August 11th, 2013

Eros dwelling in destruction


What are some albums great rap albums you'd recommend?

I'm not into heavy production and I'm into the socially conscious, but it's not a necessity. I'm almost totally oblivious to good rap, alas. I really like 2Pac, am basically favourable to Wu-Tang and Jay-Z. Aside from these total basics, I'm at a loss. Which is embarrassing. Help a girl out!

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The other day, my man and I were driving to the store. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white ping pong ball rolls across the road in front of us. I looked around and there was nobody else in sight, it was just us on the road. This really happened. So TQC, why did the ping pong ball cross the road? Bonus points for answers that make me lol.

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how do you know if you're falling out of love?

what snacks and past times really relax you? / what do you do for YOU?

do you watch any youtube vloggers?

where do you work and do you like it?

have you seen anything christmas holiday related yet?
TV - Yiddle Sip

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My boyfriend and I frequently double-date with a couple we know and live near in our apartment complex. Yesterday morning we found out that the girl's mother passed away, and it seems like it was a shock. We don't know what happened but they're asking for privacy, etc while they're getting things sorted out with her family. My boyfriend and I want to do something for her but we're not sure what. I thought assembling a gift basket would be a nice gesture, but I'm not sure what all to put in it. They're both into music (he's a drummer, she's a singer and is a music director as well). Does anyone have any suggestions for things we could put in a gift basket for them?

Or should we do something else for them? Any suggestions are welcome, I'm not set on the gift basket idea necessarily. Thanks!