August 8th, 2013

I AM Adam Young


What are your favourite *modern* chick flicks?
I am just recently watching some and I have seen The Proposal, She's the Man, 27 Dresses, Confessions of A Shopaholic, Mean Girls. (Probably a few more, but not much!)

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Are being positive and forgiving good virtues? I've become moreso like this as a grown-up, and it's becoming a problem in my worklife. I will totally help people out, turn the other way when people are being jerks, and accept responsibility for problems, but if I do something totally subjective, some evil coworker will go to the boss and make it a problem. How can I be different? Should I just do the opposite of everything I normally do around these people?

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Depending on your ethnicity, when a friend says something like, Hey, let's go get some [delicious food from your ethnic background], does it annoy you or does it make you want some of that food? This question brought to you by a craving for tacos I have somehow today.

Gaming nerd problem and question

I'm involved in a zombie roleplaying group (All Flesh Must Be Eaten), which is a tabletop RPG that has about 5-7 players. I'm currently the ZM (zombiemaster). The way we play zombie, we drink a lot. The game is violent but whimsical, with a lot of players screwing over other players. Lots of laughs are had. The way I run things, it's also a drinking game. Whenever someone rolls a 1, they have to do a shot, but whenever you roll a 10, you can make someone else do a shot. This includes me, the ZM. It's not like other stiff RPG tabletop games at all.

I'm kind of getting annoyed by the flakiness of our group, and the possible disintegration of its roster, and all of my friend Alvin's ridiculous agenda to turn ours into a 'dry' group (he hates alcohol). I like the All Flesh game that I run, and I think it's a lot of fun. I thought of starting a Meetup group that will draw in people who like zombies, rpgs and drinking. The only problem is that my place is too small. We normally game at Alvin's or Heather's (his girlfriend) houses. Alvin most definitely wouldn't want to have a bunch of strangers drinking in his house, and as for Heather, it's her sisters that are the chief flakes in the group, and who I'd most like to replace. It's hard to run a game full of strangers at the very house they live at. The rest of our group consists of people who aren't really that invested in roleplaying and just want to drink free booze, and they'd definitely not offer me space to run a game. I don't have a venue.

But the more I think about this, Meetup isn't the way to go either. It's just a little better than Craig's List. You can't just suddenly start a drinking RPG with strangers. You don't know who has a drinking problem or turns into an angry drunk, or has ulterior motives for joining, or at the very least, doesn't fit in. I have a lot of good adventures lined up, developed a drinking RPG game that challenges both your versatility, role playing ability and ingenuity, while keeping it mellow and spliced with trepidation. I'd like to bring this to appreciative people (let's face it, most of my current group just don't want to be branded as nerds).

So my question is:
1) How do I reform the zombie group, taking into account that members must like horror, roleplaying games and alcohol?
2) What venue?

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Do you have a really close group of friends? I mean I know most people have multipe circles of friends, but do you have one group of best friends, so to say?

If you do, how well do you guys know each other's partners?

My very best friends are six people I went to high school with, we often meet up for drinks/dinner and we go on holiday together, and it's always without boyfriends/girlfriends. Most of us are in long term relationships and while we've met and like each other's partners, they're almost never there and have never even met each other. Is this weird?

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You are stuck in a car with someone for several hours. Its their car. They insist on playing Barry Manilow music at full volume. How do you feel about this?

Sounds like an awesome time!
I like the music, but that's a bit much...
Silent dissatisfaction
Vocal dissatisfaction
Uncontrollable rage
I'd rather jump out of the car into traffic than deal with that.

Which of these are you most likely to forget to do on a given day?

Brush your teeth
Eat a meal when you're physically hungry
Reply to an important email
Change your underpants
Drink sufficient beverage to stay hydrated
Brush your hair
Flush after you use the toilet

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I bought a house plant (a chrysanthemum) to cheer me up and brighten up my bedroom. However I found out today that obviously it's going to die at some point and not last through the winter :( I am not at all green fingered TQC, so can you suggest a plant for me (preferably a bright colour) to have in my bedroom that will live and thrive for many years to come?

dk/dc - favourite flower? I love orchids.

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Hi TQC! It seems that my husband has finally convinced me to adopt a second dog to be my running buddy. My first dog (forever my babygirl!) is more of a lap/nap dog than an active one, but I've always wanted company on my runs.

Thing is, we are 95-99% sure we're going to want to change whatever name she comes with when we adopt her. And we take FOREVER to come up with names, so I'm asking you to spark my creativity!

What are your favorite names for female dogs? Any favorite female characters? Cute names for runners?


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Can you suggest some things to keep me entertained while I'm stuck in bed after my surgery next week?
Books to read?
Movies to watch on Netflix?

I'm having a full hysterectomy on Thursday. I'll be home alone for 8-10 hours a day while Scooter is at work.
My nieces bailed on caring for me last minute.


Poll #1928229 Polar Bear diet

Why would a polar bear starve to death?

they're a lousy hunter
kicked off the island
can't figure out the menu at McDonalds
too many bears...not enough food
decided to become vegan
up all might to get lucky
tried a gluten free diet
mrs polar bear couldn't cook
WILL WORK FOR FOOD sign didn't impress anyone
other in comments
0(0.0%) warming
who wears white after labor day?