July 13th, 2013

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body mod questions

hi tqc! after a lot of thought and consideration, i've decided i'm going to get my eyebrow pierced. i'm really set on doing it, but i'm a little nervous. this is my first piercing besides my ears. so i have a few questions for those of you with piercings:

1. pretty obvious but: does it hurt? just in your personal experience. if you felt any pain could you describe it?

2. i want to get a hoop instead of studs. is that possible when you first get it pierced? my friend got her nose pierced, and she had to have a stud for 6 months before she could get a hoop put in. is it the same for eyebrows?

3. what is the exact procedure, if you know?

4. any idea of what the price range could be? the internet tells me anywhere from $25-$40 but idk if i buy that

dk/dc: what piercings/tattoos do you have? can we see?!
come onnnn, thanks for the icon, like rly


Hello. Does anyone know where to go online to get my registration tag renewed? Apparently you can do this online but I can only find instructions on how to and not the actual link on where to do it. I live in NC if that makes any difference.


Heading to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Any fun facts or cool things to checkout besides the rides?
(I already know the hidden Mickey game and play that.)
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(no subject)

Hello TQC.

My husband is going to go to college. (This is especially horrifying for him, as he dropped out of school at 16. College is something that was never even part of his expectation before. He is mildly freaking out.) One of the things he feels drawn to is choosing to go the culinary arts route. I could help him with regular boring college, but I've no experience with this. SO I ASK:

Have any of you ever been to culinary school?

If so, would you provide some anecdotal story about it that was something you weren't expecting? (Does that sentence make sense?)

He also asked me if, when you go to culinary school, you have to choose some kind of specialty. I said I didn't imagine so, but I will throw that out as a question as well. (I am starting the search for schools for him tonight, while he's at work, and we will certainly ask questions of any kind of admissions people too, but I figured this is a nice jump start for him!)

Livejournal help

Hello TQC,

 I am new to LJ and I was wondering how I can get more guests and comments on my journal when I'm just starting out?

I would also like to give a shout out to the admins of the community for allowing me to join.
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(no subject)

I am an idiot. I got a tattoo yesterday. This is not why I am an idiot.
I have a safe-crisis management recertification this Thursday. During this training, someone will have to repeatedly grab my bicep- where my tattoo is. The pain doesn't worry me too much, but I am worried about how this will impact the healing.

If I can't get out of partnering for this particular move, is there anything I can do to protect my tattoo?

(There shouldn't be too much rubbing, aside from my partner sliding their hand between my bicep and ribs to assist me, unless they are asked to hold the assist for a long time and their arms get tired)
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(no subject)

I'll be posting this in law_questions as well, but they're moderated and I'm hoping to get an answer quickly:

My husband's work shut down on Thursday. The CEOs called everyone in a meeting and said they'd had a loan with the bank, they violated the terms of the loan (I suspect they hadn't made payments in awhile and this was their last chance) so the company was now owned by the bank. They sent everyone home and closed their doors.

My husband is now owed almost two weeks' salary and nobody will answer him about who is going to give it to him or when. Law in California (where we live) says that he was supposed to receive it at the time he was laid off but that didn't happen. What can he do from here to try to recover that money?
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All right TQC.
I've been a thick-haired curly-head for 19 years now.
I have never ever once liked my hair unless it was straight. I've been growing it out for 4 years now, (I chopped it off in 9th grade) and when it is straightened it reaches below my shoulder blades. I decided to grow it out because I loved to braid hair and I knew that I could only braid my hair if it was long. Well because it's curly my hair holds braids but you can barely tell if they are there and if it's in one braid it's like a stump out of the back of my skull because it's so thick and the curls make it stiff. It's pretty much hideous. And not to mention all the money I spend on special shampoos (sulfate-free), gels, curl enhancers, leave-in conditioners and all that crap. When it's straight I just put a little bit of special "cream" in it and leave it for a few days and it stays fine.
My question is, should I chop it all off and get a pixie cut? (I mean I would have to straighten it at least once a week, but with it being short it wouldn't take me that long--shorter than it takes me to "do" my hair when I keep it down.)

Pictures of my hair under the cut, and pictures of what I want my hair to look like if I get it cut, under the cut. (:

[Pictures]My hair in its regular bun. (Takes me like 7 minutes to do, more if I take a shower at night)

My hair when it is down and curly (also it takes me a good 20 minutes to do this, and to get it to all stay the same length. Too often it scrunches up really tight in the back, even though it is longer back there. grrr)

My hair when it's straight (I am the one in the skirt and striped shirt)

1. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/attachments/straightening-relaxing/31830d1361468204-pixie-cuts-pixie-cut.jpg
2. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-l3tAtpdshTo/UClYx6XsH1I/AAAAAAAACyA/Ji96CBe0HKw/s640/tumblr_leku8hNSGK1qbazge.jpg
3. https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTsbgjFjQRFeayDTX56C016KgQNc0P69RQXb3tiaSVyo2YHW6kVig

Any other pixie cuts you all have in mind?

tl;dr: should I get a pixie cut?
dk/dc: do you like your hair?

(no subject)

What do you do when you feel lonely?
Do you feel lonely often? Is there something that tends to trigger it?

Advice is welcome, I'll post my answer in the comments. I'm in a funk, y'all.
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(no subject)

Hi Tea Queue Sea,

Long time lurker first time poster here. I have a question!

Should I go to a party where I'll feel fat or should I go to a party where I'll feel old.

Pros/cons: I have friends going to both and I am not looking to get laid but I can't decide. The first party is at a new club so it might be busy but it's new and a new scene but that scene is muscle queens, and i am not one of those. At the other party I will probably know more people and I might get in for free, but it's a scen for young fashion twinks and I am not one of those either.

Those are the two options, I am not staying home or going somewhere else.

tl/dr: ?


What was the last problem you had to solve, did you ask for help?
Who was the last person you helped, how much did it help them, were they thankful?
Do you ever find the ways some people help you or others to be demoralizing? how so? (for example how the government "helped" the native americans).

Not your sort of questions, What is your favorite music genre?

Why am I asking? I want to be more compassionate, but want to get more perspectives on morality or helping others. Thank you!