July 30th, 2013

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do you know anyone who's currently or was recently studying in germany for university? what is their experience like, in terms of their university and lifestyle? do they enjoy it? are living conditions good and what are their living expenses like?
Spelling Contest

Swapping sides

1. Which celebrity would you consider going gay for (or, if you are gay, straight for)?

2. Now that you're gay, what celebrity of the opposite sex would make you go straight (or, if you're now straight, go gay again)?

3. You're now back where you started, orientation-wise. Now, which celebrity of the opposite sex would turn you gay (as is, you find them revolting enough to turn you off men/women)? If you're gay, then which celebrity of your gender do you find revolting?
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TQC, I need some quick brainstorming.

I am leaving shortly with a wad of cash collected from my co-workers. Somehow, I was put in charge of buying stuff for our coworker, who I will heretofore refer to as Ronald, who is (with his wife's help) about to have his first baby. I bought a "Moses' Basket," and now have to fill it with crap that they will use during the first week or so of this baby's life.

So far, I have thought of: diapers.

What else can I put in there, that it won't matter if they got a bunch of from their family baby shower?

Ear piercings

Anyone have any great ideas for this predicament?  I have about 13 ear piercings and the most recent one was about 2 months ago-- an orbital on the top of my left ear.  I can't sleep on it, so I try to sleep on my back all the time.  However, I guess I shift around a lot when I sleep, and I often end up hitting my new piercing or wake up to find myself sleeping on it.  I have another piercing on my right ear that was done back in January or February and is still a bit tender.  I had a lot of trouble with it healing, and it was doing really well until I got this new piercing and started laying on my right side to sleep.  Since I can't control whether or not I stay on my back when I sleep, apparently, I'm having a lot of issues with both piercings.  Anyone have any great ideas about how to not roll over on either piercing, or just something to make the piercings feel better if I do roll over onto them?  Foam rubber, maybe?  I don't know!  

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Have you ever encountered what I like to call a degree-snob?
As in someone who looks down on people who don't have a degree. Who think the world is split into people with degrees and people who work minimum wage, dead end jobs.

What would you say to someone who thinks they're better than everyone because they have a degree?
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Skillz to pay the billz

You're dating someone new. Which of these skills would you find impressive, interesting or downright makes your new SO more of a 'catch'? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you're either ambivalent towards their skills, indifferent, or find they actually make you like your new SO somewhat less

Richard Nixon impression. It's pretty good. However, may use the voice or mannerisms at least every other hour as a joke
Freestyle rap. Your SO can really flow. Great improv
Skinning animals. He or she can remove the outer layer faster than you can believe. You're that much closer to dinner
Knife throwing
Working use of the Klingon language. Can speak and comprehend the Star Trek language
Origami (limited to mainly cranes, foxes and dragons)
Kung fu. Your SO is damn good at combat. You feel safer, but does it make you not want to upset him/her?
Can whistle
Horseback riding
Can play melodies with the fart noises made from his/her armpit
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Halp me, hairstyling people of TQC!

I'm trying to do my hair like this for a wedding I'm going to and since I'm terrible at doing my hair, I'm practicing two whole months early to try to perfect this. I can get the first part done, but when it comes to "rolling" my hair in the back and pinning it in place, I'm hopeless. It's really difficult to even get my hair to roll up neatly and when I finally can manage that, I can't pin it properly to keep it that way. On the two occasions I've been able to roll it and pin it, it feels a bit insecure like it won't last long, and I can't repeat it for the other sections of hair.

Does anyone have any tips? I'm so determined to do this but it's so frustrating. :( I've tried it with both dry and damp hair with no appreciably improved results.

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TQC, needing some timing advice here.

So, my knees are a wreck, particularly the right. There is a huge tear from roughly about two years ago that has progressively been getting worse. It usually doesn't bug me too much since I'm not active or pounding on it, but as my classes (which require me on my feet for extended times) and my future career get harder and more hours are put on me, it's getting worse. My other knee, while it does not have a tear as far as I know, moves side to side and slides around painfully enough to bother me now.

I'm probably going to need to go in and get surgery on the right at least, but I'm wondering if I should get it after this quarter ends and I only have one more to do, but will still be on my feet for some classes, or wait until I graduate, but will be needing to pay off more loans and recovering while I could be working?

Also, those of you out there who have had your knees worked on, how long were you down for? What was your recovery like?

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Can you help me with my Word problem please? I've tried googling but not found anything that has helped.

It's to do with page numbering. I've managed to skip the first 2 pages so that number 1 appears on the third page. But the problem is now number 1 appears on every page! How do I solve this?

Like I said, I have googled. I've found forums and videos but nothing that has actually helped me solve this problem. I just don't get it...
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Hi TQC. Advise me? I met this guy at a party in January. We went to the same school but were in different years so don't know each other at all although we do have heaps of mutual friends. After the party he added me on facebook and we briefly chatted about hanging out one time but it never happened. Since then we occasionally like each other's posts/comment on them but have no real interaction. However, he seems like a really cool guy and I genuinely would like to get to know him better. Would it be bizarre to send him this message?

"Hey Eddie, how's it going? So I know this is probably going to come across as very weird but boredom drives me to do odd things from time to time. I feel stuck in a rut with all my regular friends and I just really like getting to know new people who seem interesting, so would you like to catch up some time? I'm just basing the interesting thing on your fb posts, so I could be wrong :p If you think it would be a bit on the awkward side to have coffee or whatever with someone you don't even know, or you're really busy, feel free to say no. But I thought I'd ask because it's winter and I'm bored and yeah, why not?"

Should I send it or will I come across as some really weird/desperate freak?