August 21st, 2013

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How would describe the collective attitude if TQC?

Does anyone think of the shopping network when they think of TQC? Or is it just me?

What do you think the people of TQC have the most in common? Least in common?
Unnatural love

The Morning After

You've just slept with someone new. It's the next morning. What's the WORST thing your lover could say to you the morning after? You've had maybe 3 dates

You really gotta hit the treadmill and work off all those LBs. You're lucky I'm a good person and not going to make a big deal about it
That'll be $100. I like you, and that's why I'm giving you the discount
I think I gotta stop buying 99 Cent Store condoms. They keep breaking. I promise to bring better ones next time
There's this good diner by the free clinic. I end up eating there at least once a month
Um...I have to wash the sheets. Like now! Why? Um...did you ever see Trainspotting?
Now that I see you in the daytime, I'm pretty sure we're cousins. I'm Aunt ______'s kid!
I could really go for some breakfast. If I return that unopened box of condoms, I'll have enough for some Taco Bell
I LOVE you. There. I said it. Now your turn
Now that we've slept together...would you mind if I stay with you for a little bit? I can sleep on your couch
Not as good as my ex, but it'll do
I'm glad the first time's over with. I don't have to go down on you anymore. You know guys only give oral the first time they bang. It's just gross down there
How would you feel about a threesome? You know, just to liven things up (yes, it's only been three dates)
I've already gotten 48 likes on my status! Oh, I told them I was banging you last night. That's why I took your picture earlier, to show them
So that's what sex is like. You know, I dig it. So long, virginity
Can you give me a ride to school, like right now? I'm going to be late for homeroom!

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My cousin is selling some handcrafted items at our local renaissance festival.  She is making little leather pouches that she wants to put tags on that say relevant titles/names,like "wench", "maiden", "town drunk", etc. Can you think of other names that would fit the theme? We are totally stumped.

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I posted yesterday about the new cat I adopted (Jackson). he has irritable bowel syndrome, does anyone have a cat with IBS or know more about it?

today Jackson has thrown up twice, both times it was a clear foamy liquid with no smell. no hair in it or anything. he hasn't gotten in to any chemicals or anything harsh. I called the adoption center to try to find out if this is something he's done before, but they didn't return my call.

He has a vet appointment on Tuesday but I'm just worried. should I be worried? after puking he seems to feel better and back to his purring, happy self. gah I am just a worried new kitty mommy!

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so my cats eye is half shut. i noticed this today so i don't know if it's been going on for a while or not, why is her eye half shut??? it's just one of them and she's an indoor/outdoor cat. she also hasn't been rubbing at it

if i said (in the above statement) that she is an indoor/outside cat would that have bothered you? (edit for clarification: its more of a grammar question, i wrote on one of our welcome boards "indoor or outside seating available" and was told it should be indoor/outdoor and match.. so now i'm wondering which way is the right way)

i'm going to charleston for a bachelorette weekend with a bunch of girls i literally ahven't seen since high school (about 8 years now)... what should i expect??

srs/non srs answers accepted 
ew no.

Puppy names

I'm picking up a Great Dane puppy on Saturday. It's a black female born on June 20th (picture after cut). I tend to favor regal/royal names for this breed. My pick for a boy was Ferdinand.

What should I name my new pup?

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Unlimited vacation for everyone!

What do you think of this new trend? Apparently more and more firms are lifting paid vacation limits. Right now probably more relevant for higher paying white collar jobs, but not solely.

On the one hand, people are actually taking less. Perhaps partly due to unspoken pressure, either peer or from above. And partly because people are workaholics. Some firms have actually started offering incentives to spur people to take advantage of it to avoid burn-out!

On the other, as we're moving towards a trend of more work-life balance and flexibility in the workplace, it's an intriguing concept.