July 17th, 2013


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Will this digital camera: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/canon-a4000-is-red/10155377?gclid=CN_H_OrVtbgCFZFFMgoduGUAUw

Be able to charge through this type of device: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/coby-coby-dual-usb-car-charger-ca781blk-ca781blk/10174965.aspx?path=00d0e75fc8b919ec9d10121053cb2d66en02

When I charge the battery I remove the battery and place it into a charger that is plugged into a electrical socket so I feel unsure about this.

Edit: I found a car charger that would do it. :D

DK/DC: How often do you get headaches?
Lifelines of Neon

Tens of Tens

In no specific order, what are your Top Ten favorite movies (sequels or trilogies count as one), TV shows, actors/actresses, and bands? You can add your Top Ten favorite books as well.
Bandit Driving

No Heavy Lifting

I'm in the hospital recovering after having my appendix removed last night. I was just told "No heavy lifting". It didnt even occur to me until after the dr left but, I have a toddler at home. I'm alone with her most of the time. How can I do this?
Unnatural love

Mashup Madness

Which musical duet would you most like to see/hear?

Susan Boyle/Pitbull
Blake Griffin/Lil Jon
Celine Dion/Lady Gaga
Selena Gomez/Paul McCartney
Mumford and Sons/Timbaland
Tony Buffet/David Guetta
Kelly Clarkson/Insane Clown Posse
Chris Brown/Drake
Justin Bieber/Bob Dylan
Rick Astley/Debbie Gibson
Rascal Flats/Will.i.am
Rihanna/Katy Perry
Willow Smith/Kanye West
One Direction/Rolling Stones
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one of my best friends has been working for me for about six months now, and she's starting to take advantage.

our typical weekly hours are mon-weds and saturdays. she knows she has to keep her saturdays open in case we have client interviews... UNLESS she requests off in advance.

today i told her we would be working on saturday and she said "Well my boyfriend has been out of town for three weeks and he rented jet skis for us on saturday so i won't be able to work."

i said "that's really not my problem; i have other things i'd like to be doing too but this is a job."

she proceeded to roll her eyes at me and tell me how he never does anything nice for her and she isn't about to turn him down now... i told her fine, enjoy your day with him, but in the future i need to know in advance.. and you have to ASK.. you can't just make a plan and tell me you're not working. that's not how this job works.

she's done this on other occasions... she'll come in and say to me "oh my boyfriend made dinner reservations for 6, so i have to be out of here by 5." ... our hours are 11-7. she knows this.. i don't know why her boyfriend keeps making these plans during work hours. whatever. she's one of my best friends and i don't want to hurt our friendship over this, and i also don't want to have to replace her at work.. it's just her and i running the whole operation and i kind of need her.. and i think she knows it.

is there anything i can say to her that isn't too bitchy but gets my point across so she'll take me seriously???

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I got this apartment application and it has this question on it:

Does your household have or anticipate having (if you are elderly) a pet or (if you are disabled) a service animal?

I don't understand why it specifies the if you are elderly part in reference to a pet.  Does anyone have an idea?

Another question: How often after submitting an application would you call back to check until you get an apartment?


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I'm going to see my doctor about this soon, but you know how it is about finding people who feel the same, blah blah.

Ever since I was about 13 (and probably sooner but I just don't remember) I haven't been able to burp. I always get these silent burps/gurgles in the throat and have since then. I've lived with them for years (I'm 31 now) and a couple of years ago I was having issues swallowing so went to the doctor and was told that it was allergies. 0_o I recently have had really horrible anxiety and the feeling of needing to burp (but being unable to) has intensified. I go to sleep and wake up feeling like I need to burp. I don't *think* I'm anxious during those times. Yesterday I was out and about and felt ok until I went to Costco and then all of a sudden I felt that need to burp again and since I couldn't relieve them with the silent burps I started feeling sick. Does anyone find the same with their anxiety? When I went to the doctor a couple of years ago she dismissed my request for a referral to a gastroenterologist and said that because I'd had it for years it was probably nothing since I wasn't choking on food and my weight hadn't been affected. I won't rule out it being anxiety, but I'm thinking it's something else as well. Anyone have any experience with silent reflux? Is there anyone here who just can't seem to burp? I get the chest gurgles and throat gurgles, but no actual burping. :\

