August 16th, 2013


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Hey tqc, how is it going?

So I am taking an intro to ballet course for adults, which I am greatly enjoying, even if I am the clumsiest student in the studio (I'm used to it). Anyway, our last class of the summer is on Tuesday and I would like to get the teacher a little thank you something for putting up with me and my general klutziness. I was thinking of maybe just a thank you card? Would that be appropriate? I am taking the course in the fall so I don't want to get anything that would be super awkward.

DK/DC: when's the last time you were on a plane? I am flying home later today after a couple days with my grandma in Florida.


Any people here who do their own hair, like different hairstyles, updos, etc.?

I saw this women sitting in the front of the bus and I liked her hairstyle but didn't have the courage to ask her how she did her hair

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What do you think? Recognize it? Can you tell me how to do this? Can you link me to a tutorial? Do you find it ugly?

DK/DC: well looking forward to the weekend?
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Poll #1929420 Help Me Decide

What should I start watching next?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Battlestar Galactica
Lost Girl
American Horror Story
New Girl

Do you have any opinions on the shows above? (preferably non-spoilery opinions, please)
What was your favorite tv show as a kid?
Was there a show that you weren't allowed to watch as a kid? My parents were so strict about tv I wasn't allowed to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch or The Simpsons.

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I'm going to transfer to my company's offices in a city 4 hours away from my current city of residence. My boss here said that my last day would probably be this coming Thursday, the 22nd. Then I get an email this morning from the woman who'd be my boss in my new city. She wants me to start that following Monday, the 26th. That means I'd only have 3 full days to move to not only a different city, but a different state.

Would it be fair to ask to start a few days later, say, on Wednesday? I mean, I don't even have anything packed up yet. I don't think it'd take that long to pack if I really put my mind to it, but I think I'd want at least two days or so after the actual move to get situated.
Have you ever moved a long-distance with only a few days to spare?

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1.) TQC, what the fuck should I do for the next four hours? I'm currently in LAX airport. My boyfriend's boss is a big meanie so he can't get off to pick me up until 3:00. I do have wifi and am sitting near an outlet. I'm not sure if I can explore the cool parts of the airport, since I had to leave the main section/terminals (and leave security) to pick up my baggage.

2.) What's been annoying/bugging YOU lately? Anything you need to talk about?
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Klondike Bar

What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

Max out your credit card on Justin Bieber's website
Put my hand into a jar full of spiders. 1 minute
Watch all the Twilight movies sequencially
Go steaking around my neighborhood. 1 minute
Send a love letter to a random cellmate, including both a picture and your home address
Drink an 8 ounce glass of cold gravy
Framing someone else for said manslaughter
Dognap a blind man's companion
Lean over a diving board with a fish in my mouth, and let a killer whale leap up and take it from my lips
Take money out of a homeless man's cup
Try meth
None of the above. It's just ice cream, for God's sakes
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TQC, I've never had a yard sale in my life, and I agreed to do a "multi-family" one with most of the other neighbors on my street tomorrow. I have a TON of stuff, still in boxes, from our last move (eight months ago...), and we really need to downsize, but I have no idea what I'm doing!

Have you ever had a yard sale before? How did you decide what to sell? How did you decide the prices for everything? Particularly furniture? How did you label prices on stuff? Any pointers for negotiating? How much did you make at your last yard sale?

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How do you like your beer served?

in a can
in a bottle
8(13.8%) God intended
home micro-brewed
juicy box
i drink vegan beer
other in comments
i don't drink beer

EDIT O MATIC: list of vegan/non vegan beers:
BECUZ I CARE...not really

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Hey Guyz!

So you know that flight I said last night I was taking today? Well, on the flight today someone brought an inflated balloon or beach ball or something. I'm sure you can imagine where this was going: it got popped while we were up 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, and, well, since it happened towards the back of the plane most of us didn't see it, we just heard this really loud noise, and...well, as you can imagine that's not gonna make most of your passengers very happy.

So my question to you is:

What is the craziest/scariest/obscenest experience you have had on a plane?

DK/DC/I don't fly: What 20th C decade had the best fashions?