July 10th, 2013


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In trying to find a song, sang by a female with fairly slow and minimal instrumentals. I'm fairly sure the title is 'I wonder' and it may be in some kind of gangster film like the Godfather or Goodfellas. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

First world problems

My cleaning lady didn't show up. She was scheduled to come 1.5 hours ago. She has never been more than 10-15 minutes late before. She is a friend of a friend and generally very reliable. I should call her, but I'm embarrassed and fear I won't make sense as she only speaks Italian and I have never practiced how to say "you didn't show up". :/

To make things even more fun, we've been having issues with the buzzers in our building lately, and the last time she was here she tried to call me about something and she said she couldn't call my cell phone but didn't know why. She has since called me, however, because we had to reschedule our last scheduled time to today.

What do you think happened to her?
Alien abduction? Car accident? She just forgot about our appointment?
(Srs/Non-srs welcome)

DK/DC - What is your least favorite household chore?
Mine is mopping and washing the tub.

- How neat is your house?
We tend to have some clutter, generally papers and books on desks & tables, and occasionally a few dust bunnies add up in unused corners :P

Update: I sent her a text message using google translate asking if everything was okay and reminding her of our appointment, and she called me and explained. I think she said it was car problems, but honestly it was a lot of words and my Italian isn't THAT good. She is coming Friday instead.
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iphone apps. So I found out there are some free Apps on special for Apple's birthday.

I went NUTS downloading free apps. Dead Space, Walking Dead game episode one, Infinitely blade 2, Medieval Sims

So I wanted to ask. Did you guys get any free apps? What are some good ones that are free at this moment?

another question....product placement do you ever fall victim to it? I know this isn't product placement PER say....

but when I watch and read Dexter I WANT DONUTS! a big box of donuts I get to pick the one I want out of it...

I don't have any interest in this...but when I see the movie Prom Date. I think of Kyle XY, how Kyle though it would be a good movie to understand prom. When I see pineapples I think of Psych! "Should we slice this up and take it on the road!"

Weird song

My family was having brunch the other day in a restaurant and we heard a weird song in the background. I only remember two main things in the song: the chorus repeated a phrase that sounded like "bangy bangy" but could have been any other words that sounded similar to it, and there was a LOT of rhythmic clapping, especially at the end of the song. It was possibly electric sort of music? Definitely unusual. We were laughing so hard at it that we pulled out Shazam too late and it couldn't pick up what the song was.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Do you think they'll ever make women's sports/active gear in normal colors? I just bought a new wetsuit and it's got pink and purple writing and a flowery design. Ug. Why can't they just make it all black like they do for mens? Or even regular red would do. Instead it always has to be some pastel version of a normal color.
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what books are you currently reading?

what books have you recently abandoned? or do you always finish books?

i'm currently reading khaled hosseini's and the mountains echoed and it's pretty boring but i need to push through. i've recently abandoned we need to talk about kevin.. has anyone read that? i just can't get into it. i'm also sort of reading the beach... if i can find that book somewhere. tomorrow i'm getting the first game of thrones book :D