August 18th, 2013

roy mustang

Demons are real and they're actually mosquitoes

Does anyone have any recommendations for mosquito repellent that doesn't involve some sort of spray and actually works?

I don't want to have to spray every inch of exposed skin even when I'm inside. I've considered getting that OFF clip-on thing, but I heard it's not really effective, and wearing a mosquito net isn't a viable option for me, unfortunately. Mosquitoes have always loved me for some reason and I'm kind of allergic to their bites (the bitten area gets really big and swollen, not as bad as when I was younger but it's still gross and unpleasant). They stopped being much of a problem for a while, but the last time we moved, we got a next door neighbor with a pool that's always open/exposed and they never use...although I don't even know if that's necessarily the cause of this influx of demon spawn. Either way...
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Fitness Footwear .. Felp?

Can anyone recommend me some runners/trainers/sports or fitness footwear which would be comfortable/supportive to go walking, maybe even jogging (maybe) in?

I usually go with Asics but they don't last very long and aren't great in Irish weather. I wouldn't mind trying something new ..

Bonus points if they are not completely hideous...! I seem to go for the ugly ones, but it doesn't matter when they do their job.
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When I was a wee girl child...

Okay, okay, actually until maybe ten or fifteen years ago which is a long way from when I was wee, you could count on some things on TV. You could count on a season, twenty-odd episodes of your favorite show that spanned from fall through spring with a couple of days off for the holidays. There were no "mid-season breaks" and nothing new started in the middle of summer. Instead, they replayed the whole season from scratch again so you could get caught up if you missed the show the first time around.

More importantly, you could count on the fact that anyone who was important to the story would stick around. No one was going to kill them off for dramatic effect or shock value. Since I'm a person who engages in consumption of media for entertainment and escapist value, I appreciated that.

Not so much anymore.

(TL;DR:) So, TQC, do you enjoy the "edge play" of watching TV shows where anyone and everyone can die or are you getting weary of the trend?

What are your favorite "edge play" shows?

DK/DC/Don't own a TV: Do you look forward to holidays (as in events, not vacations)?

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I've had some real issue with my old macbook recently, to the point that the clicker button stopped working. It was grinding to a serious halt.
I just took the battery out and it's sped up tenfold and works way better. How does this make sense?

What are you looking forward to?
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Inspired by Collapse )

If someone let you in front of them in line, and you ended up being the millionth customer and winning a ton of money for it, would you split it with the person who let you cut? If you were the person who let someone in front, would you expect (or even ask) them to share?

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What's the most surprising/horrifying piece of information have you heard about someone you know?

What's was the last time you had a "close call" situation?
I remember once where I was walking down a street to work and passing two guys that were walking the opposite ways. I found out later that they literally robbed and assaulted another gal on the same street by the time I actually stepped into work (5 minutes from where I passed them...)


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Is there a way my dad can transfer money from the UK to my US bank account in the same day?

When was the last time you made a real clusterfuck of a situation?
Inspired by me being totally confused as to the car buying process in the US and ending up with a car with no plates.
The Red Mean

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1. Do you like Jalapeno Poppers?
1a. If you do, do you like them stuffed with cheddar or cream cheese?
1b. Do you dip them in anything?

2. Would you have a romantic relationship with a professional fighter?
2a. Is there any (legal - let's discount professional assassins and mob bosses) profession that would be a "deal breaker" for you?


Can you recommend a tablet for me?

[And no, I don't mean a medication. I already have some of those.]

For a while now, I've been thinking about getting a tablet. But since the various tablets have their strong points and weak points, I thought I would offer up what I expect to use it for, see if there are particular tablets that would be particularly good fits.

Here's what I expect to do:
- Web access
- FB, LJ, maybe some Twitter, and maybe some other sites (I'm a little behind the times.)
- Some writing (blogs, notes, and maybe even some literary work)
- Reading - news sites/apps, PDFs, and the occasional ebook
- Travel info - local traffic congestion, TripAdvisor, Yelp
- Taking and viewing photos, though some editing would be useful
- I can imagine watching videos, and possibly bringing movies along
- Maybe a few game apps

From this I suspect I'm looking for a general-purpose tablet rather than one that is primarily an eReader. iPad or iPad Mini are on the list, as I have an iPhone 4, and expect to replace it with an iPhone 5. Don't know much about Kindle Fire HD, or the other Android tablets. I would consider a Windows tablet, as my wife has a Windows phone, and I kind of like the "interface previously known as Metro."

Your suggestions, and maybe more importantly, your reason(s) for your recommendation (more than "I have one and I love it), would be most appreciated.
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Hypothetical situation: Craigslist job ad asks applicants to apply by emailing a resume. Would it be rude or obnoxious to go to the company in person to hand in a resume on top of emailing?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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What are some things to do in Washington DC? My husband and I will be there a little on Friday the 23rd, a whole day Sunday the 25th, and a little on Monday the 26th. We're already planning on the National Aquarium.

DK/DC: What did you do on your last vacation? What are you going to do on your next one?