August 20th, 2013


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Which fair foods would you be willing to try?? (thanks Iowa St fair)

fried butter on a stick
fried mac and cheese
double bacon corn dog
deep fried oreos
deep fried Twinkies
deep fried Snickers
giant half-pound pork tenderloin
beef sundae
pork chop on a stick
bacon rib on a stick
cup of watermelon
teriyaki gator tail on a stick
fried shushi
fried cheese...on a stick
Clem & Joely

Used Books...

I'm reading "Dry" by Augusten Burroughs, and I got to the last page to find that it had been torn out. I'm in a tiny town in Alaska where there are no bookstores for me to go to, and I can't seem to find it online. If you happen to have the book, could you scan the last page for me to read? :( (Or help me find it online?)

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Do you enjoy any pastimes/hobbies that is stereotypically dominated by the opposite sex?
What reactions have you had when you've told people about your hobby.

I recently bought a season ticket for my local football (soccer) team and the guys at work tried to question me about football to see if I was "worthy" of a season ticket. (They didn't seem to realise that me having the money to buy a season ticket automatically made me worthy)

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I'm thinking about buying a point and shoot, but I don't keep up on cameras like I do with phones, so I have no idea if the ones I'm looking at are good deals/ideas.

Anyone want to help me pick a camera?

So far these are my choices (each word is a link), but that was just through some browsing of that deals site. Are any of those bad ideas? Do you have any of those brands/makes of camera? Can you tell me about it?

I have a Galaxy S3 and the camera is pretty good, but I'd rather have something a little less fragile/expensive I have throw in my bag/take on trips with me.
come onnnn, thanks for the icon, like rly


Okay, I don't know why, but I am pretty terrible at searching for new movies/docs/shows on Netflix. I just end up scrolling through the main page. So, TQC, what are some of your favorite movies/docs/shows on Netflix? I feel like something new tonight.