July 11th, 2013

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My first and only relationship ended over two months ago and I'm doing very well. Now there's a new guy on the radar and I want to flirt with him and I don't know how! I have a startling lack of practice, haha. We spent the night together once after drunken karaoke but since then, when we hang out I am stymied by the thought of "putting myself out there" and we end up just talking. That's fine, we get along great, but I want to try to take it further. Tonight he's tending bar and I'm going out with friends. My plan is to make a conscious effort to flirt with him throughout the night.
So, TQC, what are your flirting tips? Do you have any fun pick-up lines, jokes, advice, encouragement?
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Hulu Plus

Do you have Hulu Plus? Do you think it's worth the money?

If you have it/have had it, did/do you also have Netflix? Is it worth it to have both services, or are they pretty much the same?

We don't have cable, but we do use Netflix probably 2-3 times a week. Netflix only has the first few seasons of a lot of shows we watch, though, and it looks like Hulu Plus has current seasons/episodes.. but I can't decide if it's worth it to have both.

Are there other streaming services that I don't know about? We used to have HBO Go (and liked it) when we had cable, but we refuse to pay for cable when we don't watch that much TV and we lost HBO Go when we canceled. Is that something you can get separately without cable?
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Lots and lots of lima beans

So I'm trying to use up food from the pantry in prep for a move. And there was this one pound bag of dried lima beans. So I figured it is finally time to use them, and I gave them an 8 hour soak, and jeepers! That turns out to be a huge volume of beans. Quite the hill.

So now they're in a pot to boil for a couple of hours, and after that ... what? Am I supposed to eat them? Make my son eat them? Disguise them somehow? Turn them into soup or pizza or something?

Please tell me the next step of lima beaning.


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At my work we write on the floor with chalk everyday, usually a welcome note and then a few British themed things. I usually do post boxes, crowns, pound signs etc. Any ideas of what else I can draw? We have limited colours!
Also any links to great typography I could copy?