August 6th, 2013

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I recently moved into my Brooklyn apartment, and for some reason, every night before I go to bed, the left side of my upper throat swells up and starts throbbing. Someone told me it might be because my A/C is blowing right on my face, but when I stand up and leave the room my throat starts feeling fine, but the second I get back in my bed it starts again, and I mean swelling to the point that my left ear hurts and I start coughing.

Could I be allergic to my bed? And only enough for one side of my throat? The A/C is on the left side of me...What could be wrong with me?
mad cow

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i don't have great eating habits. i only eat once a day usually, dinner, really late. and then (strangely) i have a 'breakfast drink' (up&go in australia, just a 250ml flavoured milk drink with fibre and protein) just before bed. so i guess i do eat two meals a day, but both at night?

i'm also quite broke, and single, and just don't care enough so often my dinner meal ends up being something processed. not enough fresh stuff, you know?

i really get into big chunky salads though, and i really want to eat better (not more often, but healthier, fresher food).

so lately i've been having a massive plate of baby spinach, and throwing stuff on that. crumbled blue cheese (the cheap stuff, but still yum!) dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, red onion, the other night i had some chicken, tonight i'm having potato and a poached egg in there, then drizzling it all in balsamic vinegar and a teeeeny bit of fat free caesar.

i was thinking that i might try this for a while, a big fresh salad every night with some protein on it. but still money is an issue so i was wondering what you might suggest. i thought i could get a bunch of staples:
dried cranberries
balsamic vinegar
fat free caesar
semi dried tomato

and then just a couple times a week buy some fresh stuff:
baby spinach leaves

and each night have a little bit different salad.

what would you suggest i add to the staple (non-fresh) list?
i guess with this stuff i can add to the collection over time?

what would you suggest i try in the fresh list?

do you have a yum go-to salad that you think i should give a whirl?

(i HATE carrots and capsicum!)
Grumpy Angel

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It is almost my anniversary, and I need a little help.  I usually make my husband a card, and it is usually references zombies.  I've done the "If there were a zombie apocalypse, I'd love you enough to shoot you " and "If I were a zombie, I'd want to eat you first" type cards already.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  Werewolf references would also be Ok, but zombies are #1 in his books!

Restless Leg Syndrome

Does anyone suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome? I think it's worse for me when I'm hot, but I'm not 100% sure. I just know that we've recently had a heatwave and my legs have been going crazy, mostly at night when I'm trying to sleep, or when I'm trying to relax. It feels like they're full of energy, coiled like springs, and I have to move them about to release the energy. If I try to not move my legs it gets unbearable and feels like my muscles are burning and the skin on my legs starts to crawl. It also happens a lot when I've consumed alcohol, but with alcohol I also get it in my arms and the muscles running alongside my spine. It's probably going to sound petty but I feel like it's making me suffer. Occasionally, even without drink, I get it in my arms and back. I don't drink much anyway, so it's not really an issue, but what can I do to make this go away? Are there any supplements I can take? Is it possible to be caused by a deficiency? Can a change in diet work? Thanks!

spinning lack of experience

Dear employment experts of TQC,

I am a high school teacher about to start my third year. My department, ELA, has an opening for department chair - basically department leader, liaison between dept. and administration, and so on.

I teach in a school with a high teacher turnover rate and at this point only two people in my department have more experience than I do (pathetic, I know), and neither one of them has any interest in the position. I want to apply, but the job technically requires three years' experience and I only have two. I feel like this is something I need to acknowledge in my cover letter but I'm not sure how to word it without making it sound worse.

Any suggestions?

Imagine the possibilities!

Telepathy: the communication between people of thoughts, feelings, desires, etc, involving mechanisms that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific laws.
Poll #1927899 Telepathy

Which world would you rather live in?

Everyone on the planet is telepathic and has the same level of telepathic abilities.
No one on the planet has telepathic abilities.
Let's say people have the ability to 'turn down the volume' but there's no way to completely turn it off. Everything else is subject to your imagination.
Oh, and let's say the abilities do not work outside the earth's (or planet's) magnetosphere.

