August 17th, 2013

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I'm watching Louis Theroux's 'Frenzo - The City Addicted To Meth' on Netflix. How common is meth where you live? I've never known of anyone to use Meth where I stay, it seems to me like it's mainly a problem in America.

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If I buy some frozen yogurt and package it in a styrofoam container filled with ice, do you think it will survive an hour car ride? The car will be about 70 degrees.

My husband and I used to go for frozen yogurt on Saturday but now he's in the hospital so I'd like to cheer him up!
eat me

Holy Granola?

Do you eat granola?

What's a good way to eat granola? What goes well with this stuff?

Why does this granola taste like salty flapjacks with bits of dried fruit floating in milk...?
(This is my first time on the granola train.)

What do you usually eat for breakfast? (Other than granola...)
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Thanks Ma

The mother gave the young woman a side-look and said, "I treated you like my own."

So tell me TQC, how are adopted children supposed to be treated by the parents who adopted them? Was the mother giving herself credit or something, like she had done a good deed? Or was she trying to say to the child, 'I loved you like my own'?

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me, in fact I pretty much expect it, that parents favor their biological children over their stepchildren and/or adopted children. But what was the point of the mother's comment?

Serious and non-serious answers.

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a neighbor I barely spoke to at my old apartment complex is bringing me over an item I couldn't fit in my car on the last day (window a/c unit). I live on the other side of the city and she offered to do it when I moved out. It's so nice of her!

When was the last time a somewhat stranger (or total stranger) did something nice for you?
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Have you ever used a food courier/delivery service before? Not where the restaurant delivers, but a third party who picks up your food and brings it to you?

If so, do you generally find it worthwhile? And do you tip the delivery person?

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Two unrelated questions:

What are your thoughts on Plato's Closet? Why is everything there so disappointing and ugly (when they're reportedly so particular about what they accept/sell)?

What is the best Usher song, in your opinion?

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How often would a person have to take painkillers (like percocet, dilaudid) in order to be at risk of becoming dependent?

My surgeon prescribed these to me and this is a great fear of mine. I was told to take them when I'm in pain, but I'm in pain most of the time, and I don't feel comfortable with constantly being on these pills.. I grew up watching my mother gradually lose control of her life because she became addicted to the pills her doctors prescribed her and I am massively afraid of that happening to me.. So I just suffer through the pain most of the time and I just take the pills when it becomes unbearable, but this is exhausting. :/

By the way, this isn't a one-time have-surgery-get-better thing - I've had seven surgeries so far and I have them every 4-6 weeks, so I'm more or less in a constant state of surgery recovery and being given pain killers and it scares the hell out of me.
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I was hiking in northern Wisconsin earlier this weekend, in a wooded area with a spring. Flowers were growing all around the creek that looked like orange jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) but they seemed to have a faint smell of jasmine, and as far as I know jewelweed has no scent at all. Anyone know if I might have smelled some other nearby flower that I just didn't see, and if so, what it was? Or if what I saw wasn't jewelweed? I'm kind of clueless at wildflower identification other than really obvious ones like jewelweed...and WI county extension websites haven't been much help.

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A friend of yours suddenly comes into a bunch of money and decides to give you an unsolicited, surprise gift. Which of these would you actually be happy/excited to recieve? I mean, regardless of how you reacted (ie. possibly pretending to like it), those that you would honestly be happy to get.

a year-long membership at a local gym
a purebred kitten
six sessions with a Life Coach
six sessions of couples counseling
extreme tourism vacation package to tour Chernobyl
a vintage 70's muscle car
a full set of vintage chinawear
giftcard to a tattoo parlor
a latest generation video game console
A firearm of your choice
Tickets to the next anime convention in your area
A star named after you

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I'm looking at a used car tomorrow. What kind of things should I be looking out for? (Its a 2002 ,Mitsubishi mirage if it makes a difference, automatic).
Also, I have no credit history in the US at all. What's the best way to go about getting insurance? Any recommended companies?

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For you or whoever you know that has gone through this ...

What was the lamest excuse that you've heard of for not hiring someone?

What was the lamest excuse that you've heard of for why someone quit?

What was the lamest excuse that you've heard of for firing someone?