July 12th, 2013

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Which reality shows do you consider completely fake (scripted; all acting)?  I know most reality television is staged to some degree, but what shows try to pass as reality when you can tell they're fake?

Inspired by me watching "Mystery Diners" yesterday and thinking, "wow, this is so fake."

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Last night my husband and I had a very late-night conversation about getting new towels.


I want to do something bright and crazy, like mix and match red and purple (our wedding colors) with black and white  towels in the guest bathroom.


He wants to stay with white and beige so the room won't be too "challenging" to our guests.


What do you think?

Grumpy Angel

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I know lots of TQC members have been trying to make healthy choices, so I thought I'd check in with everyone and see how they're doing!  What healthy choices have you been making?  What improvements have you seen?  What has been challenging?  What is your next goal?  How awesome are you?  ;)

Older pet stains on carpet

Does anyone have a good experience with a carpet stain remover for an older stain that still has an odor? I have one from a while back (rabbit urine) that I had treated at the time with Out. Soon thereafter, the room was rearranged so that the spot was under furniture and forgotten about. I've been cleaning out the room and the stain is still there and has a smell. Any suggestions on what to use? I tried Out again, but it didn't seem to help at all.

tattoo designs!

TQC: besides going to the tattoo artist directly, where do you/can you get a custom tattoo designed? I have very limited graphics skills and even less drawing skills so I wanted to find someone that could help me translate my ideas. Most of the communities on lj are dead so please halp me!
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I made plans the other day to check out a used car tomorrow about 30 miles away. In order to get there, I need to rent a zipcar and hire a mobile mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection.

I emailed the seller asking for the VIN yesterday (which he said he would send to me) as well as a reminder. I also asked him for the address (where I could tell the technician to go) about 6 hours ago. I haven't heard anything back. I should just cancel, right?