August 13th, 2013


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Where do you buy most of your clothes from?

If anyone here likes H&M, they're offering 20% off 1 item and free shipping-- Just wanted to pass it on since I stumbled across a sale that was still valid for quite a while!

Do you have a favorite candle scent?
What do you think about Elon Musk's proposed Hyperloop project?
If you have a pet, how did you decide on a name?


What are your experiences getting back together with an ex?
Backstory: My ex & I broke up shortly after he was diagnosed with an intestinal disease (ulcerative colitis). He was sick for a good 2 months after the diagnosis, 1 of which he was bedridden & unable to move or eat solid food. I was the best gf/support system anyone could possibly ask for through everything & we were fine...great, even, up until a point where it had fucked w/ his head so much that he became moody, withdrawn & emotionally distant. When I brought it up he said that "maybe a relationship isn't the best thing for me right now." After a period of radio silence, he started texting me & 'stalking' me on social media for almost 2 months trying to apologize & say he misses me & thinks about me & just making conversation, even after I told him I wasn't budging. Yesterday he sent me a long message just reiterating how much he misses me & regrets what he did, asking for my friendship & saying nice, sincere things. I've actually been on 2 dates w/ a cool guy recently but now I'm just SO. CONFUSED. ugh.
Spelling Contest

Morality poll

You're walking behind Kim Kardashian, when she reaches into her purse for her phone, and accidentally drops some money. What's the amount of money that would need to be dropped to make you tap her on the shoulder and return it? Be honest. All lower amounts it's assumed you'd just pocket the bills instead of returning them. Oh, and no one's watching, so no one would know what you did

No matter how large the billfold, I'm not giving it back to her. She can afford it

You're in a park, walking. Ahead of you on a bench, there's a couple arguing. During the heat of it, the guy backhands the girl, and makes her cry. He has the build of Jerry Seinfeld. Not that imposing. Once he notices you, he grabs her by the arm and pulls her up, about to move away. They'll be gone before you can call anyone. What do you do?

Get involved. Give him a piece of my mind. Get into an argument if I have to
Keep walking. Give him a stern, disapproving look, but don't say anything
Keep walking. Make no eye contact. Don't get involved
Turn around and go back the other way. Too much drama

Same question and same scenario as above, except now the guy is built like Mike Tyson. Seems a bit more imposing. How do you act now?

Get involved. Give him a piece of my mind. Get into an argument if I have to. Make a scene so there's witnesses
Keep walking. Give him a stern, disapproving look, but don't say anything
Keep walking. Make no eye contact. Don't get involved
Turn around and go back the other way. Too much drama

You're at the park again (what is it with this park and danger?) when you find there's a time bomb, set to detonate in 5 seconds. You're standing in a spot where there's maybe 10 other people in passing, so maybe you want to throw it somewhere else. It'll go off in just a few seconds. Where do you throw it?

North of you is a bench where 4 'bros' are comparing their Afflicted shirts and checking out the women
To the East, there's a pack of 6 dogs by a bench. They ran ahead of their dogwalker, and they're waiting for him
To the South, there's an old couple, in their 80s, peoplewatching
To the West, there's a military veteran, maybe 40 years old, in a wheelchair, panhandling
Who am I to play God? I just run and tell everyone around me to do the same

You're visiting an older relative in a hospital. You notice there's only 1 nurse at the station, and she's asleep in her chair. Very unprofessional, but it's late at night. You're about to leave when an old man calls out to you. You offer to get the nurse, but he says, no, don't get her. I want to talk to you. Curious, you enter the room. He explains how he's in so much pain and wants to die, and his kids keep him here while they're busy selling off all his belongings. The nurses have stolen everything of value from him. His wife died 6 months before and he just wants to rejoin her. You notice he's tied to his bed. He explains that the last time he was free, he tried to cut the cord to the one machine keeping him alive. However, if you just untie me, I'll finish it. You won't be held accountable. It'll just look like I broke free. If you do this, I'll give you the one thing they haven't stolen from me, a solid gold money clip set with a diamond. Probably worth about ten grand. 'Please help me, he says'. What do you do?

