July 16th, 2013


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How do you find the right words to say and the right moment to say them when its an awkward situation that is really quite scary? (As awkward as telling someone how you feel)
Usually waiting till its so bad the awkward is the lesser of two evils is my tactic but I don't think it will get to that point.
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TV poll

If you were marooned on a desert island with the cast of Friends, and you were starving, who would you eat first?


Who would win in a fistfight?

The Simpsons (Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie)
The Brady Bunch

Who would win in a hot dog eating contest?

Pat Sajak
Alex Trebek
Regis Philbin
Steve Harvey
Jeff Foxworthy

Who would win in a game of dodgeball?

The cast of Frasier (Frasier, Niles, the dad, Daphne, Rozz)
The cast of Will and Grace (Will, Grace, Jack, Karen)

Who would win in a fistfight?

The Munsters
The crew from Futurama
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One of my apartments is vacant 50% of the time (every 3 weeks, occasionally longer). I close all windows, the doors have moulding sealing them, yet some how daddy long legs get in. HOW DO THEY GET IN AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW DO I KEEP THEM OUT? they creep me out and that's an understatement

eta: these are pholcidae and not opiliones, if it makes a difference.
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Lots of 'A's Going On Here

Hopefully I can start making enough money via my Etsy shop to take Arabic again (and hopefully my old tutor still teaches!). It was $20 an hour for a one on one tutoring session. I really hope I can do it.

Have any of you ever taken Arabic? What dialect? How proficient did you become? Are you a native speaker?

I'm watching African Queen, The. have you ever seen it? Opinions?

Wondering how many 'A' movies I should watch before I move on to 'B' and if they should all be 'classics' or not. What do you think? Do you ever watch movies in alphabetical order? What was the last movie you saw that began with an 'A'? What did you think?
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I'd like to make this recipe but the first time I made it I didn't love the slightly-sweet taste of the ricotta cheese. What should I use instead?

I'm thinking of maybe combining some cottage cheese and cream cheese. Thoughts?

DK/DC: What's for dinner tonight? What about the rest of the week, if you plan ahead?

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Does this look like a bite or a bruise to you?


Basically, my Mum is in a care home & a month ago one of the other residents had hit her. Staff contacted me and informed me that she was fine etc but they had to report these incidents to family members. I was out to see her a few days ago when I saw this for the first time. (Its on her arm, only visible when she's wearing short sleeves) She is on oxygen 24hrs and has always bruised easy anyway. Staff are saying that it is simply a bruise from where she was struck but I'm not convinced as it looks too much like a bite.

eta - When the initial incident happened, staff called me immediately. That happened 4weeks ago. When I pointed this mark out to them, not one single member of staff claimed to have seen it before. Mum can't get washed or dressed by herself so I don't understand how it could have possibly been missed in the first place.

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Not so long ago I posted this http://thequestionclub.livejournal.com/112990249.html

In short...staff at the care home my Mum is in are claiming that this is a bruise from where a fellow resident had hit her 4 weeks ago and not a bite mark. Assuming this is the case...any suggestions as to how the hell you would make a bruise this shape? Only thing I  can think of is pushing the rim of the glass against her arm with some force.