August 3rd, 2013


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Would it be rude to give a cultural gift to someone who isn't really interested in the culture?

I want to make a star blanket for my soon to be born nephew but my sister isn't really into our culture and might think it's weird but would expect it from me. I kind of feel like it could be looked at as me pushing our culture on her. I'm sure she wouldn't be upset at me giving such a gift but might be weird because it has cultural significance and meaning to me that she would not share and I'm bound to get a few eye rolls from my brother/possibly my mom...

Should I make one...or not?!

What are you plans for tomorrow?
Mine is to get my sewing machine out.
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To go along with the marijuana legalization question the other day, what do you think about prostitution?  I'm not talking about legalizing pimping or sex trafficking, just if a woman wants to ask for money in exchange for sex, without being filmed (since being in a porno is already not illegal), and doesn't want to have to go out to dinner or go to a bar first.  If you have some other prerequisites, like restricting any advertising to head shots or something, go ahead and add that in too.

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TQC, will you please recommend songs about not stopping? Or being unstoppable?
(I want to play music at our middle school open house and our team name is Unstoppable)

So far I have:
1. Don't stop me now, Queen
2. Unstoppable, Foxy Shazam
3. Don't stop believing, Journey

(It needs to be middle school appropriate- if I can find a radio edit on youtube, I can use it)

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does your current workplace have policies about coworkers having romantic relationships? Have any of your former jobs had such rules? Do you think employers should have a right to govern what their employees do with each other outside of work?

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I just found out that my sister-in-law (my little brother's common-law gf of 5 years) is checking herself into a treatment centre for 2 months to deal with her depression and anxiety. She has been struggling with it for the past few years and keeps being put off work by a doctor. When she told me (via Facebook chat), I started crying. I didn't tell her, of course, but I feel like a weirdo for crying over it.

The last few weeks have been intense, from my kitten getting random lesions on her back, to my husband's work causing him so much grief and crappyness that we're looking at uprooting our lives and moving back to Canada 2 years earlier than originally planned. (which means finding of a house, jobs, cars, etc)

What made you cry last? Do you cry often?

I don't usually cry easily, so I was kind of shocked when it just happened. I'm chocking it up to the last few weeks being so intense and all the ups and downs.

Do you know anyone who ever went to a treatment facility for mental health? How did it go for them?

DK/DC - What are your plans this fine morning/afternoon?

I'm heading to the pet store for cat food, and then to find some fun/tasty items to send to my sis-in-law and little brother as care packages. We live in Italy so I can find them a lot of fun foods that they can't get in Canada. Plus, they will be apart for the entire 2 months and I know it will be hard on them both.
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Can you recommend a community (doesn't have to be on LJ) for getting help with interior decorating & stuff?

What does your dining room look like?

Who do you think the new doctor will be?

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In your opinion, would it be unwise to get married if you have occasional doubts about the relationship? What kind of doubts would be a deal breaker in an otherwise pretty awesome relationship? Aside from trust issues because that's pretty obvs. 
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Doctor Who

I've been told by multiple people on multiple occasions that my lack of experience with Doctor Who is very strange, given my inherent nerdiness. I guess it's time to start watching.

I know when I tell people to start watching MST3K, I advise them to start with the second season, knowing the first two are a little rough and not necessarily to the tastes of new viewers.

Is there a season with which I should start watching Doctor Who, or should I just jump in from the beginning?

Don't know where else to ask...

I'm trying to find an active community that deals with abusive relationships, preferably GLBT. I've tried using the search function and some that seem ok, haven't been updated in months or years. Or maybe I'm just not doing it right.

Anyone have have any suggestions?

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My dad has some rental properties that I manage for him since he lives out of state. He came in to town recently and while he was here he signed up new renters for one of the properties. One of the relatives of the tenant does home construction type work, and dad made an informal arrangement with him to make some repairs on the rental house. The contractor is incredibly difficult to get a hold of, he hardly ever answers the phone or returns calls even if I leave a message. He recently started on a project and I had not been able to get a hold of him about it until he needed to exchange a part (he is only doing the labor, we are buying and delivering any materials he needs). When I finally was able to talk to him I asked him how much he was wanting to do the work. He told me, and I didn't really agree to anything and at that point he had already started the work. I had tried numerous times to get a hold of him, and even asked the tenant to have him call me which he never did. There was no conversation of him telling me "I will do X work for Y amount of money" and me saying yes or no, he just took it on himself to start working and then told me later how much he was charging. How do I tell him that what he is asking for is almost double what I am willing to pay him when he has already done most of the work?