July 25th, 2013

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Hey TQC,

In an effort to reduce clutter, I have gone through all my Martha Stewart magazines (~40 of them), taken out the pages I want to save, and discarded the rest. I plan to put the pages into a binder, but I’m at a loss as to how to organize them.

I was originally going to go by a) types of holiday, b) types of recipe, and c) homes/non-holiday décor, but this is complicated by the fact that some articles include both decorations and various types of recipe (i.e. appetizer, entrée and dessert) all together, so it’s hard to separate them. I thought I might go by season, but some items don't really fall into a particular season, and it might be hard for me to decide what's seasonal and what isn't (like for a lot of recipes).

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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someone, and my someone i mean Reddit, is trying to tell me that this sign means you can waltz on in there and get a free glazed donut.
i call bullshit, i have never been told that.

is this true?
location base only??....
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do you know anyone who has ever had to go through an arranged marriage? define 'arranged marriage' however you wish

what are your thoughts on arranged marriages?

i'm surprised most of them turn out well tbh, but i think culture (by that i mean having same ideals and values) does have a lot to do with how successful a marriage can be. 

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel like shit

If and when society crumbles and civilization is pushed to the brink of extinction, what do you believe the chief cause of humanity's downfall will be?

Climate change
Nuclear war
A great war. No nukes will be involved, but legions of lives will be lost and mankind will never recover
Judgment Day (religious)
Exhaustion of natural resources. Without fuel, society cannot function
UFOs/space aliens. We'll be conquered
Machines take over
Pollution. We'll poison ourselves
Low birth rate. Something, maybe pollution, will impact our collective ability to procreate. Most will be rendered sterile, and humanity ages and fades out
Our lives are the dreams of some greater being, and one day, it will wake up and we'll cease to exist
Humanity will never cease. We'll only expand, and reach the stars when this world no longer substains us

The end is upon us and you have one hour to live before KABOOM or whatever. How do you picture yourself spending your last hour?

With loved ones
Having sex
Calling/texting everyone I know goodbye
Taking my own life. I can't stand waiting for this
Doing heinous things, like killing other people. There's no way I'll be locked up for this now!
The internet. It's what I normally do
Doing as many good things as possible, in case there is a heaven
Eating all the foods that are bad for me
Prob watch an old episode of Friends or Seinfeld or something. No point getting all worked up
Grab a towel and look for any spaceships that are leaving the planet (Hitchhiker's Guide)
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1. I bought this bag at work today to use at Disneyland and on flights. I can't imagine I will use it much otherwise. My coworkers informed me that they all think it's hideous. Is it really hideous? Hideous enough to return? I don't love it but I don't really see anything wrong with it either.

2. Have you ever been on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad? Did you like it?

Etiquette question

Would you bring food to a Celebration of Life? It's outdoors. I was going to bake some blondies in a disposable baking pan, so I could just give it to the family, or they could serve it, whatever. But my husband seemed to think I'd lost my mind, so I'm here checking for opinions. Anybody ever been to one of these before? This is my first, and I haven't even attended many funerals.

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You're dating a person and it's reached the point of the relationship where you're going to their home for the first time. You enter the house and are immediately met by mess. There are crumbs, animal hair and stains of some sort on the carpet and furniture, unwashed stacks of plates in the living area, general rubbish tossed to the side, dirty clothes strewed all over, there are tables and counter tops covered in stuff with layers of dust and other various messy things of mess all over the place. What would be your reaction to this if any?
Are you a messy person?

Wedding registry confusion

Basically everything I know about wedding etiquette I know from reading posts here so forgive me if the answer is obvious.

A good friend from high school is having a wedding in two weeks. She and her husband are technically married but the ceremony was in England (he's British, she's American) so they are coming here to do something with her family and friends. It's being billed as a wedding so I was sent the gift registry.

The wedding is in two weeks and the only thing gone from the list is a set of coasters. I was thinking I should get something from the list but everything is so plain and while I know it's what they want and need for their new home, I also want to give something that comes from the heart. I also know shipping things back will suck and they are going back to England to live permanently after this trip. I had resigned to using the registry until today when I realized only one item had been purchased.

So do I get something off of the registry seemingly nobody is using or something more personal that will eventually have to be shipped back with them? Are things on a registry suggestions or preferences? Thank you in advance! I find weddings so intimidating.


My dad died in December, and I'm getting married in April.

Without straight out mentioning him in a speech, how could I acknowledge my dad without depressing the hell out of myself and my family?
My venue doesn't allow candles, which was my original idea.

Edit: Thank you for all your advice. I only booked my wedding this week, so I have approx. 8 months to decide. I like the idea of a photo of him on the alter. I may also buy a buttonhole that he would have worn and placing it next to his photo
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Do any wildlife (or non wildlife) annoy or pose a threat to your community, be that animals, plants, or yourself? For example: coyotes, porcupines, ticks, and at times mountain lions will cause a problem in my area. Mice can also be a bitch during our winters.

Savings bonds

Inspired by the earlier post about gift giving at a child's birthday -

Do you have savings bonds? Are any of them mature? Do you have plans for them?

I have a couple savings bonds from when I was a kid. One is fully matured, one isn't yet. I have no idea when I should cash them in. Should I use it on something fun, something practical? Do I wait until the money is needed for something? I know I should be patient and they'll keep going up in value, but I don't want to wait forever! Just wondering what other opinions are on them.