July 31st, 2013

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Have you ever had a server/waiter/waitress add a tip to your receipt after you signed it? Like … they just wrote the number in and changed the total? Or if you only signed the slip, they filled the whole thing out to add a tip and wrote a new total in the blank?

I gave a $3 tip at a burger joint yesterday, and someone put a 1 in front of it. The final total on my bank account was shocking when I saw it, especially since my burger was only $9. I called the place and the person was huffy with me and said I'm "making a lot of fuss over $10" and it "was a pain to look back in their records." I spoke with a manager, and he confirmed what happened, but then said "you'll get the $10 back, but don't expect a free meal or anything." I never asked for that.

At what point would you make a fuss over a bill discrepancy? How much would you have to be overcharged to call the business or bank? Would you expect some kind of compensation for your trouble?

DK/DC: Where is your favorite place to eat out?

Free plotting program?

Can anyone recommend a free, easy-to-use plotting program, if such a thing exists? I need to plot a bunch of points on a grid (preferably one whose dimensions I can adjust) and add a few numbers besides each point. Yeah, I know it can be done via Photoshop etc., but I was wondering if there were a program more readily suited to the task. (I'm trying to make a few geological outcrop maps (where the outcrops are very small and would be denoted by X's), adding strike/dip by each outcrop. No, I cannot use GIS.)
Conan & his Amazing Friends

TV-Movie poll

Urban dictionary defines 'brains' as 'getting head'. This would definitely put a different spin on a lot of zombie movies. Let's say the only way to truly destroy a zombie was to give them oral, after which, they simply go back to their grave, never to return. If this became common acceptance for zombie removal in cinema/tv, how much would you watch Walking Dead?

More than I did before. Shit just got way more interesting
About the same
Less than I do now. Seeing Daryl strap on his kneepads and get to work would ruin it for me
Didn't watch it before, won't watch it now
Didn't watch it before, but I'm going to start now

You're trapped in the highest mountains with the Avengers. There's no way down and all of your clothes are soaking wet. There's a tent with a sleeping bag. You need to get out of your wet clothes and huddle with someone else who also is naked, to avoid freezing to death. You can pick which Avenger to naked cuddle with (for survival only, it's assumed). Who do you pick?

Captain America
The Hulk
Black Widow
Bruce Banner
Tony Stark
None. I'll take my chances with the cold

Which Spongebob character does your personality closest resemble?

Spongebob Squarepants
Mr. Krabs
Plankton (arch nemesis)
Gary (the snail)

I'm Bad at this...

My manager's mother passed away about a week ago and she's coming back next week. The thing is that I'm one of those people who doesn't know what to say or do when someone is sad like this. I did text her something like "I'm so sorry. Take as much time as you need. Everything will be okay," after I heard. I haven't talked to her since. We usually talk and work together a lot and we seem to be pretty good work friends. We haven't hung out outside of work before. She was pretty upset when her mom was in the hospital, trying to not cry at work. She's not insanely emotional, but she did cry at work once or twice just quietly.So I guess what I want to know is.

How should I approach her next week?

Should I treat it like a normal day and talk about the usual dumb stuff I always talk about?
Should I just be silent and give her time to ease into work?


Got any funny gifs?

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Ok, I'm not sure anyone will be able to help here, but I'm giving it a shot because this brain fart is a killer! There is a cartoon character who is a crotchety old lady with a beehive hairdo and cat eye glasses, and a raspy voice. She may or may not be a personified animal. I thought she was from spongebob or Catdog, but am not finding anything. I can only picture this character in my head, can't think or any situations or particular lines.

Does anyone have any idea who this character might be, or maybe what show? I feel like her hair is blonde or gray and her glasses are light purple.

Wtf did I seriously invent this useless character in the depths of my mind?


Would you consider this to be an inappropriate response?

I was in a therapy ground and related the story of something my mother did that really upset me

Basically I had come home to Ireland after attending Kitacon in the UK. I had yet to unpack my suitcase. My mother asked me if I wanted her to unpack my suitcase, I said no (she's unpacked my case without permission in the past and found things I didn't want her finding, I didn't have anything that she would disapprove of, but I don't like her poking around in my things), she asked again, I refused.

Then she said "let me just..." and bent down to open my case.

I am disabled and find people ignoring my wishes to be extremely upsetting and my mother started treating me like a child as soon as I was diagnosed.

Anyway, I related the story to the therapy group (without mentioning that people ignoring my wishes was upsetting to me) and someone immediately piped up the following

"Aren't you lucky to have that sort of support"

Would you find that sort of comment to be inappropriate?
shoes and bunnies

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  My aunt used to pay me pretty well to babysit her kids. I'm unemployed and watch them while she is at work. The past week though I've watched them 5 days for 8 hours a day and received the equivalent of $1 an hour for my time.
   I feel taken advantage of, even if she isn't doing it purposefully, but I just feel like it's unfair that I'm working practically full-time for nothing when she knows I'm a super-broke student. And since she's a close relative I feel pretty uncomfortable being like, "hey, you need to give me more money."
  How do I bring it up to her? This is stressing me out a LOT :(

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The question is, does anyone use/have a big can of Mother's Recipe Madras curry powder and still have the little green recipe booklet that came with it? I freaking loved the biryani recipe in there, but I somehow lost the booklet and I haven't been able to find a recipe that quite lives up to it. :(

Thanks for any help.

ETA - Solved!  Actually contacted the company and they promptly sent me the recipe. :D

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Anyone here into reggae music? Can you recommend some artists? Post some videos? My knowledge pretty much stops at Bob Marley and his kin and some Alborosie stuff.

If you don't care for reggae, post your favourite summer song?

Sexing and texting

You're by yourself one night, watching tv, when you get a text from your SO (pretend you have one if you're single). You look at the text, and it's a pic of your SO completely naked. As you're about to reply, your SO texts again 'Oops, disregard that. Wrong number'. When you ask who he/she intended the picture for, there's a pause, and then the response is 'it's for my doctor. My doctor wanted to see my body to inspect it for any strange moles. Nothing weird about that!'. What thoughts go through your head?

Seems legit. I go back to watching tv
My SO is cheating on me
Man, what a pervy doctor. I'm going to have to report him/her
I should start texting pictures of my naked body to my doctor

You're having sex (with someone else) when your cell phone vibrates. You've received a text. How do you react?

Ignore it. Continue sexing
Keep boinking and pick up the phone to see what it is
'Time out, hon', as I get up to check my phone

You're having sex with your SO when he/she receives a text. Which of these reactions do you deem appropriate?

My SO ignores it. Keeps having sex
Without missing a beat, picks up the phone and checks it over my shoulder
Coitus-interruptus. He/she gets up to text back