August 25th, 2013



To keep myself entertained while nursing, I've been watching Netflix, Amazon Instant Vids, and reading. After a conversation the other day, I found myself jonesing for some Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Tell me TQC, for those that have watched this show, what's your favorite episode? Bonus points if I can find it on Netflix or Amazon for free :)

For me The Final Sacrifice cracks me up every time.

Not a MST3K fan... Also, I just blew through four seasons of Breaking Bad and am catching up with the fifth season. What other shows should I check out that are free on Amazon or on Netflix?

DK/DC about anything I've just said: TQC - The day I posted this, I went into labor later that day while playing Skyrim (no prompting necessary - it all happened on its own, though if TQC would like to take credit, we'll say posting on TQC did it...). We named him Jack, a nice, common name (family name for us). What's the oddest boy's name you've ever come across IRL (as in, you actually met the person)? If you had the chance to name a boy child (but this boy child would know you), what would you name him?

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Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride was wearing a non-white/ivory gown?
what colour was it?
what colour wedding dress would you choose if it wasn't white or ivory?

Do you have stretchmarks?
Do you have any tips to help me reduce/cover mine up?
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I overcooked  brownies a little and now they are kind of dry and rubbery.

Is there a way to salvage them?  How about forking them all over and pouring sweetened condensed milk over them?  Or would that end up being disgusting.


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A tough situation

You might have heard me ask you all a few months ago if I had enough reason to believe my boyfriend was gay. I'm now firmly of the belief that he is, but struggling to come out. I'm devastated, obviously, because I love him, and even though he says he loves me, I feel hurt and betrayed because I know there's a very good chance that he doesn't love me at all. He never wants sex. He says it just doesn't interest him. He's more than happy just cuddling up with me on the sofa, watching TV/a DVD.

I'm getting to the point now where I'm longing for him to just open up and admit it. It's really hurting me. So... do I wait? Do I give him signs that I know? Or do I just come straight out and ask him if he's gay? And then... what about if he isn't? If my boyfriend just suddenly asked me, "Are you a lesbian?" I know that I'd be embarrassed and asking myself, is our relationship THAT bad that he'd think I was a lesbian?

I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I need some help.