July 8th, 2013

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TQC, do you consider nail polish as makeup?

Inspired by the fact that I haven't worn facial makeup in the past couple of years, but I (almost) constantly wear nail polish.

Paradigm Shift

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Let's say that you had a doppleganger on a tv show. This person looks practically identically to you, and you get mistaken for this person constantly. Judging by your luck and maybe your look, what tv show is most likely to harbor your doppleganger? This is a hypothetical question, in case you didn't pick that up

CSI (whichever one). You kinda have a cop/Fed look about you
Honey BooBoo. Your doppleganger is introduced season 2 as a neighbor
Face Off. You look like one of the contestants
The Price is Right. Either it's your new haircut, the new classes or the sudden interest in suits, but you're getting mistaken for Drew Carey
Vampire Diaries. You kinda look like one of the pretty undead people
Pretty Little Liars. A new girl in the new season resembles you
Hoarders. This person whose hoarding problem dwarfs all others and becomes pop culture sorta looks like you
Californication. Your hair and boobs kind of look like one of the girls David Duchovony bangs
The Bachelor. You look and dress like someone who may be on that show
Two and a Half Men. You resemble the new gf of Ashton Kutcher next season
Biggest Loser
True Blood. Something about that new white trashy werewolf sorta reminds people of you
Fox News. You're mistaken for that new agitator
HBO's the Lindsay Lohan docudrama. One of her coked out, psuedo bi-curious anorexic friends reminds people of you
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You kind of look like someone who Charlie hooks up with and turns out to be grosser and more illiterate than him

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I'm not familiar with cooking fish. If a recipe calls for a certain type of fish fillet, can I substitute it with any type of fish fillet? A recipe I'm looking at calls for tilapia fillets, but I'm certain the frozen fillets in my freezer that I would like to use are not tilapia.

What's currently on your to-do list? What do you need to complete sooner? What can wait?
Stranger Things

Gay Marriage Help

I am very close to my sister-in-law and want to help her out, she is American and gay. She has met and fallen in love with a Scottish woman, and now that DOMA has been shot down they want to get married and start the process of getting her partner legal residence in the USA.

One problem is that they are going to live in Pennsylvania, near my sister-in-law's very sick mother. Pennsylvania, I believe, is one of the states that still does not recognize same-sex marriage.
Because of this, I'm assuming they will have to go to a nearby state, like New York, to get married.

My question is, does anyone have any information of whether, being that Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex marriage, they will be able to reside there legally if they get married in a different state?

Also, how do you go about finding someone who is able to marry same-sex couples?

Sorry been researching this for ages and coming up with nothing. My google-fu is seriously failing me. 


does anybody here crochet?
i just started today after a nearly 18 years pause (took lessons in it when I was in elementary school) and man, I suck.

i wanted to make panholders, they are supposed to be really easy but i somehow fucked it up and it became round. :/

the youtube vids and the book i bought just confused me more.

here a pic:
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crafting fails anybody?

i guess learning by doing... and trying to understand what the vids and manual are telling me to do.