July 22nd, 2013


New laptop.

I'm looking to buy a new laptop. I've narrowed my choice down to about two laptops. One's a basic, cheap, portable (14") acer model, and the other is a vaio with higher/more customisable specs and is available in 14" or 15.6".

At my new job overseas I will be given a work computer, so I'd assume I wouldn't be carrying it around too much. I mostly use laptops for internetting, watching dvds/streaming, making word or publisher documents for lessons, storing/viewing photos, and skyping.

Does anyone have any advice about which one I should buy? I don't even know if I like 14" or 15.6" models better at this stage, or how much I really want to spend, I'm so overwhelmed by all the technology! Actually just any laptop advice in general would be good, I'm pretty clueless.
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How would you describe the difference between the words 'anything' and 'everything'?

Is there any part of part of a book do you dislike reading? I personally have never been able to make myself finish an introduction. After a few sentences I invariably flip past it and just get to reading the book. I think it's because I don't like being told how to feel about a book before I've even read a word of it!

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why do some people freak the fuck out when you say you don't want a drink/don't like to drink?
What's a good way to respond when people when they question you about why you don't?

I'll politely turn down a drink offer and am fairly often met with questions as to why. I've gotten used to just joking "no, my dad's tried to get me to drink but had no success!" It can get really irritating though, wtf I don't ask why you don't like "insert food/drink" and what fucking business is it of yours, there are various very personal reasons somebody wouldn't drink that are nobody's business. So basically, what are some other ways I can respond to these questions/the shock that I could POSSIBLY not drink!? Nothing outright rude but I don't mind something that has a snarky sort of undertone, humorous is always good too
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Have you ever had to deal with an insect infestation in your home? How did you solve the problem?
Do you know any good ways to get rid of fleas that are not only on your pet (who HAS been treated for fleas but is apparently bringing them in from outdoors anyway) but also hanging out in your furniture? Know any ways to keep the fleas from coming in in the first place?

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what should Kate and Will.i.am name this kid they're trying to pop out?

Scat daddy rad
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What is the top local news story on your city's news website?

Mine: "Area newborn shares same birthday as royal baby". Laughing a LOT at this because 1) it is not news and 2) you can't possibly tell me only one baby was born in my city today
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Coupon Holder

I'm currently carrying my shopping coupons around in a legal sized (4 1/8 in X 9 1/2 in) envelope. I've done this for years and it worked well until Bed, Bath and Beyond decided they must have GIANT coupons, that even folded in half are a bit too tall to fit in the envelope.

I looked at coupon holders on Etsy and similar and they are all very large and elaborate -  I don't need anything big with dividers that takes up a lot of room in my purse. Just something that would hold maybe two dozen coupons including these big ones (folded) that I can securely close so they don't end up floating around.

Any ideas? Bonus points if its not just a larger envelope and is actually sturdy and cheap.

DK/DC - what's the last great bargain you bought?

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I am working on a sample project for a company. They are professional and business-minded. If the prompt gives me five questions to answer.
Do I simply answer the questions?
Or do I write out a technical essay? If so, what format should I follow?

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Can you write what silly, non-racist stereotypes people associate with your country or the people in your country? Then can others (if they don't already know) guess where you are from?

For example, the people in my country are all tea-drinking weather-obsessed alcoholics, who are either posh & plummy or hooligan chavs. Go!
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I'm craving something with a really scenic wilderness setting--like Into the Wild, but not. Preferably a drama or something mellow--not a thriller or action or horror film. The movie version of "Take Me Home, Country Roads." (Currently in NYC and missing treeees.) Thanks, yall!