July 18th, 2013


how to change your first AND last name

I am getting my marriage license on Friday and I was told I could change my last name once I have the marriage license. However, I want to legally change my first name too to my nickname. I know I have to petition the court to change the first name, but do I also petition the court to change my last name as well?

I am so confused with this entire process...
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Is there anything you think generally isn't made as well as it used to be?

I think A LOT of things fall in that category, but purses come to my mind immediately. I have an old Coach bag, and the leather is very thick and soft. The zipper is amazing, it glides soooo smoothly.

Some of the new bags I've had are always having problems it the zipper snagging and the leather doesn't feel as nice, idk.
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Pay periods.

I get paid every 2 weeks and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how the pay periods work at my job. Anyone up for helping?

The pay period ends on Wednesday. I get paid on Thursdays. My last paycheck was on July 3 (would've been the 4th, but because of the holiday I got paid a day early), and I assumed all the hours I worked from July 4 - July 17th would go into the paycheck I received today, the 18th. However, my check was significantly short which makes me think I'm figuring out the pay periods wrong. Can someone help me figure out how to determine what days go into the paycheck? Again, I get paid every 2 weeks.

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During conversation, a friend says to you 'Oh my God, I can't believe you haven't seen [X film/TV show], everyone has seen that!'

What film or TV show are they talking about?
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have you ever used one of those at home hi-lighting kits? i've used at home hair dye but not a hi-lighting kit and i want to try it, if you've used one, what was your experience like? how did it turn out?

im thinking of buying something like this

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Food shocker …

I went to heat up some grocery store potato soup for lunch today and realized the whole container is 800 calories, 480 from fat. MOTHER OF GOD how did they cram all that into 15 ounces?! It's two servings (still WAY unhealthy for 7.5 oz!) but who puts the lid back on and saves it for later?

Have you ever discovered a food that you quite liked is — unexpectedly — incredibly unhealthy? What was it? Do you still eat it?
Alternatively, what's your favorite lunch food?
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Can you guys tell me what skydiving is like? I'm in the process of losing weight, and I'm considering giving myself a skydiving present for getting to my goal weight. It would be kind where you're strapped to a professional, but it still sounds fun to me. Is it? Is it just loud and blowy and awful, or is it fun and exciting?

Also, I wear glasses, so how does that work? Would I need to get contacts, or are there goggles that go over your glasses? Thanks!

Pot luck....

My last summer class ends Monday, and this program always has potlucks to celebrate the last day. I'm not sure what to bring (usually I bring pigs in a blanket) because there's a vegetarian in the class. Not just a vegetarian, an VEGETARIAN!!!!! The kind who, when someone brought a hamburger in for their dinner, accosted them with "do you know how they KILL those cows just so you can have a quick hamburger?" Or, when she found out my bag was leather, lectured me on how there are plenty of materials that would make a long lasting bag (she'd overheard a friend and I talking about how I finally found the perfect leather bag that is cute and professional). I really don't care that she doesn't eat meat, and I'm thinking I'm just going to bring pigs in a blanket. She did not nicely ask if anyone would be bring meat free options, she just stood up and said "remember, I don't eat meat". I know someone is bringing a veggie tray, so it's not like she won't have anything to eat, but is it my responsibility to provide something for someone so rude?

I'm just really also not a fan of this woman. She's that annoying person that tells irrelevant stories or asks a million questions right before you know the professor is going to let you out early.
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A large angry man with a metal bar in his hand is about to do you bodily harm. What is your preferred method of defending yourself?

with a pistol of appropriate caliber
a knife
a larger metal bar
an attack dog
a strongly worded message
Hajio, i push you into the man then i run
pepper spray
teh kung fu
i tell him a joke or funny story
bribe him
slip on my ONE RING of power

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My husband and I recently bought a house and we are moving on Saturday and I have a weird question regarding bathrooms!

Our house is bi-level so mostly everything is on the upper level, including our full bathroom (also the only bathroom on the level). The kitchen and living room is on this level which is most likely where we would spend time with guests.

The downstairs level is just a large family room, a powder room/half bath and laundry room.

Would it be weird to send guests down to the powder room when they have to use the restroom?

I don't really care if guests were to use our full bath but it just seemed like it would be nice to not have people in and out of it, but I don't want to be weird/rude, like GO DOWNSTAIRS TO PEE!!

Unrelated, what's your favorite easy thing to cook?
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Edit: I'll repost the other question later...can't get the picture to work on my phone and I'm at work so I can't do it on the computer right now.

What was the last crafty thing you did? Pictures?