August 26th, 2013


Theme weddings

A friend of yours is getting married, and you've been asked to be part of the wedding party (bridesmaid, groomsman). Before you can give your answer, your friend then tells you it's going to be a theme wedding, and then proceeds to tell you the theme. Which of these wedding themes would you participate in? Anything you don't check, you would refuse your friend and take part in her/his wedding

Rocky Horror theme (maids dressed as Columbia or Magenta, grooms as Frank-N-Furter or in their boxers as Brad)
Star Wars theme (maids are dressed as gold-bikini'd Leias, grooms are stormtroopers)
Nude wedding
Thriller theme (dressed as zombies, and you'll dance up and down the aisle like in the video)
Star Trek theme (maids have to wear the Federation mini-dresses, men wear red shirt Federation attire)
Wizard of Oz theme (maids are dressed like lions, grooms dressed like tin men)
Kill Bill theme (maids wear tight leather yellow suits, grooms are dressed like the Crazy 88s)
Batman theme (maids are dressed as Harlequin and Catwoman, grooms are Joker and Bane)
Pacific Rim (maids are dressed like giant robots, grooms dressed like giant lobster monsters)
Grease theme (wedding party must break into song at various points during the service)
Human Centipede theme (maids are glued together, grooms are glued together)
Avengers theme (maids dressed like Black Widow, Hawkeye, grooms dressed like Captain America, Thor)
White trash theme
Disney theme (maids dressed like different princesses, grooms dressed like different princes)
Spongebob theme (both parties wear puffy, cumbersome, theme-park quality costumes based on characters)

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My husband and I are leaving our 13 month old son for a few hours for the first time during the day to see a movie. The other times my mom came and sat while he was asleep so he didn't even realize we were gone.

My mom is going to be watching him at our apartment. He sees her about once a week for a couple hours at a time. For some reason I am still worried he will get upset when we go. I know even if he does it probably won't last long but I am still kind of nervous.

TQC, will you reassure me that everything is going to be fine? :P

Piercing question

Has anyone here done two lip piercings at once? How bad was the healing time as far as being able to talk? How long were you sore for?

Im pretty set on getting snake bites next month but I also like to know what to expect, I have a toddler so getting smacked in the face is pretty much a give in and Im worried about how sore Im going to be lol.


Dumb questions having to do with trust

You're at the mall, walking to your car on the third floor. There's no one else that you can see except 3 guys in front of a van. One has a camera. As you pass them, they stop you. 'We are filming a Febreeze commercial. We are asking random people to participate. Would you like to be in it? All that's required is that we blindfold you, transport you by van to a room we've created, and you then tell us what you smell. Would you like to participate?'

Sure! I may be on tv!
No. How do I know that they're not just going to kidnap me?

It's December, and a Santa Claus is sitting down near you. You look kind of down. 'Come sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas, little boy/girl, and I'll put hope back in your heart, and a smile on your face'. He seems sincere. In what location would you need to be in to even consider sitting on Santa's lap?

The mall
Park bench
Retirement home
Outside a strip club
Church winter carnival
On the bus
At your grandfather's house
None of the above. Ew

'Stop! I'm a policeman! I need to borrow your _____. Official police business!' He's in a police uniform and shows you convincing proof that he's legit. What would you let the police officer borrow 'in the name of the law'?

Your car (criminal is getting away)
$20 (I need to pay an informant now and I'm not carrying any cash)
Your pants (it's a female officer and she needs to change into normal clothes to sneak into a club)
Your dog (perp is at a dog park and I don't want to arouse suspicion while I approach)
I'm not letting him take anything

Your SO is invited to a bachelor/ette party. His/her best friend is getting married. You find out that there's going to be some strippers coming over. What do you say?

Have fun! Hope it's a blast! (and I really mean it)
Have fun! Hope it's a blast! (I'm just saying that. I'm really nervous about my SO going)
I'm really not very comfortable with you going to this thing
Have fun and be careful (I trust my SO and am just concerned about him/her getting too hammered or blowing too much money)
Keep Calm and Play Pokemon

Poly questions

Hey TQC, how's things?

I was just curious if any of you folks were poly? If so, what style of poly do you tend to go for? Networks? Triads? Quads? V? Do you go for more hierarchical or more egalitarian style? Any other pertinent information you'd like to share?

For those who are not poly, what are your thoughts about it? Or just feel free to gush about your lovely partners instead.

How do you relationship TQC?

DK/DC bonus Q - Tell me about your nations rules of etiquette?
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Halloween costumes and sewing machines.

Seamstresses/tailors of TQC, Do you have an suggestions on first-time sewing machines?

