July 23rd, 2013

I'm new to paypal. I love it, except for one thing.

I don't want Bill Me Later at all. I don't even want it to be an option. It's always the default option and I have to elect to pay via my checking account. One time I neglected to do that, and it went to BML. I don't want to use the service. How can I take it off my PP account? Or at least not have it be the default option? I hate it. I forgot to pay it and now I have a late fee... UGH!!!
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For those that have been in the hospital for over a day. What sorts of things did you or your family bring? What did you wish you had? Did family ever annoy you? Did you want them around more or less?

My BIL is visiting my city this weekend for a major and experimental foot operation. His wife and girlfriend are going back to their hometown once he wakes up. His parents won't be up until a day or two after the surgery. So for a few days my husband (his brother) and I will be the only family here, and for the first day just me because my husband works. What can I bring and do him that'll help? Can I make him his favourite food so he doesn't have hospital food, or is that against the rules? Can I bring board games? Should I stay with him all day so he has someone or will that be annoying and he'll be too nice to tell me to go away? I don't know him that well so we're not close, but I feel he shouldn't be alone, but I don't want to annoy him either. What things am I not thinking of?

Help make me not a bad SIL TQC!

Also, what's your favourite fantasy novel?

I have terrible neighbors

I live in a neighborhood near a major university. I just graduated and can't wait until my lease is up. Since the middle of June until present, the drunk frat kids next door have had an endless supply of explosives which they prefer to set off between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. The police will not respond to fireworks calls, even after they shot one at my windows (they have better things to do most of the time), and the neighborhood is sort of a no-man's-land as far as police coverage goes (the college PD and city PD always fight over who has to respond here) and the brats sort of just run wild and do as they please. The thing is, this really aggravates and sometimes triggers my migraines — it's excruciating physical torture for me, really, but they won't stop.

Any suggestions for smelly and/or messy revenge that won't physically hurt anyone or cause irreversible property damage? Sling shot old fish through their open windows? Serious and non serious answers welcomed with tired arms.

Edit: Because of those shits, I'm in bed alone on my birthday with a migraine. What's the worst birthday you've ever had?
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Any advice for helping someone experiencing a sudden onset of depression and starting antidepressants (Prozac) for the first time?  This is a person who leans of me heavily for emotional support, and I have trouble empathizing with this sort of thing.

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Can you help me name this book?

It's a children's book and I'm almost completely sure it's by Enid Blyton. It's about three posh and slightly snooty children meeting their new next-door-neighbours, who are rough outdoorsy common children. They initially hate each other, then grow to become best friends over the course of the book, eventually all changing their ways a little and becoming better people.

I can remember a few parts... One of the snooty children is called Marjorie. The rough children have a dog and a cat called Socks, and Socks has kittens. The youngest snooty child tries to kick the dog. At one point the rough mother gets hit by a car and is in hospital, but comes out at Christmas at the end of the book.

Any ideas!?
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Let's say you have a child. Said child wakes up in the middle of the night (let's say 3 Am) with a rash caused by spilling laundry soap on him/herself and said child is about 2 years old. You take the kid to the ER since he/she appears to be in pain. Do you call your parents or do you wait for a decent hour (like, say, after noon) to let them know little Johnny or Susie had to go to the ER for some ointment or do you call at 3 AM? Grandparents, would you want to be called at 3 AM for a about an ER trip for a rash? Hypothetically, let's say there is insurance for the child to cover this, etc. My question is more about if you would call relatives at 3 AM over a rash or would you wait and if you were the grandparent, would you want awakened at 3 AM or would you want your son/daughter to wait to a better hour?

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Are there any memories from childhood that you remember vividly but just can't figure out what it is you're remembering?

I very specifically remember watching a tv show/movie when I was little about dinosaurs. It was that clay-stop motion animation thing, and I remember there being one of those tall, skinny dinosaurs that stole eggs to eat. It got an egg, ran away and ate it, and then I think it was attacked by raptors and eaten or something?
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I go to SBUX on the regular and usually get a decaf vanilla latte. Which if the barista makes it "right", is very delicious. However, usually it's not strong enough and a bit too milky.
Which I know is the idea behind a latte, it's made with steamed milk. Which is good sure, but I would like less. But not less of the beverage totally. Does that make sense?

Ideally I would like a strong espresso drink with vanilla syrup and a moderate to light amount of frothiness/ripping hot steamed milk.

HOW do I get this?

Am I ordering the wrong thing?

A macchiato seems tempting to order, but I think I want more than just a touch of milk/froth.

Any SBUX employees or regulars out there to help me out?

What is your favorite kind of hot beverage? Do you drink hot beverages when it's hot outside?
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Earlier this summer, my family made the choice to make as much of what we use, ourselves, with natural ingredients, as humanly possible. So far, we have made and now use our own laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover; dishwasher detergent and dish soap; reusable Swiffer sweeper & WetJet pads; and floor cleaning solution, all-purpose cleaner and window cleaner.

We would like to do more, but I'm not sure what else we can safely make ourselves at home to replace store-bought crap. Do you have any suggestions?

What do you make yourself instead of buying? What's your favorite DIY "recipe?"

Guilty pleasures?

One of mine is nail polish. Or so I'm told. I have 51 different colors. My mom thinks this is nuts! It doesn't seem that strange to me. How many do you have? Is it insane that I have 51?

What's your material guilty pleasure? 

what is this 80s drawing toy called?

I had this reusable drawing board around 1988, and dismantled it soon after to see how it worked. It was slightly bigger than A4 I think. The bottom layer was thick card with a psychedelic rainbow print, and the top layer was thickish clear pvc; the two layers were attached on all sides and sandwiched in between was a complete covering of gloopy black ink (dismantling was a baaaad idea!) You used a plastic pencil to 'draw' whereby pressure would reveal the colours underneath.

Google just gives me the more common magnadoodle, etch-a-sketch and magic slate but i really want to find the name so i can get hold of one again.

What is this 80s drawing toy called?
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Inspired by the post below: what are some of your favorite nail polishes?

Mine: China Glaze Shower Together, Maybelline Downtown Brown, Illamasqua Jo'mina, MAC Blue India, and OPI Got the Blues for Red.