DK/DC: Can anyone not swallow pills?
Gargoyle Eye


Have you ever ended a friendship or relationship over a person's political or social views (a strong disagreement on a political issue, or they're racist/sexist/homophobic, etc)?  What happened?
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Every time I vacuum my living room, my cat is absolutely fascinated with one spot by our sliding glass door, sniffing it, gently pawing at it, rolling all over the place. He doesn't like catnip, or people food, and I've never spilled food there anyway.

tqc, what is my cat going crazy over? srs/non-srs

dk/dc/how do I cat: Have you ever spent time on reddit?

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My boyfriend and I decided we're moving in together! I am VERY excited, but also a little scared. It will be my first time sharing an appartment. Any tips? Advice? If applicable, how did it go when you and your partner first moved in together?

Also, things to look/look out for when we're appartment hunting?

Health issues

Waaaay back in the day I used to participate here.
I've been busy trying to graduate college and keep myself together in my battle with daily hemiplegic migraines. So far, I've only been successful in the former, and I'm here to ask if anyone has any creative ideas on what I might do next?

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Any advice/anecdotes for a person with a chronic-pain disability who's hopelessly lost in the system?

TL/DR/Don't care: Have you ever applied for disability? How did it go?

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If you have air conditioning for your home, how warm does it have to be outside for to use it?

dk/dc: If you could own any form of transportation for daily use (and had the money to maintain/fuel/insure it, etc), what would you have?

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I haven't posted on here for quite some time and feel a bit out of the loop. How are you? What interesting things are going on in your life at the moment? Do you have any amusing stories to tell me?

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Are you organized?

If so, do you have any tips for a person who is not?

I am the MOST unorganized person in the WORLD. I try so hard but ugh, my life always ends up as a disaster.

I'm currently trying to go through all of stuff to cut back on he THINGS I have in order to free up space.. but I do this often and it never stays organized.

It's kind of funny because I am a teacher... and I'm great at my job. It requires tons of planning and organization but I'm pretty chaotic there as well. Like if someone else came in my room they would NOT know where things were haha. It functions fine for me though. But it's frustrating :(
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Did you know that if you double-tap the home button on your iPhone, it pulls up a list of all of the apps you currently have running in the background? And that to conserve battery power, you can "delete" the apps to turn them off by pressing and holding the apps until they start shaking, then clicking the red X?

What little-known but helpful tip do you have that you can share?
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My son is starting to get old enough I think to graduate from bedtime picture books to chapter books that I'll read to him a bit at a time over several nights. What books should I read him?

So far on my list is Charlotte's Web, a few of the Narnia books, A Little Princess, some Roald Dahl books, The Castle in the Attic, and eventually Harry Potter when he's a little bit older. Any other suggestions?

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As I mentioned in my post last night, my Mum is in a care home as she has Alzhiemers. It's not too severe just now but somedays are worse than others. I see her as often I can but sometimes its only once a week. I'd like to send her some letters every now & then, I know she would absolutly love it.

My problem is what to write about? Some days she doesnt know where she is and what shes doing but she does mostly have good days. I don't want to write it like a standard letter incase I confuse her with somthing. For example, she sometimes gets confused if I mention my cat. She sometimes forgets i've told her. Its wee things like that. Any suggestions?

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So, I'm in this required-for-graduation Public Speaking class right now. It is heinously boring and could break a strong man's soul.

For my final assignment, I have to write and deliver a persuasive speech. I can write about anything I want. You'd think such open assignments would leave me dripping with ideas but, sadly, it's the exact opposite. I'm finding myself tossing around ideas like "Why You Should Ride a Bike" or "Why Everyone Should Use Skype". As a generally creative person, I am ashamed by these pitiful brainstorming sessions.

If you could write a persuasive speech on anything, what would it be?