August 9th, 2013


Used car negotiating

My wife and I are buying our first vehicle. We've finally decided on a Kia Rondo. We're going the used route. Today we went to a dealer who was offering a 2009 Kia Rondo, good condition, 73,000km's (not sure how many miles, maybe 50k or so?). Long story short, the list price was 11,900. I tried working him down as much as I could, but I'm not a natural hard-ball negotiator and I have no experience. He came down to 11,400. I told him I'd love to come in at 10,800, and he wasn't sure if he could because "his sales manager has left for the day" (it was after closing so this could be true, but why trust a used car salesman). Essentially, he has to call me tomorrow and my estimate would be that he will counter with 11,000.

So now we're waiting for him to call tomorrow. I took an average of 26 2009 Rondo's in my area with under 100,000 km's and the average price is 10,890. So, naturally, I want him to come down more from 11,000. I'd be happy with 10,500.

1. What's a good strategy to use to get him down to that number? Two things I'm thinking of are "We got an insurance quote and it's higher than we anticipated, I know we said before we'd think about 11k, but now we really need to limit it to 10,500", or the very up-front "hey I did an assessment and 11k is a bit high compared to what's out there. I'd like you to get more in line which means bringing it down to around 10,500?" Do you think either of these sound reasonable?

2. Any good used car-haggling success stories?

3. Any general tips for negotiating?

I've been reading up as much as possible on what to look for and avoid when looking used and I think we're doing a good job so far but the negotiating thing is intimidating, especially because I'm a very honest person so this is just not up my alley.
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Isn't that just equal rights?

What would you say to someone who doesn't understand the use of the term feminism?

This person is basically saying that they don't see why the term exists, they question the reasons for singling out one subgroup of people among other groups in a larger group who support equal rights, and basically think it should suffice to say "I support equal rights".

And I'm going in circles here. Help/Opinions/Thoughts?
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Home phone service

I need to keep a land line because my parents are elderly and cannot remember my cell phone number.

I currently have AT&T for local calls and really slow internet for $19/mo.

Today, I will be getting high speed internet through my cable company as part of my condo assessment. I have the option of getting phone from my cable company as well for the same $19/mo. It will cover US long distance and local calls.

I should mention that my RCN cable has been very reliable with only one outage in the past 3 years.
I've not had any problems with my land line phone service from AT&T

What are the advantages/disadvatages to keeping or changing my phone service?
Which is better in an emergency situation?

Which would you choose? Why?

edited to add: Are they taxed differently? Because with taxes the $19 AT&T comes to almost $40.

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last night I got really drunk, invited a boy over, we fooled around and stuff, and then we had a super awkward morning.

I don't usually do stuff like that so it's just got me kind of amused.

has this happened to you before? stories?

For $5,000,000, would you....?

...would you travel from California to Maine, on foot, no vehicles whatsoever, and without the benefit of housing? You travel from one end of the US to the other, camping out or sleeping in alleys. You can't sleep indoors, and that includes mobile homes. Tents are allowed. Your safety is not guarranteed, so it's up to you to be cautious


...cross a bridge between two 80 story skyscrapers? This bridge is 2 feet wide, with no rails or walls. Just a long plank, that extends about 100' between the buildings. It's strong titanium, and will not collapse under your weight. You'll have to make it across this bridge anyway you want, but you can't use safety harnesses or other safety gear. Realistically, do you think you could do it?


...push a felon into a pool of starving piranha? The felon is a serial rapist, and he's standing there, shackled, at the end of the pool, begging for his life. You just have to lean in and push him into the pool of famished fish, who will devour him quickly. He raped like 30 women, and is far from innocent, and the world would be a better place with his absence, but do you have it in you to kill?


...change your clothes only 12 times in the next calendar year? You can only change your clothes/outfit on the first of each month, and then the remainder of the month, you have to wear that same outfit. No matter what happens to your clothes, no matter how dirty it gets, no matter how unhygenic it may be. This includes underwear. You can bathe as normal. You just can't wear anything else but your chosen outfit, until the first of the next month


...have all your toes amputated and replaced with prosthetics? All of them. The new toes will look normal, but they'll feel different, kinda rubbery. Just how attached are you to your toes anyway?


Edit: You can't wash the clothes
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Etiquette is hard, man

Tonight I'm going to a 40th b-day/"congrats on your new job" party. The couple throwing it (in honor of the birthday boy/new job holder) have rented out a restaurant and will be providing a buffet of food and an open bar. Ordinarily when I go to restaurant celebrations, I consider my presence and paying for my own tab to be gift enough.

But...since this is a catered party, I feel like I should bring some sort of host gift. A nice bottle of wine seems appropriate, but I don't know much about wine, and I feel like a bunch of other people will do this too.

What do I dooooo? Am I wrong in thinking that it's probably semi-expected for me to bring something?

Lost comment

I want to kick myself because I just saw that somebody had left a comment for me and I accidentally deleted it before reading it!     Is there a trash file somewhere where I can get it back or is it gone forever?     
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Are there any new sports or hobbies you try? I want to get into biking and maybe try out pickleball once I learn the way of the game and that, kinda looks like ping pong w/o a table but maybe it's more like Idk raquetball or something?

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Have you ever spent a significant portion of time thinking that someone was just a fictional character, mascot, common trope or symbol, only to find out that they were indeed a real person?

Inspired by the fact that I only recently learned that Fabio was not just a reoccurring character trope in romance novels/on romance novel covers...

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So I've heard that most women are mezzo sopranos, with sopranos and contraltos being less common. Does anyone know just how common or uncommon each is, like the ratio of mezzo/contralto/soprano in the adult population?
The same with men's voices; most are baritones and tenors and basses are less common. Is the tenor/baritone/bass ratio about the same as the soprano/mezzo/contralto ratio?