August 15th, 2013


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why does my 11 week old stir like crazy (wiggle, kick, make baby grumbles, flail his arms around) when he sleeps by himself but will sleep soundly if he's touching me? he immediately settles if i do something as simple as put my hand on his forehead or belly.

this occurs with or without a swaddle btw

dk/dc: how will you know who i am if i change my icon?

still dk/dc: what sorts of things would have to happen today for you to think at the end of the day, "wow i had such a good day today!"?
si and am

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Okay, my mother died in 2004 from end stage renal disease. I've dreamed about her over the years, but always in some story-telling format: we're doing something together, or it's a situation with me, Daddy, and Mama (Daddy died in 1982).

This morning, though, just before the cats finally got me to get up, I dreamed she called me on the phone. Collapse )

And then I woke up. Strangest dream I ever had. I haven't been reading any ghosty books recently, and the only ghosty shows I've seen lately were two episodes of Paranormal Witness (I call it Paranorman Witless). Nothing about phone calls from the dead.

Weird. Has anyone else had anything similar happen? In dreams or in real life? What do you think makes it happen?

DK/DC/It was just a dream, stupid: Those of you with cats, do they like catnip? Fresh or dried? How about those of you with dogs? Our dog loves it.

Survival poll. Well, most of it is

You're in Australia, alone in your hotel room and taking a shower, when SUDDENLY, a huntsman spider crawls down from the ceiling and rests on the inside shower door handle. What do you do?

Scream and cry until someone else comes into the room
Pour shampoo and conditioner over it and hope that the chemicals kill it
'Scootch' it along with the washcloth, and exit as normal
Smash it with the shampoo bottles
Play dead (this works on bears, right?)

You're hiking in the woods. Between the tuna sandwich you ate, the berry shampoo you used, and the E'au de Salmon perfume you regretably chose to wear, you notice a bear is following you. What do you do?

Climb a tree
Try to outrun it
Wear a disguise. Bears don't have the canniness humans do and are easily confused
Play dead
Wave my arms around and make noise, making the bear think that I'm bigger than he is
Nothing. We just happen to be going the same way. It's my paranoia working overtime

Later on that same hiking trip, you move past a bush and hear rattling. It's a damn rattlesnake, coiled up, neck arched back and fangs bared. You're within striking range. What do you do?

Turn around and run
Make a lot of sudden movements. Snakes panic easily and it's more afraid of me than I am of it
Fall to the ground and play dead
Wave my arms around and make noise, making the snake think that I'm bigger than he is
Wear a disguise. Maybe it won't be as pissed about my new identity

You're staying at a lakeside camp with several other people. One night, walking around by yourself, you spy a large man in a hockey mask carrying a machete. He hasn't seen you yet. What do you do?

Turn around and run for the car
Turn around and run, shouting out to all the other people there's danger
Run up and try and get an autograph. He's no doubt some famous hockey player
Just refuse to have sex, do drugs or drink. Those are obviously the people who will be killed first

One day, while cleaning out your wardrobe, you stumble upon a hidden dimension! It's layered in snow, this land inside the wardrobe. You travel a bit and come across a faun/satyr! What do you do?

Make friends. Get him to invite me back to his flat for tea
Run away, back to my own reality. This is too freaky, man!
Lure him back to my room through the wardrobe. He's going to make me rich! I own a freaking mythological creature!
Nothing really. I'm socially awkward around normal people, and I'm sure I'd be awkward around half-goat people too

Sartorial Conundrum

Which hoodie would you keep?

A. gently worn, mid weight black hoodie with OAKLEY on the front. Has copious paint specks that give it "character"

B Brand new heavy weight gray hoodie with nothing emblazoned on it

Each hoodie is a zip-front and has pockets. I usually just wear it to the gym on cold mornings.
back corset

Food Assistance

I have been receiving food benefits since July. I was told I would receive them through September. Does that mean I will receive it until the end of September or that it stops at the end of this month?

I tried looking on the website and couldn't find it. I am in Illinois.

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TQC I'd like to get a painting of my cat done for my Mum (he died at the good age of 21 a few months ago and I know she'd love it). I'd like it on canvas so she can have it up on the wall. But I don't know where to start! How much are paintings? Where do I find someone to do it? I'm based in London.
Have you ever commissioned a painting? What of!

Temper. Temper.

I've been known in the past for having a bad temper. It's quite embarrassing and I've been working on controlling it. Particularly the way in communicate with others. I had a run in with my mother today that went like

Me: I need some time....

Her: Stupid Bitch!

Me: woah. Did you just call me a bitch?

Her: Yes. I wanted to talk. Don't get upset. Your crazy. That's just how I get your attention.

She feels this appropriate behavior. How would you have reacted?

No advice, what's the last thing/person that pissed you off?