July 28th, 2013


iPad games

Hey tqc!

I was given an iPad the other day. It's my first apple device that can download apps and things, and I'm looking for some multiplayer games that I can play with my friends and family while I'm overseas. I've only downloaded scrabble so far.

Do you have any suggestions for fun multiplayer iPad games?

Also I know it gets asked a lot and there are tonnes of websites/magazines dedicated to it, but if you have any other awesome app recommendations I'll take them!
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cat litter smell. How do you get rid of it? Sadly we have to have the litter box in the bathroom.

I used this, picture under the cut
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it helps for a while, then it smells again.

So what brands are good? should we get a plug in? or one that sprays a scent after a while? What do you recommended?
wolf like me

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Are there any particular words that bother you or that you don't like the sound of? Which ones?

Do you have any words that you really like to write? For example, I'm not typically that neat on paper, but when I write 'allele' you would be fooled.

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Hai guyz.

I bought a loaf of bread today from whole foods. I ate a couple of slices and then I noticed there was already mold on it (WTF whole foods). A very small amount (like the size of 'o', but definitely mold).
Am I gonna die?


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Do you flirt a lot? Do you do it unconsciously sometimes?

Do you think it's wrong to flirt when you're in a committed relationship, or to flirt with someone who is?

What's your preferred/most successful flirting/seduction technique? Haha.

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I'm looking for a decent laptop under $400, any recommendations? It would just be for pretty much ever day stuff.

Are the Toshiba Satellite's good? I've been looking at those

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What's the kindest thing someone has done for your recently?

I have an overdrafted bank account and can't even afford gas for my car at the moment so a friend of mine spent her entire day yesterday driving me around so I could put in applications, even though she's fairly broke herself. :)
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What are your favorite reference/how to/help books and websites for writing fantasy?

Do you like to write fantasy novels/novellas/short stories? Have you ever finished a fantasy novel? How long did it take you to write?

What are you going to have for breakfast on Monday?