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TQC, I ended up failing the stats course. So I need to retake it. I would be all for taking it this fall semester (still plenty of time to register!), but it's $500 and I don't have $500. The only reason I was able to take the first class was that my SO paid for it. I'm not asking him to pay for a second one (even though I'm paying him back for the first one now). I don't want to take out another loan for this one class (I already have more than enough student debt, thanks). And I don't qualify for financial aid. I make just enough (about $800 to $1000 a month) to cover my bills, and I can't defer my loans because of that (I'm essentially too poor to defer). I might look into payment options at the community college, so I can pay it off a little at a time.

My other option is asking my dad for some/all of the money. But, see, here's the thing. He doesn't know I took the first class. All he knows is that my diploma never arrived (since I didn't graduate when we thought I did). And I really wanted to do this on my own like an adult, and not go running back to Dad like a child begging for money. And I'm really scared to tell him that a) I took the first class without telling him (although he has to have some inkling; I left my textbook lying around a fair bit), b) admitting to him that my SO paid for it, and c) ask him for money so I can take it again. He's always going on about how little money he has, but he always manages to make ends meet. I'm really scared he's going to be mad, but I'm legitimately trying to get my degree and this is the very last thing I need to make that happen. What do you guys think I should do? Advice for talking to him?

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The company I work for has an opening in the city where my long-distance boyfriend of 6 months lives. I feel that he's "The One". You might think that 6 months isn't enough time to truly know, but we only live 3 hours apart, so we get to see each other pretty often.

My company says they have no problem transferring me to his city. I really like his city, but I don't love my job. I'm only using it as a stepping stone to get to his city with a job already lined up. The plan is to start looking around for other jobs once I get settled in.

Anyway, today I stumbled upon a job listing for a job in my city that seems awesome. My experience and qualifications are totally aligned, so I think there's a good chance that I could at least be called for an interview.

At this point, it's pretty much set that I'll move to my boyfriend's city. I'm just waiting until the company I work for hires someone to replace me.

Given everything I just said, if you were me, what would you do? Just apply?

The job or the guy?

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where do you live? what do you like about it, and what do you hate about it?

I live in Seattle. I love the open minded culture here, beautiful surroundings, and plenty to do.

I hate the traffic.
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A friend of mine who does not have an LJ, has a pattern in Japanese that she needs translated into English and she's willing to pay someone to do it. Where should she look? Do you guys have any suggestions? This is rather urgent for her. It's a pattern to be used with beads and stuff/craft pattern, if that makes a difference as to where she should look/who she should ask?

Did you have anything sweet to eat today? If so, what?

Do you have rosacea? What non-prescription remedies do you use to treat it and does anything help you make it better?

Meat safety

So, I started cooking a rack of pork spare ribs in our stove for about half an hour, they usually take 1.5 hours. Then we had to run to the vet for an emergency, and returned about 2 hours later. Before leaving, I wrapped the partially cooked ribs in saran wrap and put them directly into the fridge. Then I put them back into a hot stove as soon as we got home. They are almost cooked now, according to my meat thermometer. We grabbed a pizza on the way home because it was late, my plan is to re-heat and serve the ribs tomorrow. I am going to cook them past the usual 77 degrees just to make sure.

I think they were not precooked, but it wasn't clear on the packaging as it's all in Italian.

Is this safe? y/y?

They are really yummy pre-seasoned ribs so I don't want to waste them!

DK/DC - What are you having for supper today? Do you like ribs?


How did you get your current job and why did you chose it? Did someone recommend you to the employer or tell you about the job opening? Did you already have a job/career in mind (or a specialty based on experience/education) and you searched out any opening? Were you browsing job postings and were intrigued by a job you hadn't thought of before? Were you just throwing your resume everywhere and something finally stuck?

(If you're unemployed then answer for your last job.)