July 24th, 2013

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When my baby was 10 days old, he had to have an Upper GI Series with barium done, along with two x-rays (the same day) because of stomach issues. Luckily, nothing was wrong. However, since then, I've been worrying myself sick over the amount of radiation he was exposed to at such a young age.

I've tried researching the topic and asking the pediatrician, who usually responds with something like, "Well, there are lots of kids who have had more radiation than he did." Great, awesome. Thanks for telling me nothing and further scaring me.

Can anyone help me out on this one?
Should I be concerned about an increased risk of cancer because he was so little and there was so much done to him? Or are upper GIs no big deal?
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xbox 360 help!!

So I got Red Dead Redemption. I noticed Undead Nightmare. I click to play it says I need to be signed in.

I was like WAIT I AM SIGNED IN! Then I looked around it says I am not signed into Xbox Live. I though I had it set up to auto sign me into xbox live. (SO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO REMEMBER PASSWORD! LIKE how I have my PS3 set up.)

It tells me don't remember your password go here. I go there. It says press the XsasfSDFS (which is hard to read I can't ever tell if it's upper case lower case ect) I tried to do that many times. Every time it brings up the sign into your account, instead of a reset password.

I'm frustrated rather annoyed. Anyone know what to do or how to fix it? A way to just sign me into live? or change my password?

I SWEAR it just used to sign me into xbox live! I just wanted to try out the Undead Nightmare. I didn't want to fight with the xbox! UGH!

*edited* Well I figured it out my password. It sure is making me jump through hoops to get back to sign in. It turns out that it was a way to add more security. I had it know my password so I wouldn't have to! That's the whole point of remember my password.
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I'm house sitting in a place where the doors don't lock and I'm alone. I have dogs (three, in fact) but for some reason, my stupid ass decided to watch a horror movie on Netflix.

What was the most recent really stupid thing you've done?
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Opinions. I don't normally get into any arguments on facebook or even online but I felt like I needed to say something. Am I in the wrong for even bringing this up or are my points even strong enough? I don't know, I thought I'd get some other opinions and you guys seem like a reasonable bunch.

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Sorry for the weird blurred out censors. I don't have anything but iphoto so I had to use the editing options on there. I'm the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and last comment.


Whose responsibility is it?

Should a kid who's 7 - 10 years old be held responsible for knowing when the school year starts, so he or she can inform the parent? Or do you think it's the parent's responsibility to keep track of such a thing?

What about 30 years ago or anytime before the internet was common? Whose responsibility is it?

ETA: Whoops! I was talking about the school year. Not what time of day school starts.
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Hey Gluten-Intolerant TQCers, what's your favourite recipe for something that could be a cake bar/slice that someone could wrap up and put into lunches? My coeliac BF is a bit tired of spending $7 for a box of 6 quick muesli bars/cake bars.
Bonus points for not many seeds/pepitas/etc., ability to survive in a lunchbox, and for dairy free.

DK/DC: Would you rather have your favourite show/movie/book series ended and destroyed forever (you can never access it again) or lose your favourite food? The most vital 3 ingredients in the food has become extinct and the flavours can never be recreated.

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Do you think your body is well proportioned? If it's not, do you mind?

Is spot reduction really a myth? (ETA: the unanimous responses on this question really bum me out, you guys.)

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How does your personal/household income level NOW compare with your household's financial situation when you were growing up? To be clear, Situation of You + Whoever you live with now vs. Situation of You + Whoever you lived with as a child

I am much better off financially now
I am somewhat better off financially now
Things are about the same
We were better off when I was a kid
We were much better off when I was a kid

Atlanta Food

My fiance and I are taking a trip to North Carolina and will be driving through Atlanta around lunchtime. We'd like to stop and spend a few hours in the city, where are some good places to eat? Fun stuff to see in an afternoon?

We love all kinds of food, and it's vacation, so we're willing to spend a bit more, but we like dives too!