July 19th, 2013


Place a Bet!

TQC - I am 40+6 with my second baby in the middle of a heat wave. What are the odds I'm going to beat Kate Middleton (who is rumored to have had my same due date) and go into labor first? Would you place money on it? How much?

Not the betting type? What are some really weird old wives tales you've heard to encourage labor? I've been eating spicy food, walking, among *ahem* other things - the usual as they say :) I'm looking for unconventional and downright crazy (for entertainment purposes only LOL).

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In an attempt to lose some weight, for the past 2 weeks, I've cut out all nighttime snacking. Previously, I'd put the kids to bed and sit down on the couch with a carton of Ben & Jerry's... almost every night. So, like I said, for the past 2 weeks I've been really diligent about this. I've also started running (3 days a week) and cutting my meal sizes in half.

However, for the past week whenever, I've gotten on the scale, it shows that I've actually GAINED weight. I've gained 4 lbs since cutting out nighttime snacks, beginning to run and cutting my meal portions in half.
What gives? Am I doing something wrong?!

Friday poll

You're on a first date with someone, and they declare that they just got out of prison, and had served for a year, but was released due to overcrowding. Your date then reveals the crime. Which of these crimes could you overlook and still see the person as date material? Anything you don't check it's assumed that the crime is a dealbreaker and you won't have a second date

Possession of controlled substances
Distribution of controlled substances. Hey, it was college and he/she needed to make rent
Arson. Just a 'phase' he/she went through
Pulling the tag off a mattress in a mattress showroom (turns out, it really is against the law!)
Occupy Wall Street
Gang rape (he was rapist #7). This happened when he was 17 and he claims he was goaded into it
Hate crime against a certain minority, but he/she is in a much saner place now
Hate crime against a certain church, where a certain religion congregates
Protest rally FOR gay marriage
Abortion clinic. He/she was pro-choice and things got out of hand
Same as above, but pro-life/anti-choice
Animal negligence/cruelty. Didn't feed the dog for a week and left it out in the rain. Neighbors called it in
Drunk driving. He/she is in AA now
Computer was found with illegally downloaded music on it
Computer was found with images of underage children on it. He/she claims it was a friend who did it

A friend said that she saw someone who was a splitting image of you, and managed to get this person's picture. She shows it to you. This person does bear some resemblance, but is about 10 years older, and about 30lbs heavier. What is the nature of your response?

Politeness. (I guess there are certain similarities. Hehe)
Disappointment. (I really can't believe you think I look like this :( )
Realistic. (Maybe it's me in 10 years if I don't lay off the pizza)
I don't say much, but bottle up my hostility and don't see my friend for the foreseeable future until she apologizes

You're housesitting for the cutest friend you know of the gender you're attracted to. It's the first night and you're looking through his/her DVD collection, trying to find something to watch. You come across a homemade DVD box that reads, CHRIS AND I ON VALENTINES NIGHT. You know Chris was your friend's ex. It may be a sex tape! Do you watch it?

Not only do I watch it, I make a copy of it

You're watching a video at home, and a friend is over. She asks to borrow your car to go to the store 2 blocks away to get something, and in a moment of weakness, you give her your keys. An hour passes and she still hasn't returned and isn't returning your texts. You're about to go out to find her when your car pulls into your driveway. She climbs out nervously. Something bad happened, she says through tears. When you inquire what, she opens the trunk. There's a dead homeless guy in there. I hit him with the car and panicked. No one saw me and I felt I couldn't leave the evidence there, so I packed him in your trunk. We have to get rid of this body, she says. What do you do?

Shit, DNA is all over my trunk now. I have to help her dispose of the body. I can't prove that I wasn't driving my own car
I call the police and turn my friend in
You killed him, you get rid of the body. This isn't my problem
I beat the shit out of her and then dispose of the body myself. I don't feel I can trust her judgment from here on in
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Do you wear makeup to the beach? What about other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or camping?

Are there any places or occasions where you would find it strange to see someone wearing makeup?

Bartending school.

Has anyone here ever attended a bartending school?  Have you landed a job as a bartender as a result?

There's a place in my city that offers a two week course and supposedly helps you with job placement once you've passed.  I've always wanted to learn how to bartend, and I've looked into taking this particular course before but then I read that most bars/restaurants don't take a certificate from a bartending school seriously at all.  I know they'd much rather have someone who's experienced, but it seems like the only way to get experience is to know someone in the industry who's willing to take you in and show you the ropes.

I'm not in desperate need of a job right now, I just have a lot of spare time on my hands while my workplace is getting back up and running (we had a fire that will keep us closed for about four months, fortunately I'm still getting paid through my employer's insurance).  I'm going crazy with boredom and feel the need to be doing something productive, plus it'd be nice to have a new skill I could use once I'm ready to move on from my current job.  Should I just go for it, or do you think it would end up being a huge waste of money?
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Rechargeable Batteries

We use typically use Energizer's universal rechargeable batteries (the second one), but I accidentally the "power plus" AA's (the first one) yesterday, not realizing there was a difference. When I took the first batch out of the charger, I noticed a weird chemical-y smell when they were finished charging; the uncharged batteries did not have that smell. When I took the second batch out this afternoon, they also had the smell and it was even stronger/worse. The first batch still has the smell, even eight hours after I charged them (although I store charged batteries in a tight-lid container, so maybe that's why?)

Is this normal? Or are these batteries defective? Our charger supposedly tells us when batteries are defective or dead, and it says they're okay... But the smell is really worrying me. The other batteries we use have never had this smell.
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So, I have the following: peach vodka, pepper vodka, pomegranate vodka, green apples schnapps, butterscotch schnapps, Brendan's Irish cream, and some white chocolate liqueur.
I also have some shitty regular vodka (the kind that comes in a plastic container and is super cheap). For mixing, I have sweet and sour mix, and... a can of Monster.
Looking up drink recipes brings up recipes with too many ingredients I don't have, so my question is what kind of drinks should I/can I make?
I'm willing to give all suggestions a fair chance (and even report on my findings if you'd like).
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Posted this late last night, and my picture didn't work, so here it is again.

Crafty people: has anyone done crackle paint on furniture? I just did a chest of drawers with crackle on the faces of the drawers, and I overworked one part of it and completely messed it up. Anyone have any advice on how to fix this? Or do I just need to strip it and completely redo it?

I had thought about sanding parts of the green (in the pic, it looks tan-ish) away to make it look more weathered, and maybe hide that part somewhat, but I don't know exactly how I could do that without messing it up. Anyone have any ideas?

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yay concert!

My husband just surprised me with tickets to see fun. tomorrow night, hurray!

Question: Tegan and Sara are the opener and I have only a passing familiarity with them (in other words, I recognize the name and I know "Walking with a Ghost" because of the White Stripes cover). Should I take a crash course in their music (and if so, what should I listen to?) or should I just enjoy it as totally new?