August 10th, 2013

Evil Me

Decide My Life for Me!

My boyfriend and I are at a cottage for the weekend for my birthday. We want to go out for dinner and upon a recommendation from my cousin, we're going to a place called Gabreau's. They have Tapas or Dinner, and I'm having trouble deciding which to get (the decision is up to me).

Which menu would you order off of, and what would you order?

Tapas Menu:

Dinner Menu:
Happy Little Jesus

It's A Small World

You're interested in buying a house. Congrats!  While looking up the history of the house, you realize that you know the owners.  You taught two of their kids math and science many years ago.  You had a great year with both kids.  Both were top students in your class so much so that the minute you saw the owner's name, you remembered the kids.  This was years ago, so you're not sure they'll remember you especially by name only because you will not have any face to face interaction with them.  Everything will be done through realtors.  Do you drop a hint to the realtor that you taught the children in order to perhaps gain an edge in obtaining the house (because if the owners knew it was you, they'd certainly respond favorably due to the the great years you had educating their children), or do you keep your mouth shut in order not to mix business and good times past?

Smart Phones

I'm eligible for an upgrade! Care to recommend a smart phone for me? I'm with AT&T and I currently have the Blackberry Torch (which I get teased for a lot because everyone and their mom has an iPhone and mine is like a dinosaur to them).

I'm wary of touchscreen-only phones because I like buttons, but I'm willing to consider it because that's basically all there is in smart phones these days.

What phone do you have?
What phone do you want?

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Dont make fun...

My son brought home two common garden snails on our walk yesterday, he is obsessed with them.

I put them in a large mason jar turned on its side with moss and grass/soil on the bottom, sprayed it a bit with cool water and put the lid on after drilling air holes.

What else do I need to do to keep them alive? Will any odd veggie scraps  work? Do they need a separate water source besides misting?


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Have you ever had a friendship that was consistently emotionally exhausting? (Sorry, I'm not sure how else to word that.)

Would you be able to be friends with someone who required seemingly-constant validation and reassurance?

Discontinued products

I just used up the last of L'Occitane's Rice line lotion and I'm really sad that they discontinued it. It really made my skin look better.

Which discontinued products do you miss?

I also miss Hi-Chews yoghurt candies, they were so fucking good.

DK/DC: Any workplace stories? I try to drink at least 2 liters of water every day but since my bladder is small I often have to go to the toilet. Too often, maybe my colleagues think I'm trying to skip work lol.