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back home in Florida, seeing a roach sometimes was totally normal, it was hot and they bred like crazy there. since I moved to Washington 2 years ago, I've lived in 3 different homes and have never seen a roach anywhere. I just moved to a new apartment maybe 2 weeks ago and I've now seen 2 baby roaches.

I've already emailed my landlord because I do not want roaches in my home! I didn't bring them here from my last place, so I am a bit worried.

have you ever lived somewhere infested with bugs, or known someone that did?

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I took on an odd job/festival gig last week, and afterwards the company found a reason not to pay me. I am still going back and forth with the person who hired me through email, though oddly she doesn't pick up her phone, and she writes to me late at night. The company's website is pretty much an empty hole as well. I'm upset and maybe should just try to forget about it.
Someone cheer me up?

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I am a big fan of the public library. Philosophically, I believe books should be "public". So I try not to own books, and hit up the library all the time.

My daughter is three, she loves getting books there too. This go around we got this Cece Bell book and the kid is OBSESSED with it. We read it every night. I already renewed it once, so now we get it until September.

Should I splurge and buy the book used on amazon for $5 (mostly shipping)? Or get more books by the same author at the library, return it, just to show here that there are zillions of other books to move onto? Maybe she'll be over it by then?

She does own some books, but really I try to minimize the amount of books that we own forever in our house, they take up so much darn room. Did you have favorite books when you were little? Did you have to own them?
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Help Me With Facebook Please!

I run the FB page for my dog rescue. We keep all of the pictures of our available dogs in one folder, and then when they are adopted they get moved to the "adopted" photo album. Up until recently I did that by opening the album and clicking "edit" and then choosing to move the pictures individually. Now when I click the "edit" button for the whole album the only thing I can edit are the name and description of the album, and delete the album and maybe add some more photos.

Do you know how I can move these photos? Is it just not possible now? Usually I can figure out Facebook's changes pretty easily and don't have to beg for help, but this is really confusing me.

Sneaky swearing

Anyone else fall into this category? You like to swear a lot around certain friends, but then you either go to church or hang out in some other way with most family who would literally drop dead if they heard the type of language you use around certain friends. Tell us all about it.

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On Facebook, there's a poke! function. Let's all agree it's lame, played out and most people don't use it. I'm in 3 poke wars; 2 with friends, 1 with some older lady who I sort of know. I just poke them back out of habit, even though I'd prefer to declare surrender for all poke wars. I know both those friends have expressed interest in jumping my bones in the past, but I'm not interested, and as for the older lady (she's retired), I sure hope that poking is just friendly, and not flirtatious, even though we haven't spoken in years and weren't really friends. I realize I'm reading too much into all this, but maybe it's because I only poked girls I was interested in, back when I first made an account, and I've never really understood why else you'd poke a friend, but maybe I'm the weirdo. I guess it all means nothing. We know each other, and that's just as good a reason to poke someone as any, I suppose.

Recently, I added some woman because we know similar people, have similar interests and I liked her icon. Didn't know who she was until I saw her status. She's the fiancee of this ghosthunter guy who I've met a few times. Ok guy I guess. Looks like someone from Sons of Anarchy. I never actually met her, just saw her across the room, and this was 3 years ago. She's cool, I guess. I thought nothing more about this until the very next day, when she poked me.

Now this caught me by surprise. Up to this point, I had figured that poking people is what you either did to friends or people you were interested in. I fit neither of those descriptions, or rather, I shouldn't fit any of those descriptions. I doubt if she'd even remember me, and we had never actually said one thing to each other. So I start to think she's showing she's interested in me, but that thought makes me a little uncomfortable, because she's engaged and I really have no interest in her. I've thought about just letting the poke war subside, to remove the uncertainty of it all, but the curiosity if making me continue to poke back. So, 4 poke wars that I'm ambivalently involved in.

Here's the questions.

1. - Why do you think she would poke me, a virtual stranger?

2. - Do you believe that poking is innocent, and just a friendly action, or is it also a flirt tool?

3. - What poke wars have you been involved in, or currently involved in?

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Poll #1928823 Relating to a RPG game that I am DMing...

Lets say that a group of protagonists in a fantasy setting are about to discover something significant about the mysterious enemy they are currently up against. Which of these sounds like a better/more interesting way to go with the plot?

Mr. Enemy once discovered the shrine of local god abandoned centuries ago, figured out how to steal the dying god's remaining power, and ever since has been on a quest to steal power of even more gods, so that he can become most powerful
Mr enemy discovered the shrine, and was possessed by/merged with the spirit of the dying god. Now it/they are on a revenge quest to destroy the new gods who replaced/dispossed the dying god.

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You are dating/kind of dating someone who considers him/herself religious (suspension of disbelief if you would never ever date someone who fits this criterion?). His/her religion differs from your own. One day s/he decides that s/he no longer wants to have premarital sex because it is "sinful." You don't necessarily see yourself marrying this person.

Would you continue this relationship?

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Check, check...

I have a personal check for $200 that I want to cash and then deposit into our checking account. My husband says that the bank will hold $200 from our checking account to cover the check, even if I cash it first before depositing it. Our old bank allowed us to do checks as cash and deposit them without holding any funds, so I figured it'll work that way for this bank, too. The bank is Fort Hood National Bank (it's part of a bigger bank, but I have no idea which one), if that matters.

Does anyone have any idea how this stuff works?

Also, the check is dated for July 21 - is it still "good," or do I need to have a new check written first?

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Have you ever experienced blatant favouritism towards a sibling at the hand of a parent?

My mother and I used to get on very well, but when I developed mental illnesses that pushed me towards self-harm and suicide attempts etc she found it very difficult to cope with. She has admitted to me that she no longer feels as close towards me because of that, which is understandable in a way. But the favouritism displayed towards my brother Daniel on a daily basis really gets me down.
I am twenty-one years old, work full time, pay towards food bills, don't demand much of her - but she treats me like a five-year-old. She nags about everything and starts arguments over the most ridiculous things. I try to ignore it when she picks on me but I sometimes let my anger or upset show by snapping back at her, which then sets her off into insulting me for 'sulking' or 'being in a mood.' Daniel however seems to be able to get away with anything.
Both Daniel and my boyfriend notice this behaviour, but I can't really do anything about it. I know that I live under her roof (as she constantly reminds me), so I have to cope with it. I am hoping to move out in a few months.

I'm not asking for advice, just your tales of experience.


Will you post a link to your favorite website/blog with new takes on recipes, interesting restaurants, etc? Somewhat inspired by learning there's such a thing as a "secret dinner party."