one we'd been using a while back while we were just getting an idea for future possibilities but I can't recall what it is now that I actually *need* it.

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What are your thoughts on Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred? I have it downloaded, but haven't begun yet.

Also, what are some good cardio alternatives for jumping jacks? I have really awful knees and have doctor's orders not to jump/plant my feet (doing so would undo thousands of dollars of surgeries, haha).

Any other fitness tips? Motivation and procrastination are my two biggest hurdles. I'll get SUPER into getting fit for like...2 weeks and then fail to keep the habit.