August 28th, 2013

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#When non-asian people point out that I'm eating asian food (any type) because I'm asian and expect me to laugh at that point.

This seems like this would be a very specific situation but this has happened to me more than I ever thought it would.

What are some irritating and awkward race/ethnicity  *light-hearted jokes* that has happened to you or to anyone you know?


Famous people poll

Who do you think enjoys the greatest amount of anonymity when they go out?

Members of Daft Punk without their robot costumes
Members of Blue Man Group, without the blue or the group (they're out solo)
Winner of American Idol three seasons ago
Anyone from the Backstreet Boys (now), and no, they're probably not enjoying being anonymous
John Roberts, Chief Justice on the Supreme Court

Which one?

One night of passion (12 hours in a private hotel room) with your celebrity crush
3 months of friendship with your role model/hero/icon. You'll hang out sometimes, be invited to parties, etc.

Which one?

Front row seats at a One Direction concert
Last row seats that are also semi-obstructed at a Rolling Stones concert

You're having a private dinner, and you can invite 3 famous people to join you. Only these 3 people and yourself. Things to consider: who you find fascinating, who you'd like to see discuss together, who you find attractive maybe. So, which 3 celebrities are at your dinner?

Jon Stewart
Zooey Deschanel
Ryan Gosling
President Obama
J.K. Rowling
Louis C.K.
Lady Gaga
Paul McCartney
Tina Fey
Stephen King
Penn Jillette
Ellen Degeneres
Betty White
Christian Bale
Barbara Walters (she's met almost everybody that matters)

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You made a really stupid choice and now you are dead. Which of these scenarios would you be most likely to succumb to?

You die in a fiery car accident - you just couldn't resist the urge to drive a little too fast...
Mauled to death by a wild animal - it looked so cute, you just had to pet it
You die after ingesting a fast acting toxin - that mushroom you found looked too delicious to resist
You die of a stroke - you just couldn't be arsed to remember to take your blood pressure meds
A strung out meth addict stabs you to death - you just wouldn't hand over your wallet
You succumb to an infection that spread through your body - you were sure that rubbing alcohol and tylenol would be enough
You get run over by a truck - you were in a rush and jaywalking across the highway seemed like a good idea
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One of the neighbor kids just got a tuba and spent a half an hour standing outside of my open window playing Hot Cross Buns over and over and over. and then, I guess, just trying to see what sorts of awful noises he could make on the tuba.

Obviously the thing to do is to ask his mother to ask him not to do that anymore, and that is what I'm going to do (his mother and I get along really well) but, just for the fun of it, what hilarious things could I do instead?


If your neighbor's kid spent a half an hour playing the tuba badly outside your window, and if you lived in a universe in which you could only respond with some sort of prank, what sort of prank would you pull?
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Do any of you watch the show 'Breaking Pointe'? What do you think about it/the people?

Have you ever taken Ballet? Do you like Ballet whether or not you have? What's your favorite Ballet? Least favorite? Do you have a favorite dancer and/or choreographer?

What's your favorite type of dance to watch?

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Has anyone ever changed a habit to please a SO/SO's family? Did you put up a fuss about it? What did you change?

Brought to you by me learning to put the toilet lid down when I flush. We never, ever did that at my house growing up, so I just didn't think about it, but my SO's mother (he lives at home) asked me to start doing it. Most of the time I remember, but sometimes I don't. I feel really badly when I don't!

Original Soundtrack

Lately I've had The Fountain OST stuck in my head. I really enjoy OSTs by Clint Mansell and Cliff Martinez, and occasionally by Thomas Newman.

TQC, can you recommend some instrumental OSTs for the rest of us to enjoy?  :)
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Did you read Gone Girl? What are you thoughts on it? Will they make it into a movie?

I just finished it and it kept me on the edge of my seat but I hated the ending.
My husband pointed out that I hate most books endings. Which I'm sad to say seems to be true.

Are you like this?

I'm trying to figure out why this is my case. I think partly because I put so much time into a book that I want to be satisfied in the end.

What book have you read recently or are currently reading?
Are you loving it/liking it/hating it?

How many books do you read in a month?
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My hair is on the dry and frizzy side. I rarely straighten my hair and I let it air dry when I get out the shower. I feel like I've tried a good amount of things to moisturize my hair with no avail. I've even tried the whole leave-in coconut oil thing that people rave over so much.

If you had this hair problem, what product or home remedy do you swear by that has helped you turned into a confident, moisturized person you are today?

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did you know the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has accepted 'bitcoin', 'selfie' and 'phablet' into the lexicon?

whats next? twerking? what are the next atrocious words we'll have to endure?

Do you know what happens when you're 'borked'?

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One of my co-workers is basically quitting (she's giving up all of her regular shifts except one and that's at another department, so we won't be seeing her regularly anymore) to go back to the university after a two year hiatus after high school.

What kind of gift could we get her as a good luck? I would like to give her something school related.
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When it comes to commuting via bicycle, which sounds like the better option to you? -

1. A 15 minute commute on a busy main road that is only semi-bike friendly (there are pavement markings of bikes, but no lanes for bikers. It is common to see other cyclists on this road)


2. A 30 minute commute mostly on a peaceful, relaxing off-road bike path. The bike path gets off on a busy, main road that is bike unfriendly. You will have to bike uphill on this street for 0.4 miles. Edit: or you can walk your bike uphill on the sidewalk, but that takes time.

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My 1.5 year old niece will be here this weekend, I'm sure my sister will bring various toys for her but can you think of anything I can make quick/cheaply that she might like? I made play dough earlier! I've seen instructions to make sidewalk chalk but I'm not sure she's old enough to really enjoy that.