I want to start making my own costumes and clothes, and for my birthday I've decided to buy myself a sewing machine. I'm just not sure what I should be looking for. I just want something basic, good for beginners, for $150 or less if possible.

dk/dc: have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet?
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Selling on eBay

I’ve been selling some stuff on eBay recently. I’m not trying to make a career out of it, but it’s nice to clear out stuff I don’t want/need anymore and the money helps pay my bills while I’m looking for a job. About three days ago I sold an item. The buyer contacted me almost immediately to request an invoice. I sent the invoice. Since then I haven’t heard anything from the buyer – no payment, no messages, nothing. Yesterday (two days after sending the invoice) I sent off a message asking if she had gotten the invoice and reminding her that my shipping policy is that I won’t ship until I get paid (this is stated in all of my item descriptions). Still no answer. The buyer has really good feedback, but since eBay doesn’t allow sellers to leave anything but positive feedback for buyers I’m a little wary about the accuracy of feedback for buyers.

As a seller, under what circumstances would you open a case about an unpaid item in the resolution center? Would you take any other steps or try to contact the buyer again before opening a case?

As a buyer, under what circumstances would you think it was reasonable for a seller to open a case about an unpaid item in the resolution center?

If you’re not familiar with eBay’s system for solving situations like this in the resolution center, sellers are allowed to open an unpaid item case 2-32 days after the item sold. If the buyer is no longer on eBay, the seller can open the case immediately, but otherwise must wait at least 48 hours to open the case. Ebay does recommend that sellers try to resolve the issue some other way before opening a case, usually by contacting the buyer. If the issue is resolved by the buyer paying for the item within 4 days (or contacting the seller and making some other arrangement), the case can be closed and everyone goes about their lives with no penalty. If the buyer doesn’t pay, the buyer may have an unpaid item recorded on their account. The seller can offer the item to another bidder, if there was one, or can relist the item.

I don’t want to act too quickly and I don’t plan on doing anything else until tomorrow anyway, but I also don’t want to sit on this too long and possibly miss a chance to sell my item and get that money.

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how important are elastic waist band pants to you?

Can't go out of the house without them
do sweat pants count?
you're too old haji
never thought about it
no, but my grand pa does
top of my shopping list
you've given me something to think about
ultimate in comfort
other in comments
madeline OMG

(no subject)

One of the blades on our outside air conditioning unit just split in two (not sure how), and we can't use the A/C until it's replaced tomorrow morning.

How can we survive the heat? It'll get down to 70 at about midnight, but it's still sticky in here.

DK/DC/It's winter here/Deal with it: has alcohol ever truly cured you of something? Because I had a glass of wine, and my migraine is almost completely gone. I've also cured a case of dry socket with whiskey.
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Kitty licking itself bald

Anyone have any experience with a cat licking itself bald? He's focused on his stomach right now and he's licked his lower belly bald, and has one raw spot. Obviously, I don't really want my cat licking itself bald. I googled and he's either anxious or allergic. I'm leaning more towards anxious considering his temperament. And he eats the same stuff he always has, we have no plants or kids, and he's solely inside. No fleas. Our other cat is fine.

We are trying to love him more, and pet him, and stop him when we see him but we work in the day. I have a shame collar (I don't know what they are really called), but I don't really want to put it on him as it freaks him out. I'm about to buy him a onesie!

Does anyone have any advice for home remedies? We can and will take him to the vet if this continues, but I want to try and fix it. He gets stressed easy so I don't want to freak him more.And Google says kitty gets prozac. We did recently move and he seemed to have started licking right after the home warming party. Does he just need to chill? Is there something I can put on him that tastes bad but is healthy? A bath?

(no subject)

Packing for a move--- where do you start?  Do you go room by room?  From least used items to most heavily used?  From outside in?   Share some of your favorite packing techniques.  That, or share your funniest joke.

in need of ingenious ideas

so two days before i am going on vacation to meet family-in-laws and such, half of my tooth broke after i bit into a sandwich. it's on the top, 2 back from my canine tooth. the half that is missing is the 'outer' half visible when i smile wide or talk with my mouth fully open. it doesnt hurt thankfully, but i am SO self conscious about it looks i feel so awkward trying to talk or laugh right now :( i don't have time to order anything or spend too much time looking around town for a solution to this. i think i had a decent sized cavity but didnt expect that.


can anyone help me think of something i could use to hide or at least lessen the noticeability of the huge gap for just a few days? i am down to try anything that isn't too toxic or expensive. gum wont really stay in there or a piece of gauze because its on the top of my mouth. thats about all i have tried. i went to walgreens to see what they might have but nothing came to mind. i wonder if i could shove it full of chapstick/lip balm?

:/ :/

Coloured Contact Lenses

Greetings TQC!

Has anyone ordered coloured contacts online? Any recommendations where to purchase them? (Looking for non-prescription lenses in case it matters.) Google pulls up a lot of options and I don't even know where to start.


DK/DC: What colour are your socks?

Is this petty?

I commissioned a render of a human and alien character dancing

Someone attacked the render complaining that the human character was racist and she would never be with an alien as its against her character.

Now I'm going to be commissioning fanart from an artist of the two characters having sex whilst she's pregnant (their species are not compatible in canon so it'd be a donor pregnancy) partly to annoy the poster and partly because I'd already planned on getting it (I was going to get femslash of another canon human woman with a female of the male alien's species but I'm bumping it for the pregnancy sex pic)

Is it petty of me to do this?