August 19th, 2013


Vacation planning - again

Seems that one of the few reasons I post questions is to get ideas for vacations.

Next spring, we're going to New York City and Washington, DC. There was a recent question that asked about DC, so....

If you're doing the tourist thing in New York City, where is a good, though not crazy expensive, place to stay, and what are the must-see/must-do things? (At the moment, I'm more interested in lodgings than attractions, but I'll collect any good suggestions I can get.)

[In case you're thinking, "it depends on what you want to do," We like to see sights of historical or other significance, and we're not club types. Seeing a show on or off Broadway is definitely under consideration. Also, while cost is an object, we do have funds, and are not looking to go the budget route.]

Thanks in advance
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We live in on-post military housing (it's run by a civilian company) so I don't know if anyone can help, but...

We have the "sub pump" for our entire row (eight houses) in our basement; apparently, it died sometime over the last few days, and it's flooded our neighbor's basement and is now starting to flood ours. We've called maintenance six times in the last 14 hours - no one has called back, come out to look at the damage or given us any information on when it will be fixed. We're almost positive the water coming through the drains is sewage.

Is there anything else we can do? Call a private company to come fix it and send maintenance the bill? Call the county health inspector and have them see that there is RAW SEWAGE flooding into our basements? ANYTHING?

Edit: immediately after posting this, I called again.. They said they were "already working on (my) neighbor's house and will be starting on (my) house shortly." There is/was no one at my neighbor's - I live next door and I have eyes! - and it's been 45 minutes since they were supposed to be here "shortly." So they're not coming, at least not anytime soon.. Is this worth calling the health inspector over? And what kind of person would I need to call to fix this? I want to say a plumber, but it's an electrical issue (the fuse thing for the pump blew and the pump literally burned out) so I don't know if that's something plumbers can do?

TMZ-esque poll

Which video is most likely to exist?

Celine Dion twerking in front of a mirror
Insane Clown Posse singing an Italian opera in near perfect form, while offscreen, filming a music video
Kate Middleton, high, lighting her own farts
Snooki helping her nephew with his physicis homework, in an unusually lucid phone call that happens while she's making a video of herself
Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil, dressed as policemen, doing a strip tease in front of a room full of women
Lil Jon and Chris Brown having a heavy debate over Stephen Hawking's theories while stoned
Ryan Seacrest picking his nose and wiping it on his pants

Which would be the oddest celebrity couple?

Jaden Smith/Heidi Montag
Pauly D (Jersey Shore)/Tina Fey
Wayne Brady/Ke$ha
Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston (he leaves Angelina to go back to her)
George Clooney/Miley Cyrus
Ellen Degeneres/Lindsay Lohan
Woody Allen/Dakota Fanning
Justin Bieber/Madonna
Johnny Depp/Kristen Stewart
Morgan Freeman/Kim Kardashian (she loves black guys)
Russel Brand/Kelly Clarkson
Tim Tebow/Lady Gaga

Let's say the next 2 Hobbit movies are huge hits, and Hollywood is desperate to tap into Middle Earth's magic again, and decides to reboot Lord of the Rings. They fill the roles with pop culture figures relevant to the age. Director Michael Bay, with Marky Mark as Aragorn, Shia Lebouf as Frodo, Ryan Reynolds as Legolas, Tracy Morgan as Samwise, Selena Gomez as Arwen, and Christopher Walken as Saruman. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited would you be to see this new trilogy?

10! OMG! I need these movies now!
1. I need these movies like I need crabs
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Probably overasked

Since I've seen at least twice before but I'm grocery planning a bit more these days.

What do you spend monthly on groceries? (I include things like toilet paper, paper towels, and dish soap in my budget alongside the actual food items)
Who all are you feeding with that budget?
How often do you go to the store and what do you buy? Do you buy name brands or store brands? What store do you typically shop at?
How many meals per week do you cook at home?

Tell me all about your store bought food!

(no subject)

I've been told that I go to another province to obtain a learners permit. If I'm a Canadian citizen and go to another province as a non resident to obtain a drivers permit is that fraud?
I keep trying to tell people there's no way there's any legitimacy to such a claim or at least no legality to it, am I misinformed?

Non Canadians can you do this where you're from? 

Flea Cleaning

So my cats have fleas. I'm wondering if I should start my first round of cleaning the day I give them flea meds or wait a day until they die off. Im just thinking, if Im doing all this laundry, will I have to just re-do it if the fleas on my cats arent dead yet and still spreading on clothes and bedding etc. ?

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When buying a home, do you think that your real estate agent should be there to meet with the appraiser?  Being the seller v. buyer-- does it change your answer?  What if you are the buyer and your real estate agent is out of town, so she suggests that instead of having anyone from your side, only the seller's agent will be there?  Conflict of interest/not enough equal representation?

Long story short, my real estate agent is a bung hole.