Go wake up the nurse and tell her that he's in a great deal of pain and needs help NOW
Untie him. Take the money clip. Quickly leave.
Smile, apologize, and say that you can't help. Leave
Offer to talk to his family or authority figures about making this right. Refuse to untie him

Travel Recover Time

I posted in tqc_updates about the 7 yo who comes over to my house.  Some of you were concerned about her.

When you've been traveling, how long does it take for you and your household to return to normal after you get back?

I feel like I need 2 days. The first day is mental/physical recovery and I spend the second day catching up on chores and doing laundry.
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I'm currently looking for a new job. when an employer asks for a resume in their job posting, is it wiser to only send the resume as asked for, or does it look better if you include a cover letter by default?

e know about ad

Anyone know anything about ad school/portfolio school? I am thinking about trying to be an advertising copywriter at an agency but I have no book to show. Any advice from anyone out there?
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Why wont my dog drink out of his water bowl?

When he was a puppy, my fiance and I bought matching metal food and water bowls.  He drank fine out of his water bowl for about a year.  Then we had to move in with my fiance's parents, and they had a water feature in the backyard with goldfish in it.  You could turn the fountain on and water would flow.  He developed a habit where he would ONLY drink from that.

We moved a few weeks ago into our own place.  We have a decent backyard, but no water feature, of course.  We give him fresh water from the tap multiple times a day but he wont drink out of it.  I went out and got him a ceramic bowl.  He drank out of it once - never again.  So we tried a plastic tupperware bowl.  Again, he drank out of it once.

We'll have all the bowls filled with fresh, cold water, and yet - he wont drink.  He'll even go so far as to drink the entire contents of the cat's bowl (which is also ceramic), but refuses to drink out of his.  He'll drink water from the streets and from a container I fill with water from the hose in the backyard.

Yesterday he drank from the backyard around 5 pm.  I took him for a walk around 11pm, and the streets were dry, so he couldn't drink anything.  We got back and I tried hard to get him to drink out of one of his bowls, but he refused.  I then took him for a walk this morning and it was pouring rain - we walked around the block and he drank pretty much the entire time.  So he went without water from 5pm last night to 8am this morning, with a walk in between.

Why does he do this?  What's wrong with his bowls?  I would guess it's the tap water, but he drinks from the cat bowl, and that's tap water.  I just don't get it and I worry.

Also, while we were still at my fiance's parent's house, we bought him a water bowl fountain that ran all the time when plugged in, but he wouldn't drink from that, either.
Braeakups are the new relationships

You can't sit with us! You aren't wearing pink and it's a Wednesday!

(Inspired by this:

Question the first: where did you sit in the lunchroom in middle/high school? in middle school, we sat in the back portion of the cafeteria, second table from the left. Two friends and I typically sat facing the school's main entrance, the other three sat on the opposite side facing the back section of the school.

Question the second: Did your middle/high school have any clique names worthy of sharing with us? We had a few goth kids that were the last of a breed because emo came in and killed that. Since my high school was fairly diverse it was more cool fillipinos vs. the euro crowd (kids from former communist block) vs. the ghetto crowd vs band geeks. Not real creative names.

Question IDK/DC: is it light or dark outside? About sunset, so twilight.

Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do

Someone said "Don't do anything I wouldn't do" the other day and I realized I hadn't heard that expression in many years. Do you ever say it or hear it anymore?

If you hear it or used to hear it much, was it usually used seriously (caution by a socially conservative person) or jokingly/sarcastically (by someone with few inhibitions i.e. meaningless)?

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I've been offered a purse at half off the usual price, so I'm debating whether or not I should get one. I went through the catalog and snapped pictures of my options—which would you pick?

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(Note: We're just talking about the color/pattern of the purses here, not the style of the bag.)

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So I have 10 months left in the USA, and i'm really beginning to feel the need for a car. I don't need anything special, just something that I won't have to put loads of money in to fix. I want to spend as little on it as viably possible.
I don't understand the whole license, registration, title etc thing here, or how much it costs, and then someone today mentioned the idea of leasing a car for the time i'm here.
Any advice, explanations or best ways to go about getting myself some wheels for not too much money?