July 21st, 2013

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For those who have netflix, what is the most bizarre and/or hilarious thing that it has recommended for you?
Did you watch it? If so, how did that go?

(Inspired by finding "Nude Nuns with Big Guns" among the recommendations for me there 0____o. I'm kind of afraid of investigating that further...)
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Does any have a not totally horrible experience with pancreatic cancer?

My cousin found out he had a tumor on his pancreas a couple of days ago and the biopsy came back today that it was definitely cancerous and ugh fuck. My only experience with pancreatic cancer is my friend's mom who was diagnosed and died very very quickly (like within weeks) so I'm absolutely terrified for him. And google tells me the survival rate is 4% after 5 years and just...fuck that.

I don't even know.
Grumpy Angel

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1. If applicable, how do you keep yourself motivated when you hit a plateau in your weight loss/health improvement regimen?  Or how do you keep yourself motivated when you are simply not motivated at all in your weight loss/health improvement regimen?  2. I like comedians like Dylan Moran, Ellen Degeneres, Moshe Kasher, and Russell Peters.  I'm Ok with some profanity/controversy, but not tons and tons.  Any recommendations for humorous podcasts that might suit my tastes?  3. What is the best way you know of to cook tilapia?

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What's the best tablet to recommend to a 70 year old who wants to use it to check email on the go? Easy to use is key here. The less set up and updating required the better. She has only ever used a desktop computer before.


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I am a big fan of the band Desccendents. Most of their songs are great, but I particularly like the songs they sing about Coffee. I was then, of course, incredibly thrilled to come across this set of Descendents coffee mugs! I am considering getting them, but there is one caveat: I don't drink coffee. I do, however, drink tea. Make decisions for me, TQC!

What should I do?!?!?!!?

Buy the set and drink tea from the coffee mugs
Buy the set and start drinking coffee
Don't buy the set and save your money like a reasonable adult
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Are all men selfish? Any time I bring up how my boyfriend is selfish I get told "all men are selfish"*. Or "all men act like children". It's like they're trying to tell me that's a dumb reason to break up with a guy since any other guy is going to be selfish, too.

non-srs/srs answers.

eta: *by coworkers, not him.
  • akktri

The bacon truck

Nobody has so far been able to answer this for me:
It's July. The temperature is creeping towards 100 degrees, and the semi ahead of me has a steel trailer full of hogs. How do they not turn into fried bacon on the way to their destination?
Do those trailers come equipped with water? Or does it not matter that they arrive as dirty slabs of crispy bacon?
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gf and i are headed to daytona beach august 15 for a week. what's cool to do there?

any tips for long road trips? we will be driving ~18 hours each way.

what was the last vacation you took? when/where are you going on vacation next?
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Have you ever been to a large outdoor weekend music festival? Any tips on surviving? Did you have fun?

I'm going to Osheaga at the end of the month in Montreal. I'm worried I won't survive being outdoors that much, lol.
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Where can I donate my wedding dress?  I see lots of prom dress donation places but not really wedding dress ones without spending a ton of money on shipping and those places also request up to an additional $100 donation for handling the dress.

I live near Houston, TX.  I am willing to ship I guess as long as they aren't expecting an additional donation on top of that.

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The bar near my apartment does trivia Tuesday nights and they always pick a theme. This week the theme is 90s Trivia and I'm finally able to convince my boyfriend/some friends to go with me, but we're stuck on the team name

They give free shots for the best team name (among other times they give out free shots) and I want as many free shots as possible.

What should we name our team? I like punny names and obviously we want them to be 90s themed.

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My life was recently completely changed by an angel on earth, a.k.a. Albertson's employee giving out free samples. Horseradish cheddar. TQC, what recipes should I incorporate this amazing deliciousness into?