August 27th, 2013


Drive-Thru Complaining

This isn't a huge deal, but let's complain TQC.
What mistakes has a drive-thru restaurant made on your food?

I went to El Pollo Loco and ordered a Chicken Tostada Salad. I got home and realized they gave me the salad sans chicken. I paid $8 for lettuce, a tostada bowl, and rice.

No drive-thru complaints? Just complain about something then.
Potassium perversion

Last meal

You're on death row, about to be executed, because of that thing you did (you know, with that guy that ended badly). You're being killed the next day, and the jailer asks what you want for your last meal. It's a good kitchen, but they can't make everything. He shows you a menu of 15 entrees. What do you select?

Burritos (meat or cheese)
Steak (prime rib)
Pizza (any topping, any restaurant if requested)
Assorted cheeses, breads, dips and some meat
Lasagna (meat or vegetarian)
Fried chicken (KFC if requested)
Chinese sampler (orange chicken, chow mein, broccoli beef and a couple other dishes)
Applesauce-glazed pork chops
Hamburgers (any restaurant if requested)
Shrimp (prepared anyway you like it)
Salad (any kind)
Gumbo (it's authentic)
Just a bowl of fruit

And what would you like for dessert?

Chocolate lava cake
Cheesecake, NY
Dutch apple pie
Candy bars (any kind)
Fresh cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar)
Key lime pie
Strawberry shortcake
Bread pudding

And what would you like to drink? Nothing alcoholic


Now that dinner is over and you have one last time to reflect on life, are you sorry for what you did to that guy, that unfortunate misunderstanding, and that fatal beating with the toilet plunger?

Yes. I'm sorry.
No. He had it coming
I still say I was fraaaaaamed

Because I want to be retro...

So we're (my husband and I) are looking to reduce our phone bill. Right now we run exclusively off of cell phones (two iPhones + a third line + data etc comes up to about $160). I was looking at ditching my iPhone ( *sadface* ) for a "dumb phone" and maybe getting a land line and ditching the third line (it's a long story as to why we have it). I suspect this would drop us to the $100 mark.

Here's the kicker, I live in Green Acres (as in, rural America) and we have ONE phone provider. It's a local business that's never heard of unlimited nationwide which is important to us. So I'm looking at Vonage.

Anyone here use Vonage? What do you think?

DK/DC - When's the last time you were in a situation that made you question if you really were in the 21st century?

getting over something

So, if we are to assume that alcohol and caffeine aren't the most healthy ways of getting over something/someone, how then do you do it? The friendship ended. I didn't end it and I can't fucking get past it, even though I know it was probably the right thing to do. That part is a long story but she wasn't in the wrong to end things, she did it gently and explained herself and in spite of the fact that it was not expected and crushed me, she didn't hurt me in doing so. The whole "move on" thing is not my style LOL. I can't get over it. I can't let it go or stop dwelling on it. This is pathetic. So, what now?

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For those of you who have broken your ankle or injured your foot: how long was it before you felt completely back to normal? I fractured my tibia and tore a ligament in my foot on April 29th and despite stretching, I still have a lot of soreness and stiffness in that area. Will it eventually go away?
you're done talking

foreign currency?

I'm going to be flying into London Heathrow for a trip.

Are there ATMs there where I can put my debit card in and get pounds back out? Or should I get the currency in the US and just take it with me? If yes, how much should I take?

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Is it weird for a potential job to ask for your credit score?

I applied to this job on craigslist and while everything else seems okay, the sole via-email response was strangely URGENT that I fill out this second app and provide my credit score like TODAY (if I didn't do it by today they would "move on") through one of those online sites. It claims it will be free, but according to the score site itself it would cost me $1 for a trial. They say they need this info because employees are given company credit cards (and yet also says bad credit won't rule you out as an option). IDK, maybe this isn't unheard of but *I've* just never heard of it.

ETA: I'm also a little thrown by the guy's apparent enthusiasm for me/my resume. I've been called "promising" and "potentially good for the job" and the like but this guy is  calling me an "awesome candidate!" and there's no contact numbers.
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Serious about Syria

So, thequestionclub, what are your thoughts on the flare ups in the middle east?  What do you think about Syria's threat that it, Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon will try to gang bang Israel if the United States gets involved with Syria gassing its own people?  What do you think about Syria using chemical weaponry on its civilians in the first place?  Let's get smart.

That, or discuss navel lint.