August 7th, 2013



My mom is on her feet for work for her entire 8 hour shift. She has some circulation problems in her legs. She needs a pair of sneakers that are mostly leather (work requirement) but that are also very light.

Can anyone recommend super comfy supportive sneakers for her?

Her podiatrist gave her recommendations, but again, the shoes he suggested were super heavy and not terribly comfy for her.

Thanks in advance! :)
Genghis Kong

First date locations

What are acceptable locations for first dates? These are the sites your date wants to take you to. Check the ones that you'd be ok with. Anything not checked, it means that it's a little weird, uncomfortable or flat out wrong for a first date venue. You've only met him/her once

County fair, Opening night
Weddiing. His/her friend is getting hitched. You're the plus one
BBQ restaurant, specializing in ribs
Bodyworlds exhibit. Google it if you don't know what it is
Concert. It's 2 hours by car, meaning 4 hours total, just the two of you in the confines of vehicle
Star Trek convention
Dinner and a movie at his/her place. Your date has a large screen and surround sound
Bourbon festival. Bourbon tasting is offered
Movie doubleheader at a small theater - The Notebook, Pretty Woman
Movie doubleheader at a small theater - Friday the 13th parts 1 & 2
Circus (the old fashioned kind, with the animals)
Picnic. Just a couple homemade sandwiches and some juice. Romantic, or cheap?
His/her niece's spelling bee. She's 8. Mostly parents are in the audience
Small play that his/her ex is in
Small play that contains nudity

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Have you ever moved to a new country/state/province/city with no money and no job by yourself?
Where would you like to go if you could?
would you go even if financially you weren't sure what would happen? why/ why not?
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I have a bunch of used books (not textbooks, just regular books) I want to sell. I know there are ways to sell used books on and I could probably sell them on eBay, but are there any better options out there? I'm looking for something that's fairly hassle-free and will give me a decent, fair price for my books, the majority of which are in excellent condition.
Geeky Girls

EBay Question

I sold an iPhone on eBay, almost a month ago. Two weeks after the buyer received the phone, he contacted me and stated that there was an issue with it powering off. He resolved it by using a different charger. He said he also had an issue with intermittent sound and doing research - it seems it needs a new dock connector. He sent me a picture showing where a pin was bent. He has asked that I at least pay half of the new dock connector ($25).

I absolutely know that I did not send out a defective phone. I could not in good consciousness deceive someone in such a manner. He even said it may have been something he did but he doesn't know since he did not check the port when he received the phone. I really think I could win this case based on the e-mails he sent me but I do feel bad for the guy. I would be tempted to refund part of the money but I am afraid that it will admit fault on my end.

What should I do in the situation? Fight it? Refund the $25? I haven't corresponded with him since yesterday and there is a hold on the money in my PayPal account.

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I'm getting cystitis. I have antibiotics from getting it last time, should I just start taking them? Im pretty sure i remember my doctor at home telling me to if i got it again, i just dont want to waste them. Last time I had it it developed into a kidney infection. Doctors will be an option if it doesn't clear up in a couple of days.
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Tee Cue See, is it racist if I sing a song to my cat about his having Chinese eyes? He's a wedgie Siamese, and sometimes he squinks up his eyes so that they're just almond shaped slits. The song I sing is

Chinese eyes
Chinese eyes
Beau-Beau has sweet
Chinese eyes.

Is this racist? Does singing it to a cat make it less racist? Should I change it to Asian or Eurasian eyes?

DK/DC/What a cute song: Do you sing to your pets? Lyrics, please.

ETA: Ahhh, I have whipped TQC into a vibrating froth of righteous indignation and PCness. Pavlovian response, indeed; my work here is done.

Oh, and for those who are ready to picket my house, I only sing this to my cat, and it was a frivolous question inspired by Raj Koothrappali calling everything said by anyone in reference to India "racist". Chill, y'all. I'd never run up to some random Asian stranger and start singing about Chinese eyes.